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IGTC 2008 Season Signups
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Added one more driver to our lineup:

Team Name: Serbian Hell Drivers
Car Model: XRR
Team Manager: srdjanmilasinovic
Team Vice-Manager: fadeaway

S. Milašinović [srdjanmilasinovic]
P. Ćopić [predrag]
M. Milijanović [lamparija]
D. Ilić [ILKE]
V. Belenzada [fadeaway]
I. Teklić [tekla]
M. Boljević [milos20]
I. Milošević [Ivan_AMG]
S. Simunović [SHEITAN]
D. Petrović [ARs]
Are JEDI active for the last round? Ive looked and i think we are as two teams have pulled out in confirmation thread. Can you sort us out with a number etc please?

3 teams have declared they will miss the show, which means that, JEDI, and Cap-online are all as active as they wanna be for Rd. 8. Numbers have been added to the team numbers thread for JEDI & Cap-online.
Thanks Ben
Added driver
Team Name: Telmex-VTR-PER
Team Manager: Nelson Vergara [Nelsongpv]
Team Vice-Manager: TBA
Car Model: FZR
José Fernández [josefm] COL
Yuen Santisteban[ yuen_drifter] MEX
Miguel Herrera [Miguel Herrera] MEX
José Casarin [pepe1968] MEX
Bruno Ferrari [B.Ferrari] CHI
Camilo Fernández [camilofs] COL
Juan Córdova [Ramon F.] PER
José Valdéz [Joselo] PER
This season is over

Signups for the next one will begin soon though!
Love the enthusiasm, though!
#186 - CSF
He has already done that...

IGTC 2008 Season Signups
(187 posts, started )