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STD Championship 2012 - Round 7 (Pre-qualifying)
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STD Championship 2012 - Round 7 (Pre-qualifying)

Pre-qualification information:

Date & Time: Starting at 09:00 (UTC) on Sunday (15.04.2012.) and ending at 17:00 (UTC) on Tuesday (17.04.2012.)
Server name: Tiger Express Motorsports
Server Password: Same as for round 2.

Drivers from this table must use their ballast also during the pre-qualification: CHECK HERE (Disqualification will be given if not using the ballast.)
The rest of the drivers don't have any ballast at all.

Number of drivers to qualify for the official qualification on Thursday: 64 (Meaning, that the TOP64 fastest lap times by the Airio will determine whether you will or not be participating in Round 5 qualification.)

You must qualify with the correct name, and number - as an example in the rule book. (If you qualify with the wrong name, your lap time will be ignored.)
You must also set a lap time with the car you are signed up for the league. (Do not set a lap with both cars to not make a mess in the results, only the car you are signed up with.) (If you set a lap with the wrong car, your lap time will be ignored and if you qualify with both cars you will get a 1 sec penalty and if at the end of the pre-qualification you will not have a valid sign up, you will be disqualified from this round.) -> So, make sure you don't have a red field in your sign up HERE.
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Oh damned. I have ballast, i am fast

STD Championship 2012 - Round 7 (Pre-qualifying)
(2 posts, started )