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P. Hopkins crowned OWRL F1 2011 champion
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P. Hopkins crowned OWRL F1 2011 champion
P. Hopkins, [SR] Team B earn OWRL F1 championship at Kyoto

Pete Hopkins is crowned champion of the OWRL F1 Series 2011. In the final round of the season the Brit never was far off the lead and sealed it by finishing on the podium. Different strategies and a lot of on track action made for a tense race. With one of his rivals, Adam Wisniewski, leading the race most of the time, Hopkins could not relax until he finally crossed the line in second place, winning the championship by 8 points.

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The race had a tremendous amount of lead changes. Whilst some of the 11 changes may have been due to different strategies, still on track plenty of overtaking was to be seen. Wisniewski just kept the lead starting from pole with Hopkins and Dave Southword following him. Southword was the fastest of the three and got the lead on lap 9 until the was the first to pit. The same routine happened at the second round of pitstops with the difference that Hopkins was mixing it up with Wisniewski as well, before they settled with the Polish driver ahead in second. As for the first position, Southword was leading the race up to two laps to go. His strategic decision not to change tyres made for very difficult final laps as the rubber cooled down. Not without putting up a fight he couldn't prevent Wisniewski grom regaining the lead to finish first. Southword would drop to third after one of his tyres finally gave way, but still finished on the podium.

And with two drivers on the podium, [SR] Team B comfortably took the team championship over Playerzone Italia. A highly competitive season of OWRL F1 comes to a close and the season has been won by the consistent speed that Pete Hopkins showed. To both Pete and the Sonicrealms team, congratulations on an outstanding performance!
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Thats a massive bump
congrats for that pete , why u cant do it again?

P. Hopkins crowned OWRL F1 2011 champion
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