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Requirements for a league subsection
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Requirements for a league subsection
Hello league administrator,

If you are interested in obtaining your own subsection here for your league, then you can use the following checklist to see if you are eligable. You must fullfill all the points of the checklist.
  1. Your league must have a website where people can at least find regulations, schedule, results and sign up.
  2. Results must be accompanied by a replay of every race (MPR) to improve openness and easy archiving by 3rd parties.
  3. Your league website must be a site on its own. It must not be part of another website such as a team website. It also must not be just a (free) forum. Show us you have spend some time on your site!
  4. Your league website should be reasonably presentable. Overly flimsy websites may be rejected.
  5. Your league must have done at least two (test) races. In the last two (test) races, there must have been 15 or more participants of which at least 10 have finished.
You can request a league subsection via the contact page on our main website. Please provide the name of your league and the necessary urls in order for us to test the requirements above (league website url / forum discussion / test race result urls, should be on your league website).

When you have a league subsection and it appears to have been inactive for a while (decided at our own disgression) it will be moved to the inactive leagues section. Of course we would prefer you telling us about it, when your league ends or decides to take a break. This will help keep the leagues section browsable.
An inactive and moved league subsection can be revived though. To do so, send us a message at the same link.
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Requirements for a league subsection
(1 post, closed, started )