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Season 10 about to start !!!!!!
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Season 10 about to start !!!!!!

If days start shortening and the kids are all back to school.. in Europe this means only one thing .... A new season is on it's way .. And this time it is a special one as we start and celebrate our 10th Season !!!!

So we are very proud we could keep it up this long. But there are reasons for that..
And this is because we do have a good reputation of clean races.. No fooling around, as those racers are banned on the spot !
We also have our Safety Car procedure to keep a high number of racers on track and bring back the action.
So we're back to start a new season and this time we will mainly have a single seater season !
With a rally exception half way.
As always we start slowly to grow during the season so we can go faster and faster and faster to end up with the BF1.
Just like last year we have an extra race after the season finale with a 1 hour endurance event.
We have 1 break in the season during the winter holidays so every student can prepare for the examinations and can celebrate with the family afterwards. On the 27th January we resume the season.
During the break we will have some Sunday evening races of course.
All races are held in private sessions. So Subscription is needed !!!!
Information on how to register can be found on
Also don't forget to read and understand the rules, specially the Safety Car rule.
They can be found on the front page in English, Dutch, German and French.
And why compete ?? First of all to have fun !!! But also to win a personal signed Card from Formule one driver Daniel Ricciardo
We are proud to present the 10th season calendar !!! Hope you join and .. enjoy it !!!

So Check out the Calender for Season 10 here and DON'T forget to subscribe !!!
Just a reminder that we start the first practice race tomorrow evening at 20.30 CET.

The enter please don't forget the register on out forum. As only those members get the private password to enter the race.

Find more registration info on our website :

Cya on track !!
Last night we have had our first practice session of this season

We started with a fair number of racers, but not everybody stayed until the 4 races were complete ...
I hope we have more racers this Sunday on the first official race of this season. Also remember you get 2 extra points if you drive at least 80% (32 laps) of the race.

I know this combo results in a lot of Safetycar procedures.. Even then the race is not over. As I've proved in the 3rd race were I've had a SC in the first lap, but still could manage the 3rd position on finish.

Also know you can still subscribe for this wonderful 10th Season.

Cya on track !!!

Season 10 about to start !!!!!!
(3 posts, started )