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Round 2 - Confirmation Thread
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Name: Eimantas Kasperiunas
Username: oldnavy
Number: 05
Name: Ashley Parmenter
Username: Xaid0n
Number 75 (Reserve Driver)

EDIT: Fudgepacker.... Completely lost track of time... Damnit!
Name: Rik de Jong
Username: Rikje
Number: 44

Won't be available due to work, sorry.
Name: A.Collett
Username: anttt69
Number: 94
Quote from Tomhah :Name: Tommy Østgaard
Username: Tomhah
Number: 66
Present?(State Yes or No): NO

I have a friend over here, and we're so tired after 24 hours of racing. So we need some fresh air, and Im moving my cockpit up to my room again, since the electricity is down downstairs, and that takes some time, so I wouldnt reached qualy anyway =/ . I wont be able to reach round 3 either, due to an IRL race =/

whats the password I cant get in?
ah ok then i messed up with timelines

Round 2 - Confirmation Thread
(34 posts, started )