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#301 - CSF
Yeah poor Benji being on his own all last season and doing the end of season on his own etc etc................... oh wait he wasn't around then. :rolleyes:
i never said i did...
#303 - CSF
I know, I was attacking James' apparent false recollection of events from last season with regards to people giving you a hand and certainly not you being very busy.
my bad. u guys did a great job finishing it off and deserve the credit for it
But how about a new season ? :| could it be run by a complete new admin group accompanied by some old ones (e.g CSF and boothy, even Benji but without major rights on decisions)
Quote from JPeace :I can recall, I was actually hinting that maybe the season can be run the same as the end of last season? It worked in the end didn't it?

Name the people that were running it then in your head, then message those people and ask about their interests in running it again. You will receive your answer then.
So, no more IGTC racing?
Instead we have awesome Super GT Series
GT1 World Series will be better.
I don´t like GT1 so lets do Super GT!
And when Super GT Series starts?
It started in November last year.
Scirocco GT Series, coming soon
#314 - CSF
With added woodlice.

Ask Questions Here
(314 posts, started )