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GDC off-season event schedule
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GDC off-season event schedule


If you wish to race in any of these events, please register on our site:

http://www.gentlemen-drivers-c ... ent/comprofiler/registers

Please take some time to read through the content and understand our values. Speed of drivers that join us is not important, consideration and respect both on and off track is. If you are new to LFS we can also help you in regards to control setup, driving skills and car setup.

Our server [S-D]Gentlemen Drivers Club will be set to the first combo (FXR at WE1) as public on Friday 29th June and will be set to private a few days before the event. An email with the password will be sent to all registered drivers.

Hope to see you on track

Thanks to everyone who has registered so far. If anyone wishes to race in the 1st event (WE1 / FXR) and hasnt yet registered please do so by Friday evening (5th July) as the server will be set to private on Saturday morning.

Below is an extract from the marshalls guide:

Car :- FXR with 15% Restriction

Qualify :- 10 Minutes

Race :- 50 minutes of racing, this will actually be set as 32 laps for the race as calculated to be about 50 minutes. There will be a mandatory pitstop between laps 11 and 20.

This will be the first off season race this summer, so firstly a welcome to new members of the club who recently signed up, and to longtime members yet to race. Everyone here will make you feel welcome and just be ready to get into some good racing.

During the official seasons there will always be a more detailed guide to the event, but today this is just an introduction to the club.

During the race :- as previously mentioned there is a mandatory pitstop between laps 11 and 20 inclusive. You must stop between these laps. What you choose to do in the stop is the drivers personal choice. You can just stop and go, or add fuel and change tyres. There is no requirement to repair damage during this event, but future races will incorporate this, so keep an eye on the forum and the requirements for each event.

All we require is that a stop is recognised, the rest is up to you. Also you can stop more times if you feel you have to.

As in any race event there are going to be drivers quicker than others, as this is a longer race there maybe a possiblity of drivers finding themselves lapping or being lapped. Remember Gents, the onus is on the lapping car to perform the maneuver cleanly and be patient to get past. Also
the car being lapped must do the best they can, try not to hinder the progress of the overtaking car by allowing a pass when able. However, there will be no messages of BLUE FLAG MOVE!!!! etc tollerated here, the drivers can see the flag. we are about getting closer to a real racing environment and expect lapping cars to be patient and curtious.

Same applies to general overtaking for positions, we are a club who thrives on being clean, so all overtakes should where able be planned and not sudden dives up the inside.
#3 - Cawwa
I was obvisly flooding when trying to gratulate mulas for the win, so I got kicked. Trying to reconnect but didn't work ...

Anyway, it was great fun and the fastest driver won and the next fastest got 2nd. Bad luck for Badger and me but mistakes isn't really bad luck eh?!

Congrats to top two ...
#4 - Racon
Sorry for that - we had some trouble with connection to our backup server earlier, it wasn't deliberate to keep you out
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GDC off-season event schedule
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