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Race 1 discussion - Hazzard County GP
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#1 - Danke
Race 1 discussion - Hazzard County GP
track: Blackwood Rallycross
laps: 2 races of 18 laps each
grids: race 1 random, race 2 reverse
server: S3 Racing Thinkin RBs
password: rust

Reminder 1: You must finish a race to score points in that race.
Reminder 2: There will be a "lag lap" immediately before the start of the first race. This has less to do with lag and more to do with settling people's nerves. It's a long race, don't blow it for you or anyone else in T1.
Reminder 3: There is no telepitting and rejoining during the race. If you telepit and rejoin you will lose all points for that race. If you telepit, rejoin and wreck someone, you'll lose all points, plus get a penalty for wrecking. Just go to spectate and enjoy the show.

Additional notes:
- There are tire stacks in the sand trap exiting the final turn to negate any possible advantage from straight-lining the last turn through the sand.
- The grass on the back straight is fair game. You may drive there if you wish. You may be billed for new sod later though.
- Pitstops are allowed but not required.
- I'm not going to be the chat police, but please keep it to a minimum. We'll be happy to talk to you between or after the races. Abusive chat will be penalized. Feel free to block all chat. I don't have much important to say anyway.

Feel free to discuss pre- and post-race here, but keep it respectful. PM me for any protests.
#2 - Danke
Wow! Really nice racing guys.

I had tremendous battles with JayBee both races, and a heated melee with Gil in the closing stages of race 2. Congrats to Cabby on the sweep and T-Sho for sweeping the second step of the podium.

Special mention to glenh for giving a push in race 2 to Havoc, who assume ran out of gas, although he may have started drinking early for all I know.

The results should be visible by tomorrow. The points are up already. The site link is in my sig.
Rusty Screw Award
For this week, I think it might be a toss up between S3R.bdshan and RSR.Havoc.

Brian just barely hit a banner support and went flying and Kevin had an unlucky spin in race 1 and ran out of fuel in Race 2.

[DSR]Gil also deserves mention for 'unluckily' trusting the fuel calculation provided by LFS. The oldest racer also had to deal with an aged bladder, so was late for the lag lap in race 1.

I was pretty lucky this race, to be honest. In both races I was able to take advantage of a good grid position and others' misfortune. I wasn't really able to give Dan a serious race once he got by me, and was hard pressed to hold off the charging S3R.ZeroR .

I had a bunch of fun.

#4 - Cabby
Was a fun couple of races. Got really lucky with the first race to start off front row inside for T1 (altho I think Dan just forgot to set the grid to random ) and managed to open up enough of a gap while T.Sho was dealing with traffic to hold onto the lead. Another couple laps and he would have gotten me for sure. Second race I was dreading with starting from the back but managed to pass half the field on the outside line of T1 and within a couple laps managed to take the lead while T.Sho was still back in 4th or 5th trying to get past traffic again. He really set some blistering laps trying to catch back up and again if it were just a few more laps in length I'm sure he would have gotten me.

Next week will be an interesting one at KY2. Ten laps there and trying not to cook the tires while staying fast might be a hard one to pull off.
Fun first race!
Very good racing, good battles all around. Extremely clean racing considering the rallycross setting, all the sliding and bouncing around, and the 'beater' car paint jobs. I don't know about you guys, but my paint job makes me WANT to run my car into something...
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Not my best effort. But I made substantial improvement over my performance in the practices races last week.

I never imagined flipping by touching the upright, but them the brakes.
#7 - Danke
I swear I had the grid set to random for race 1, but the front two spots did look suspiciously fast. I might need to go back to admin school.

As for the Rusty Screw... For flipping during his pole dance routine in race 1, then getting some pinball treatment in race 2, the Rusty Screw award goes to Bdshan. Congratulations and better luck next week.
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I proudly accept this gracious award.

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#9 - Danke
Quote from bdshan :I proudly accept this gracious award.

Hey, nice idea adding the plaque to your skin. It's kind of like helmet stickers in college football!
Damn, I'm not that old! The fuel estimator said .7/lap so I did that and added a bit extra. As I coasted slowly into the pits frantically increasing the refuel amount, I saw that the estimate was now .9/lap. The real bad luck was that my suspension and body damage added 25 seconds onto the stop.

I had a hell of a time with the set for this race. Any set that handled OK just broke to pieces over the infield jump. Considering the awful handling of the set I finally went with I'm OK with the 6th/3d result.

Fun racing, looking forward to next week.
My apologies fellas for not making round 1. I think I was still at work when you guys were finished, so....maybe round 2!
i was distracted, thats why i spun.

i keep telling her to keep her shirt on while i'm racing......

anyways, awesome stuff gents.
Quote from z-ro 8 :i keep telling her to keep her shirt on while i'm racing......

Hahaha you idiot.
No pics.... no proof.
Quote from z-ro 8 :i was distracted, thats why i spun.

i keep telling her to keep her shirt on while i'm racing......

anyways, awesome stuff gents.

Maybe buy a webcam and the rest of us will spin next round

Race 1 discussion - Hazzard County GP
(15 posts, started )