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Please note the following penalties that apply for Round 2 to the following drivers:

Name | Reason | Penalty
[SIZE=2]Niall Murray (n-murray) | Not correct number/plate | 2 Spot Grid penalty
[/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]Klaidas Gasiunas (TexasLTU) | [/COLOR]Not correct number/plate | 2 Spot Grid penalty[/SIZE]

All of the penalties given are for the grid of race 1.

EDIT: Ramon Blauwhoff removed as he was trying to get some made for him because he does not have the program.
#2 - J@tko
Penalties for Round 3:

Name | Reason | Penalty
Niall Murray Causing an Avoidable Incident 2 Grid-Slots

The Following Drivers were found to be running a non-compliant skin during Sunday's fourth Round:

Car 664, Ken Sorvig-Johansen : Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2, Race 3
Car 17, Ant Collett : Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2, Race 3
Car 36, Joe Holmes : Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2, Race 3
Car 309, Deividas Gordonas : Race 1, Race 2

These drivers will be assesed a 2-spot Grid Penalty for Round 5 Race 1.

These four cars were missing the required numberplate. The numberplate must be attached to both side doors of your car, with your number clearly visible in it. Find the numberplate ... id=85077&d=1243285170 - GIMP, Photoshop, et al should open it, and please place it on your skin.
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