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Hall of Enjoyment Racing
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Hall of Enjoyment Racing

Hall of Enjoyment Racing is a tight group of people together to organize leagues for the community.
Our plan is to make something unforgetable, and lasting for the future years in Live for Speed racing.
The other plan is to make leagues that are uncommon in today's series of leagues.
For instance our Nations World League, where unlikely in other leagues, the racing goes for national points. Also, our International Road Car Cup, which is uncommon in nowadays' GTR concentrated racing. Also we want to split a bit from the so commonly used endurance style of racing, and put a bit of variety to racing styles. We want to make our leagues as hardcore as possible, so winning it won't be just another title in the hand.
Certainly nice to see this finally happening. I only hope you guys don't use too many open layouts, at least not those as stupid as that SuperGT aston race where fps goes infinitely low.
I was never a lover of open configurations, so I think avoiding them is the best possible answer to that. Only open configs with reasonable lines, curbs and non-annoying turns will be taken into consideration. But as you see the rules and introduction, I really wanna make this inside the court of Live for Speed.
I hope you succeed at that.
And I agree that most of open configs just have no flow etc, but yeah there are couple of nice ones out there that are always welcome.

When can we expect to see the schedule out and what days can we expect the races to be held on?
Rules are already out, as you can read in it, events are held on Saturday 18:00 UTC.
Schedule is gonna come out after the Test race but combos are already being discussed amongst the administration team.
I like your rulebooks.
Just remember to penalize someone in this league even if they say that "they will not drive it anymore" and I'm sure it'll go fine
Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :Just remember to penalize someone in this league even if they say that "they will not drive it anymore" and I'm sure it'll go fine

Exactly, if they can't follow the rules and race cleanly the league would be better off without them anyways (This rule may be thrown out the window if there are less than 4 competitors, but in no other situation :razz.

As I stated earlier you should do just fine, good luck

Hall of Enjoyment Racing
(8 posts, started )