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A pair of questions
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A pair of questions
Hi all, i'm very new to drift (im so rude on drifting that for me is more easy to make drifts with a rallycross set that with a drift set lol) but i would like to learn a bit more about it

However i would like to know 3 things:

- if i am already in a racing team (not yet atm, but dunno in future...) can i join too? I noticed that some of the people that are in the joined list are in other racing team too, that's why i ask this

- where and when usually lessons are done?
Especially When, because im in the Central Europe Time zone, and i noticed that most of u are canadian or american, so a lot of time difference.
Do u use teamspeak, ventrilo or ingame chat?

- there is a required partecipation?
I mean if for personal problems i miss a lesson, will u try to kill me? (LOL )

If more questions will came in my mind i will ask u for sure


P.S: I know the basics of race setups (antiroll, ackerman, suspensions, steering lock...) and, at least imho, i know how to stay on the track when i dont want to try drifts (because when i try i know very well how to stay off the track lol xD )
I imagine the answer to all three of your questions is based entirely on what team you decide to join.
This is RTDC forum, so i'm not speaking of Ferrari or Renault... -_-'

Obviously im asking infos about RTDC!
Quote from SpaceMarineITA :- there is a required partecipation?

apparently not ... especially not if youre a teacher or rev
Quote from Shotglass :apparently not ... especially not if youre a teacher or rev

Oh lol xD

However i will send them an email, maybe will read it xD

A pair of questions
(5 posts, started )