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Round 6 - Post Race Discussion
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Round 6 - Post Race Discussion
2 am i seing this correct 5th , once in a liftime i suppose
3 Race 1 , great race started 8th climed all the way up 1 place into 7th and held it from there .
4Race 2
started 6th had a great battle with Hugo luis and Felix Funke marginly beat hugo by 0.00.01 at the end , fantastic race finishing 5th
I sucked but anyway that was very very fun.
So who took my place on the number 1 spot on the podium while i was away?
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There was some really great racing today. A bit of contact as well, but nothing that I considered silly or too aggressive. I had a great time and although my performance wasn't too good (as always), I like to think I took a good fight to some of the better drivers in this series, for a few laps.
Catalouge of disaster for me, as normal really.


Went OK, wasn't as far off the pace as I expected to be.


Had a huge lag spike in T1 and got pinballed of into the gravel which put me 15 secs behind last place, fought to make up a few places before the end.


Had a Matti-Bean0 sandwich with me as the filling, off, spent laps making up the gap, Bozo had a moment in T1 which resulted in him t-boning me, back to last again, then had a front left puncture AGAIN (why?), back to last again, can't remember where I finished TBH.


Other than that, what I saw of the racing was clean and fun.
#7 - Bean0
Oh shit, I totally didn't know you were there.
I thought it was just Matti alongside and squeezing me onto the grass, we had a little knock as I ran out of road but I thought that was it.

Race 1 was great fun for me, I caught up to Sokke but kept losing time trying to pass.
This allowed Adam and someone else in their RACs to join the fight, for the last few laps we must have been swapping positions a couple of times per lap.

Race 2 was less eventful. After a very congested final turn the pack thinned out and I had a bit of a battle with one of the T7R RACs, he found his way past eventually, as did Dave, Troy and Hugo coming up from their lower grid slots.

I think I was the fastest FZ50 in race 2 with a PB, so overall I'm fairly pleased with my performance.
No worries mate, it's not like I am gonna worry the upper echelons of the drivers championship or anything!!!
I returned to RSC after break just to find out, that there's much bigger competition, than before.

In Q i was 14th iirc. Sprint was good, though i did a big mistake, but had a good fight with AdamLFS in beginning and bozo in the end, we both went over finish line in the same time, but he was few miliseconds faster.

Long was nightmare. My RF tyre was locking into T1 and passing half-race, when i lost contact with everyone, i tried to brake more carefully, which cost me +- 1 sec per lap. Finished 15th, though my tyre popped in 39th lap. Bozo was far behind and lapped, so rolled over finish line slowly to take that damned one point.
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Quote from danowat :Bozo had a moment in T1 which resulted in him t-boning me, back to last again

You were second from last. I stayed behind you. I was slow turning around after my 'moment', but would have waited anyway. There wasn't much I could do once my car lost traction coming into the turn, but it's never pleasant to know that I've hindered somebody's race.

Quote from Kid222 :.. and bozo in the end, we both went over finish line in the same time, but he was few miliseconds faster.

That was a great last few laps. I've had some close finishes, but that one was inseparable. I think I got it on the alphabetical name order rule

I was very impressed with the driving standard last night. In the first few races of the series I found that starting at the front on the feature race (as I invariably do) was a disadvantage, as I was getting buffeted and damaged by drivers too eager to pace. Last night was so much more gentlemanly. Intense at times, but always fair.
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Any news on the results/standings?
Will endevour to do them today matey

Round 6 - Post Race Discussion
(13 posts, started )