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Took a hour to download but it was worth it ....

(and I'm in it )

Edit: I took the big one. Frame rate was nasty, and my AC3/WMP/SPDIF bug reared it's head - fortunately the ever dependable Media Player Classic was on hand to allow sound. Might try smaller one tomorrow, but I'm spending the day driving a Stratos around so I might not
Quote from Cobra427 :Took a hour to download but it was worth it ....

You took the big one?
sure did
w00ty, Gold XFG = me

Pritty good movies, I was thinking of making a vid of this too. I got a mpr of every race i was in so i got the footage :P
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Quote from Cobra427 :sure did

Yeah, thats right
#8 - Don
All download slots (200) assigned to your country (Czech Republic) are in use

...i never managed to download ANYTHING from megaupload :/
#10 - Don
yeah that works thanks
Man watched it again it almost makes me want to buy a S2 license ... not that I didnt want to anyway lol just saving for a new Vid card this 9800 Pro only pushes 140FPS average in LFS but other games draw it down alot
Woohoo..very nice movie...only low fps is bad in it...9/10
Quote from kamo2000 :only low fps is bad in it...9/10

Yeah, that was what I was worried about
any chance of getting a 50fps version of that movie?

just got to used to don's high quality works
Quote from micha1980de :any chance of getting a 50fps version of that movie?

just got to used to don's high quality works

Can you change the fps when the movie is done? Hm.. I dont know.. Anyway I started LFS and went on testing and testing and got better fps at the end. So expect that it will be better fps in my next movie
It was lol to watch this
sure you can, since it's just a value somehere in the header that tells the player what fps to use...
for a good smooth recording i was told to use .0125 replayspeed (replay will take bloody ages but...) and 10 fps for the recording via fraps or any other "automated" screen-capture driver that suits your needs (guess that 10 fps is the edge of rec-speeds at this time), then speed it up in your clip-cut-software.
i often use VirtualDub, since it's a very simple linear-cut tool WITH the ability to change frame rates WITHOUT recoding the vid-matter.
after that (never tried that because of sync issues) you'll have to record the sound from the replay at real-time, to get any "in-sim" sounds.
now you're set, just use some mpeg4 codec (xvid/divx/mpg4-avc/wmv/ ?ogg-theora?) for compression (personal favor is 1.5-2.5 mbit/s).

have fun experimenting...

Ok, thanks for your help.
Hm, I dont think I will try to fix better fps on this movie, but in my latest movie there is better fps anyway.. So you can watch it and say exactly what you think! The movie is on a server right now so it dont take so much time to download!

Here it is

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