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season 9 - topper class race
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season 9 - topper class race
Yesterday we had the last official race of the season 9. The season winner is know known.

The next two weeks we will hold a season topper in the form of a class race with different type of cars on the Westhill track. As a big fan of Le mans series and endurance races I always wanted to experiment this on LFS.

the concept is to race for one hour with fast GTR and slower XFG/XRG cars on tracks at the same time. We hope to have a large number of racers online to make this event a fun and exciting evening, so why not send invites to your racing buddies ?

We will split the racers in two packs, half we be using one of the 3 GTR cars, the other half will be using XFG or XRG. our first idea was to use the championship standings to determine who will drive what. The faster racers will be racing the faster class, racers with less points will be racing the slower class. And have two separate results. (like LM1 and GT in LeMans series)
You can of course switch but the ideal situation would be to have an equal number of cars of each class.

Subscription is needed and choosing what category you want to race. And of course the race itself will be hold in a private session.

To subscribe post an article on our forum . First register with the correct email address as we will send the password for that race to that email address.

So spread the word and join!!

You will find a list of racers in the top article of the event on our forum
We want an equal number of racers in both disciplines therefore the last subscribed can be moved from or to the GTR section.

More infos on http://belsimracing.proboards. ... on=display&thread=612

Hope to see you on track !
Last night we have had a practice session.. Was a nice race !!
And in the beginning it seems that the speed differential between the faster and slower cars would been to high, but during the race we only have had one major incident.

There is one thing to consider.. the slow car just has to keep his line and don't make any fast corrections. The faster car has a perfect view in front om him to judge how he wants to pass the slower car.

Don't forget to subscribe if you want to join !!

Cya on track !

season 9 - topper class race
(3 posts, started )