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Round 2 - BMW Sauber F1.06 @ Aston Shootee Rev.
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Round 2 - BMW Sauber F1.06 @ Aston Shootee Rev.

Mo., 03rd Sep. 2012, 18.30h (UTC)

Aston Shootee Rev. (A34r)

day clear (1), no wind (0)

BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1)

timed qualification in sections: 1st: 12min for all drivers, 2nd: 8min for the previously best Eight
49 laps racedistance

The tracker can be found on on the bottom of the following page:

The pre-event lap requirement of 49 laps must be served until 18.00h UTC on the raceday.
Signed-Up drivers who cannot race this round (including those who fail to meet the lap requirement) must state their absence by posting in the corresponding CityLiga forum thread (link). Failure to do so will result in a 60 point penalty on the first occasion and in a exclusion from the series after the second occasion. This procedure also applies to waiting list drivers.
Quick reminder, as this is an open configuration, you must serve your minimum laps on your Grid Server. Grid 1 drivers on the Grid 1 server, Grid 2 on the Grid 2 server and Grid 3 and Waiting List drivers on the Grid 3 server
And the written briefing can be found here.
Of course there will be a one in Teamspeak from 20.15h (German time!) at raceday for last questions.
Bad race from my point of view. I was (again) so lazy, that I had to do the 49 mandatory laps right before the deadline but I just managed to do them in time.

In the race, after my first pitstop, I accidentally hit another car when coming out of the pitlane, so I had to pit agian (sorry to that guy who I hit, completely my fault). Then cca on lap 26 someone hit me from behind under braking and I flipped and ended up on the rollbar - race was over for me.

Better luck next time
#6 - kiste
even or me bad race but lx4 will be better
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Round 2 - BMW Sauber F1.06 @ Aston Shootee Rev.
(6 posts, closed, started )