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16h 2010 Results
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16h 2010 Results
The last discussions about penalties are finished and the results are to find here

The reasons for penalized protests will be postet here by me soon too (i just need to explain it in english as we did all the discussion in german )
Server 1:

Quote :Protest #125(inex) vs #104(TDRT)

On lap 3 TDRT turns in to our car #125 end of the bridge when R.v.Buren was fully along side and making the pass. Instead TDRT turned in to Rudy which sent us off track hitting the wall and loosing positions and giving damage.

no Penalty, that was a raceaccident. Van Buren could have waited, he was clearly faster, so he would have found another chance. On the other side, Van Buren was in front and Knops should have seen that Van Buren was faster, so he just could let him pass.

Quote :Hallo,

Protest gegen R.v. Buren,Inex von TDRT 1 wegen gefaehrlichem Ueberholen.

Gruesse TDRT Rudi Kolz

see protest over this one

Quote :Time: ~ 2h 28 min
Included: 100 - Tiger Express Motorsports (with the drivers Saidl and de Jong)
Description: Saidl timed out in de Jong joined the server immediatly. Also the stint was with 15 laps als long as the stints before.

No penalty. Saidl did 2/3 of the lap and de Jong was 20 seconds after Saidls disconnect back on track. That was enough penalty.

Quote :Protest

3:58:00.00 Roughly.

Lap 98 for the 225 - ineX Racing GT2 FZR. Car 111 - J. Dombrowski spins just after the first sector. He then promptly backs into the racing line infront of us and several other cars. This pushed us off the track and cost us the lead.

dangerous rejoin, 35 seconds penalty

Quote :This mail is on behalf of the FX2 Hellenic Racing team

This is a protest against Excite Racing Team/ C.Kistner.

Normally we would be satisfied by the sorry post written in the race discussion thread.

…but this, on track, behavior was way out of line. They where several laps behind, meaning that this is not a position fight, so aggressive driving has no real reason at all. Instead… C.Kistner drove through the tires on the last chicane (serious track cutting) resulting in a hard hit to our car that flipped us and forced us to tele-pit… This cost us several positions.

This happened around 4hours and 35 minutes after the race start. Our driver is still driving his stint so I can’t give you right now a specific to the sec timestamp or replay.

In about an hour I will be able to provide you with more detailed information about the incident if you wish.

I just saw the replay. The specific time when the incident did happen is 4:24:15.40 Also as I saw, there is no track cutting at that point by C.Kistner. The overall move is still too aggressive though.

Far too aggressive. He tries to pass at the first possibility and takes a high risk of an accident. 50 seconds penalty

Quote :When: ~ 5h 45 min
Who: 111- Team Inferno (with drivers M. Golombeck & V. Adriaenssens)
Golombeck zerstört sich in der letzten Schikane sein Auto und fährt an die Box. Er vergisst Schaden reparieren einzustellen und fährt mit dem demoliertem Auto wieder raus.
Danach connected V. Adriaenssens und Golombeck geht an die Box während der Teamkollege die Box verlässt. Man hat hierdurch eine Reperatur von minimum einer halben Minute unterschlagen so quer wie das Auto schon im Remote gefahren ist.

short version in english: Team Inferno has a totally damaged car and forgets to repair. On the pit exit he just drives straight into the moonphysics barrier so he gets onto the roof. After that shift+s and the next driver leaves the pit.

On the one hand it is clearly to see that they want to get a the car working again. On the other hand one can see, that they don't want to risk a situation like at about 4 hours again. So just 25 seconds penalty

Quote :On lap 150 (from the perspective of car 330), in the fast double-right-hand turn in sector 1, Gasiunas attempted a very optimistic overtaking move on #330 entering the corner, resulting in contact and major damage for #330. Gasiunas had just spun in the previous lap and was probably very angry, but this doesn't excuse anything. Please investigate this. Thanks!

-B. Keough #330

232 is going to lap, but indicates that they want to stay behind (stay at the back of 330 instead of using another racingline. Too short before turn 5 they try to overtake then, but as they indicated to stay behind, 330 took their racingline in turn 5 and got a major damage because of this. 30 seconds penalty

Quote :57. lap von #219 (ev0lutionsbremse)
Split 3/4

#145 kommt nicht mit der Überrundung klar und touchiert unser Fahrzeug beim Anbremsen auf die Spitzkehre zur Brücke hin am Ende von Split 3, wodurch wir einen Schaden an der Lenkung erhalten..


#219 - M. Schnieders

no penalty

Quote :#299 against #226, server 1

My teammate got stuck and had to shift+p, so I joined.
#226 was according to the tracker 1 lap behind us, but they blocked me anyway, happened around 4.30 to 4.36 racetime when i finally passed them.
On the next stint, at 5.27 racetime I was behind them again, but I managed to pass them at the S/F line when they (from my perspective) tried to defend their position again.

no penalty. in the race 299 had a shift+p and 226 had one shortly after the start too. so it was not visible for 226 that 299 was in front, so it is normal, that you defend your position.

Quote :93./94. lap von #219 (ev0lutionsbremse)
Split 4 -> 1 (über Start/Ziel)

#225 will #219 (uns) überrunden.
#219 fährt auf der Geraden ganz links und #225 überholt rechts, fährt dann allerdings ohne erkennbaren Grund zu #219 nach links herüber und rammt den Wagen. (Absicht?!)


#219 - M. Schnieders

that scene is for sure a thing, that is not needed in such a race. It is understandable that 225 was a angry with 219 after they were blocked several times, but we will penalize such a scene if we see it. 20 seconds penalty

Quote :Hallo Adminteam,
und zwar ist mir aufgefallen das das Team ev0>>Racing sich mit dem Team ev0>>Racing GT2 (#209) angemeldet hat.
So weit ist ja alles okay.
Doch wurde nach dem eintrag dieses Teams noch das Team ev0lutionsbremse GT2(#219) angemeldet.
Das heißt das Team ev0 hat sich mit 2 Teams in einer Klasse angemeldet, was ja bekanntlich laut "Paragraph 1.5.1." verboten ist.
(1.5.1. Each team can sign in only 1 car per class.
The maximum number of drivers per car is 6, with maximum 4 of them finally driving the car.
It is not allowed to drive more than one car. Nobody is allowed to drive alone.)

MfG 226-C. Kistner

Violation against Rule 1.5.1 of Team ev0. As they managed to put one team out of the results by violating another time against this rule and it happens that both teams were created by the same driver. That driver won't participate next year.

ban for the next years 16 hours race for M. Schnieders

Quote :Team #235
Driver: S.Hutchinson

Lap: 261, 293, 297, 304

Have a look at the Screenshots. Saw this cutting via remote a few times more.


Cutting on purpose. 20 seconds penalty as they didn't take an advantage in the end

Server 2:

Quote :This mail is on behalf of the nGT Hellenic Racing team

This is a protest against Tiger Express GT2/ O. Rinne

Just some of the many incidents this driver have caused.

Time stamp 00:28.25.00 He makes no effort to avoid contact. He just traces his ideal line. This had as a result my car flip over.

Time stamp 15:33:41.40 Just an example of O. Rinne hitting the nGT of 332 - C.Almanza

Time stamp 15:51:40.00 A few laps before the race finish. Yet another drivebomb on 313 V.Kalabalikis

I can find more incidents. I just had a quick look through our first and last replay.

Of course there where many clean passes that driver made to other nGTs.

But this was purely due to the excessive care all nGTs showed in getting out of the way immediately, even if this meant getting out of the track and/or risking critical damage.

Well quite a "hard to decide" scene. As this is the first of O. Rinne we decide this as a race-accident, Because the nGT is breaking harder than O. Rinne expected, because he was too far away to lap before the wall-turn. no penalty

Quote :Time: 8h 52min
Sector: 2nd (left turn with wall)
Cars involved: #221 & #250
Description: Before corner car #250 pushed us (#221) on the grass and caused avoidable accident.

221 seemed to let 250 pass but stay beneath them. So this accident was avoidable by both drivers. no Penalty

Quote :Race time – 55:20

Protest against car 230 – K. Piropo

Car 230 had left the track at T3 and rejoined without checking for on-coming cars. He drove straight in front of me and we collided resulting in heavy damage to both cars.

dangerous rejoin. They had a major damage because of this too, but the rejoin was too dangerous. 35 seconds penalty

Quote :
Race time – 1:49:20

Protest against car 200 – O. Rinne

Car 200 caught up to me in slow section just after S2. Instead of waiting a few seconds till the next straight he forced his way past on a corner making contact with the rear of my car and causing me to roll 4 or 5 times.

that was an unnecessary situation. Clearly the fault of 200.
35 seconds penalty
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16h 2010 Results
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