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Season 2: Testing Day (Open)
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Season 2: Testing Day (Open)
Realistic NASCAR will be holding an open testing day on Wednesday, February 29th at 23:00 GMT on Realistic NASCAR Server. There will be two (2), six (6) lap races on Aston North Reversed (AS7R) in the TBO class followed by one (1), twelve (12) lap race. Restrictions may be changed each race as race administration attempts to grasp the restrictions which would be required to even up the three TBO class cars on AS7R and other tracks. Participant's opinions also will be valued.

All are free to join, but those who wish to participate in the World TBO Championship Series or other future Realistic NASCAR Events in the TBO class must hold a Realistic NASCAR License approved for road racing. This event may serve as a way of becoming a certified driver.

Server Location: Realistic NASCAR Server
Password for this event will be: worldtbo

You may apply for a Realistic NASCAR License here if you do not already have one by posting the following information:

Driver's Full Name:
LFS World Name:

You will not receive your license until following the session. If it has been certified anything other than "Permit" when you receive it you have been approved to race in this year's World TBO Championship Series.

Those who are already certified A-Class are already approved to race. B-Class license holders not with a reastriction of "Road" also are already certified. Specialty license holders must have a permission on "Road" in order to be previously approved to race in the 2012 World TBO Championship Series.

Hope to see you there
Driver's Full Name: Ainius Matjošaitis
LFS World Name: ainius019
Nation: Lithuanian
#3 - Sobis
Quote from Cornys :23:00 GMT

Wow, so this will begin at 01 am here (I'm at UTC+2)? Then I will not come...
Quote from Cornys :Wednesday, February 24th at 23:00 GMT

Two things :
1. It will be thursday/saturday here (UTC/GMT +2)
2. Wendsday is 22nd not 24th
If you can move this event to the next week, I'm sure more guys will be able to help out. We've got STD Champ race in two days.
It would be better for me too next, so it will be at the same time next week. The server being down caused the announcment come out late as well, so this will give everybody more of a warning for the test session

OP updated.
#7 - Sobis
Quote from Sobis :Can you confirm this, Cameron?

Yes it is at 18:00 EST (-5 GMT) (earliest I'm open through the week now that baseball has started).

18:00 +5:00 = 23:00 GMT, so yes 23:00 GMT is the time. I wish it could be earlier, but there's really nothing I can do about the late time of the session.
Session is open to all interested starting in 20 min. Hope to see you there.
DAMN i forgot about the race ...
Quote from Cornys :Nobody showed up last night anyways

Hardly surprising...11pm on a school night, even later for Europeans.
Quote from Bean0 :Hardly surprising...11pm on a school night, even later for Europeans.

Yeah it was 1am here in Lithuania.
I was aware. I don't have time to do anything prior to that (or at all on the weekends period) so I tried it. I'll just wait until the middle of May or so to try it again .

The 3 Hours of Aston North will occur sometime in May or June (hopefully) if the interest remains in place for it. The 2012 World TBO Championship Series will begin on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of September.
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Season 2: Testing Day (Open)
(15 posts, closed, started )