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Yet another roll'n vid
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Yet another roll'n vid
Yea i know everyone is prolly sick of Demo Racers mak'n vids of rolling cars ..... this was not planned at all i was just goof'n off and i recorded it to show a few friends and they liked it enough they are think'n of gett'n S2 so i figured maby someone else would enjoy it

First off ... i hate the camera system lol .... just seems hard to use and make it look clean .... Second i didnt remove the Hud cause it wasnt really planned .... its about 4 min long and most will most likely find it boring i also recorded an in car view of the last major roll but its so quick you really cant tell whats go'n on ... /;5007877;;/fileinfo.html

I dont think you need an account to download ... its about 60 megs ok quality ... i recorded it with 8x AA and 16x AF max mip map settings and max game detail
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I think your "'n" thing is the most annoying thing i've ever seen.
im happy for you ... i think your a troll .... but who cares what you or i think
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Quote from Cobra427 :im happy for you ... i think your a troll .... but who cares what you or i think

O-kay, anyway, video seemed extremely long for it's content, for smoother camera movement increase the "view smoothing" setting.
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sorry bout that .... im a bit cranky and lazy right now .... its 11:30 AM and i havent been to sleep .... stupid addicting game .....

i did say it was long and most likely boring i would have made it shorter but i really dont know how to work this Windows Movie Maker .... it didnt take long to upload so i figured i would post it .... if one person thought it was neat its worth it to me

only time its not worth it to me is when i post a vid like my Cobra one in my Filefront files ... and dont get a single comment good or bad ...

Yet another roll'n vid
(5 posts, started )