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Quote from MAGGOT :The Union Jack has been used quite effectively a couple times. I recall seeing a pretty bad-ass looking TVR in the BritCar series with a Union Jack on the front that was tearing away down the sides. Not a unique concept, but the execution was very very nice and it looked great.

Making the Canadian flag work on a skin, though... that's tough. It's a bloody maple leaf.

But that is the thing, any flag can be used in the tearing off designs, Old Glory has the impression of being designed to be painted on cars.

The Nose Bleed is a bit of an issue, you should resort to the Canadian flag pre-1965, it is less gay.
I am in a stupidly good mood lately thanks to my fantastic new job, so to celebrate both that and a new car in LFS I thought I would make an IKEA skin. I know it's a Swedish company not German, but I wanted to make the skin and also make a skin for the new car, so...
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IKEA VWS preview.jpg
IKEA VWS preview2.jpg
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VWS Repsol
Anathema very nice skin :jawdrop:
Nice! Gonna test it next Friday when the car is released.
Kamei Golf livery
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Quote from Huru-aito :Two public skins. Public as long as you do not edit them.

Thats a great skin there! Let me make some advertisment for you.
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Render requests are welcome, i've sorted the body of the VWS in 3ds max and will be releasing the .MAX file in about 30 mins, for those who are interested.
These are original. I took the colour samples from VW's website.
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#36 - pipa
My skin's all ready
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that's excellent crashgate

I'll get me coat
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Joris you have that at 4096x4096?
#44 - pipa
why on earth would you want it at that res? O.o
Scirocco GT24(thats how i found it in google), not sure should i share as it looks crap :/
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Looks great if it is a W.I.P.
Ok that's the skin I was making in the bin :doh:

Quote from JO53PHS :Ok that's the skin I was making in the bin :doh:

Well it's pretty much the most inaccurate skin i've ever done. basically the nurburgring map goes all the way to the roof, the 08 in the back should be closer to mid, there should be GT24 logo on back, and the URLs.

VWS Skins
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