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CityLiga 16 - Grid Qualification
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CityLiga 16 - Grid Qualification
This season's grid qualification will again be held over two combos again. The grid qualification shall seperate the drivers into the grids according to their performance with the best in Grid 1, the next in Grid 2 and so on.
Grid qualification is also a requirement for the participation in CityLiga. Late-joiners and signed-up racers who did not serve Grid Qualification will have to work themselves from the waiting list up through the grids. The gridsize will be determined after the completion of Grid Qualification.
Green card drivers are gueranteed for a spot in CL16. Green cards are earned by racing in at least 50% of the events and completing the season (absence reports in time and not getting disqualified).

The two combos are BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1) @ Aston Shootee rev. (A34r*) and LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic (F25*). You have got 10 laps on each of the combos to achieve your best lap. The outlap will not be counted. This will be monitored by a serverside programm and will also be on the website. The server passwords will be sent to you via eMail once you enter the league via the sing-up application. Your classified time will be the sum of the best laptime on each of the combos.

Link to the Grid Qualification tracker:
Link to the Grid Qualification in the CL forums: ... %2803-13Aug%29.html#18148
Grid Qualification is now running. It ends Monday, 13th August 2012 21:59 UTC!

Once you click on the pictures of the combo above the Join-LFS links are activated also the link to the Grid Qualification Tracker is added to the opening post.

Again you have got 10 laps on each combo to achieve your best time. A lap is charged once you cross the Sector 1 split.

Good Luck!
The last 72 hours of the GridQualification are running, see the current standings here.
And although 92 applicications are very pleasant, there is room for more ;-)
Grid Qualification has ended. Grids and grid sizes will be announced soon.
After the end of the GridQualification, some laps driven more than the allowed 10 per each driver/server have been deleted and the CL16 will start with 3 Grids à 29 drivers:
(<-klick for big)

The drivers at the waiting list should not give up hope, please! There will certainly be suspensions from the single races, so that there would be opportunity to take part in the third grid, provided that all requirements are fullfilled.

Further application are still possible at any time until the end of the season!
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CityLiga 16 - Grid Qualification
(5 posts, closed, started )