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Worldwide Racing: Rulebook
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Worldwide Racing: Rulebook
Worldwide Racing Rulebook (PDF)
Version: 3.0

Terminology Guide

Short code: (Title.Section.Article.Provision)
Example: (1.2) = Title I, Section II
Example: (6.7.1) = Title VI, Section VII, Article 1
Example: ( = Title III, Section IX, Article 1, Provision 2
Rulebook has been post in PDF form. Much cleaner way of getting it to competitors.
With the of the LX World Championships ending, the events running on Version 1 of the Realistic NASCAR Rulebook have all been completed. Version 2.0 has taken over as the Official Rulebook of Realistic NASCAR.
Version 2.1 of the Realistic NASCAR Rulebook which will be used for the 2012 - 2013 year of events has been published. The rulebook remains 13 pages long, but a few minor details have changed and clarified.

The biggest change included is that name colors for competitors will no longer be mandated. Entry numbers however will remain in white only. Permit Licenses have been made non-expirational as well.

Double file restarts as they were used first in the Kyoto 400 remain in place for this new season as they were a great success in that event. PM myself if there are any mistakes within the text so that I may handle them.

Thanks and good luck
Rulebook Updated to Version 2.1.1 in preparation for the 2012 World TBO Championship Series. Four figures have been removed from the Rulebook which were more-or-less pointless inclusions. A figure defining restart order has been added.

Sections 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 have been removed due to a rule change in the World TBO Championship Series

Automatic license expiration has been removed from the rulebook to reflect Realistic NASCAR's true function.

License functions have also been redefined in order to reflect the fact that they are typically only employed in oval racing events within Realistic NASCAR.
Title V has been massivly updated following the completion of the 2012 World TBO Championship Series. Rules for Open Wheel and Closed Wheel vehicles have been differentiated. "Overlap" has been defined for each vehicle type. (Any for closed fender vehicles & 1/3 overlap for open wheel).

We hope that these changes will make penalizing drivers for misconduct an objective call rather than a subjective call

These changes go into effect immedietly.
Rulebook has seen a minor update which will change the rulebook over to version 2.2.1 now. The change reads as follows and was adopted by Realistic NASCAR today in meeting:

Quote :6.5 Once a competitor has completed their pit-stop they must remain on the track side of the yellow lines in the Kyoto Oval & National pit lane.

The former Rule (6.5) is now (6.6)
13.7.4 has been updated to remove the FZR from the list of cars in which bump drafting is permitted.
Realistic NASCAR is renamed to "Worldwide Racing" in order to reflect a much broader spectrum of racing events. This advances the rulebook to version 3.0
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Worldwide Racing: Rulebook
(9 posts, closed, started )