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OLFSL userbar
OLFSL userbar is now available to use in here. It's in no way mandatory or required, just for fun and maybe show where you race. During season it will show your position in standings also.

Feel free to use or not

[ OLFSL]license name[ /OLFSL]

#2 - t1ger
Cool Sami! Thanks

#3 - bozo
Nice one Sami.

Some great work has been happening with the OLFSL for this season. It's been worth the wait
Good userbar - thanks Sami
nice , is it somehow usable also in other Boards ?
Quote from Thunderdome :nice , is it somehow usable also in other Boards ?

Wherever [img][/img] allows

So basically everywhere, unless the board software validates the file extension instead of its contents / mime type.


cool thX
I cant get mine to work. I write:

[ OLFSL]jensbrix[ /OLFSL]

In my signature, but nothing happens. Whats wrong?
you need to put [OLFSL]Licensename[/OLFSL] Without any spaces.
Thanks a lot

seems to be working )
[ OLFSL]l bacabinha[ /OLFSL]

EDIT: now, thanks Sami!
User bar
Thanks, very nice
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