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OWRL F1 2012 set to get going this month
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OWRL F1 2012 set to get going this month
OWRL F1 2012 set to get going this month

The Open Wheel Racing League continues its annual F1 series with an eight round championship starting this month! From 16 June onwards drivers and teams will vie for the title won last year by Pete Hopkins and Sonicrealms Racing Team B. The calendar has seen some shuffles after the Jamaican authorities failed to make the necessary upgrades to the Fern Bay circuit. Instead, a second street race has been added with the South City Chicane Route for a full 100 laps.

Several changes have been made to the rules, adopting an approach which OWRL competitors will know from the popular S2 Series. OWRL F1 will no longer be limited to 26 drivers. As many servers will be available as needed with drivers being assigned to the servers depending on their personal best or hotlap time. Drivers, who will need to use their real name, no longer need to be with an team to take part. The team championship still is only for teams that applied and remains limited to two drivers per race.

Saturday returns as race day with race events starting at 19:30 CEST. The two qualifying sessions remain in place, with the second only for the top 10 drivers with parc fermé rules. Each event has a single race of Grand Prix length. The series no longer contains a summer break but added to the rule book is the 'worst result dropped'-rule so drivers who are forced to miss an event still can score maximum points.

Drivers that want to take part need to signup for each individual race under upcoming events. For the team championship application is needed. Teams consisting of at least two drivers can apply via our forum or mail to with the exact team name, driver names and LFS world names. Applications that are received before an event starts will be accounted for, from that event onwards. Teams can change drivers between each race, but for one team only two drivers can race per event. Before round one there is a pre-registration for the teams that ends on Wednesday 13 June, 19:00 CEST on which the lower starting numbers will be handed out.

2012 Calendar
Race # - date (# laps): track
Race 1 - 16-06 (35): Aston Grand Prix
Race 2 - 30-06 (59): Kyoto National rev (Cloudy Afternoon)
Race 3 - 15-07 (100): South City Chicane Route
Race 4 - 29-07 (91): Blackwood GP
Race 5 - 12-08 (58): Aston North
Race 6 - 26-08 (58): Westhill International Rev
Race 7 - 09-09 (75): South City Long (Overcast Day)
Race 8 - 23-09 (42): Kyoto Ring GP Long

Time table (CEST)
- 19:30 - 19:45 Qualifying all drivers (Q1)
- 19:50 - 20:00 Top 10 Qualifying (Q2)
- 20:10 Race

OWRL F1 information
F1 June races on Saturday, others on Sunday

If you marked your calendar for the upcoming OWRL F1 races you might need to change some of the dates. Due to some clashes in the upcoming events with LFSCART, race day has been moved to Sunday. The first two races will remain on Saturday evening. The calendar in the opening post has been adjusted. All events start at 19:30 CEST (17:30 UTC).

Don't forget to submit your team for OWRL F1 before Wednesday 13 June, 19:00 CEST to be included in the first startnumber list. It is not mandatory to be in a team for this years series. All drivers will need to register for the events they take part in under "upcoming events".
OWRL F1 starting numbers announced

Defending champion Pete Hopkins will take part in the upcoming OWRL F1 Series 2012 with the #1 starting number. The Open Wheel Racing League announced the starting numbers of the first 11 teams after they applied during the preregistration phase. The opening round takes place this Saturday as the series begins at Aston Grand Prix. For the full list of teams, drivers and their starting numbers, please check below and our forum.

New teams can still apply before the start of the event. Only drivers using a registered starting number from their team can score points towards the team championship. Individual drivers do not need to be registered to a team in order to take part. Just like team drivers they can sign up for the upcoming event, and fight for points in the drivers championship.

#1-2: Sonicrealms Racing
#3-4: [SR] Team B
#5-6: Playerzone A
#7-8: 1stBFA 2
#9-10: 1stBFA
#11-12: CoRe Racing
#14-15: Xcite Chiller Express
#16-17: Xcite Ouzo Express
#18-19: Team Rock Racing
#20-21: Playerzone B
#22-23: In$Tinkt

OWRL F1 2012 set to get going this month
(3 posts, started )