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6 Hours of South City Long: Race Discussion
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6 Hours of South City Long: Race Discussion
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Hem hem someone didn't put a space in v8 stars username.
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Bloody hell what on earth did you do?

That was very fun for once.
When your mitz, things like that are a regular occurance.
#7 - amp88
Nice racing all, was very enjoyable to watch!
Great commentary also. Excellent.

I want say sorry to Core GT1, GT2 team, aT GT1 team.
Like an unlucky race for us...1st stint #13 lag and reappear in my car :s; shimanofr broke his controller in his stint :s and I'am timed out at 3miniutes to go...
First timer on MOE here, Hi!
Had really a good time enjoyed myself. For me the first 2hours went by nicely. All the GT2 cars handled the blue flags nicely on such narrow circuit. Couple of mistakes during the race, missed the start lost couple of places. Not so familiar with rolling starts. Then one big miss that i hope wasn't shot so well in the stream . Really huge rookie miss, hit the wall on pitexit, dammit. Want to say sorry for our team about that. Think might have costed 2-3places for us. Well anyway looking forward to the rest of the season if the dates suit and not too hangover to attend.
Quote from Jouman :Really huge rookie miss, hit the wall on pitexit, dammit.

I saw that on remote And the commentators mentioned it :P

Grats to top 3 in every class, and thanks to the admins and everyone else that made it possible. The stream was awsome!
Sorry for this non-driver comment but yeh, they mentioned it.. Thanks to all drivers and the admins of MoE for todays race i loved to watch it.
Conquest Racing didn't finish this race due to hardaware issues. Guru had some strange FPS problems which he had never before.

Quote from Guru :This is how it looked like, but I hadn't so many "moving" moments and there wasn't any textures.

This is just race replay, during race it was much worse. The most strange thing is that happen only on MoE server.

Anyway it was good race, great battle for 1st position between 1st, nfinity and #low till this unlucky flip and timeout.
We have the same strange problem whit fps...:worried:
Congrts to all teams for this nice race, south city with all this cars its not easy
Once again the stream was grt and we enjoy to listen the comentators on the stream, those 2 guys are perfect for coment races
Ducky's interview was the best!
Quote from Töki (HUN) :Ducky's interview was the best!

OMG I have to listen to this. Any idea when the indexed broadcast will be up, or where I can find it if it is?

Also when was his interview?
Quote from pik_d :OMG I have to listen to this. Any idea when the indexed broadcast will be up, or where I can find it if it is?

Also when was his interview?

It actually appears that the link in my previous post (which I identified as the unindexed version) is indexed. I can skip through it with MPC. Also, I have to apologise because this was the first time I was in control of the broadcast and I accidentally chopped off our sponsor reel and about 30 seconds of Passo's intro video. Apologies to all including our sponsors:

Thanks once again to them and to all the viewers for watching, asking questions and providing comments. A big thank you to all of the teams, drivers, my co-commentators and, of course, all the people behind the scenes who make this series what it is.
You can take a look here for the full intro video to the race that I cut about 30 seconds from in the broadcast.
Yet, another perfect race for n1. Attached a picture of how to make a pass.

On a more serious note, I'd like to apologize for the unlucky #36 and #44 who happened to arrive into that corner on lap 41 just when my computer decided to freeze.
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Quote from Wilko868 :Username and password protected file.....:doh:

For anyone having this problem, if it's still doing it later today, I'll see what I can get sorted. I didn't have any problems starting it (I cancelled it because I didn't want to leave it downloading all day :razz and it didn't complain and beg for a password. I never saw or read or heard anything about that lot being passworded.

Thanks deko

6 Hours of South City Long: Race Discussion
(49 posts, started )