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Pereulok has become a big problem in recent times. The trouble is when it got to the point where more people are online on the cracked master server than on the real one. Then LFS suffers and its reputation suffers. It really starts to look like trouble when our earnings are only just paying the bills and the thought of closing down LFS development becomes an actual possibility.

We aren't ready to stop development on Live for Speed and we are working enthusiastically on good new things. It would be a great pity if we were forced to stop development for no reason other than piracy.

Pereulok is currently unavailable and I believe that repeat83 understands that we need to earn a living from this job, or LFS will die. He has considerable technical abilities and I hope he will find a way to put them to good use.

I hope that with Pereulok offline more people will join the official master server. Please go out there and race. I will close this thread as there is nothing more to be said here.
Thanks for the report!

Good to hear it went well. Smile
Unfortunately it's not possible for us to create tracks on request at this time, even for large sums of money!

The thing is, our work for now must be towards adding new content for the S3 license and also improvements and updates to what we have.

In the future, when we have got to a certain point, I hope that LFS can be opened up to allow tracks and cars to be created by other people. It's a really big subject though and not one to get into now.

So the short answer is, you have a good question but we are fully occupied with existing projects and LFS isn't open for other content creators yet.
The company that did the scanning for us, APR Services, are flexible on how they produce the data. Their programmer was able to export the data in a way that suited us.

We asked for our point cloud data in a simple format, millions of points with position (x, y, z) and colour (r, g, b).

The laser scanner doesn't actually get colour itself but high resolution photos are taken from the same location as the scanner and this can be compared with direction to provide a colour value for the 3d points.

The scanner produces much more data nearby due to the nature of the scanning process, so the data needs to be thinned out. Thinning the data is also useful for download speed. I thinned the data further so that it was good for real time use in our editor. The point cloud can be switched on and off in our editor.

In our system there is no automatic transfer from the point cloud to actual game data. It is only a guide. It is accurate enough to ensure that objects are positioned and sized correctly within a few cm and the road surface is correct within a few mm. It allowed us to create all the bumps in the area by ensuring the track surface passes through the points in the point cloud.

So in our case there are no very strict requirements and specifications for the point cloud. We needed to make sure there were a lot of points on all track surfaces and sufficient density to get the scenery objects in the right place and the right size. The scanner was moved to various positions around the track area, and the point clouds were merged later (by APR). The merging was made accurate by placing posts in the ground that could be seen by each scanner.

For our purposes I thinned the data down to 100mm between points. It is less dense where the points were further from the scanner. The colour image can be drawn with 100mm squares, or a special accurate mode can be used where the squares are drawn with 20mm size, to get the road surface correct within a few mm by aiming for the centre of these small squares.
Quote from nacim :I've made my own investigations too, and I think it's related to the latest Windows Insider build.


Sorry for wasting your time with this, should have seen that before (LFS is one of the few DX9 game I still play actually).

OK, good to hear it's not an LFS bug. My investigation yesterday was drawing a blank - the crash was in the DirectX code and it seemed to be in a simple call to CreateVertexDeclaration done in a safe way.

Quote from baartlomiej :Removing that line worked for me and it also works after enabling post-processing.

Mysterious! Anyway good to hear it it working now. I won't look into this any more unless someone else gets a similar issue.
Thanks for the dump file. I've tracked it down to a point where it enables a vertex declaration for the post-processing shader.

I don't yet know why that goes wrong. It seems to work fine on my computer, but I think if you remove the "Screen Flags" line in cfg.txt then post-processing will be switched off, so maybe it will work.

Please try that and let me know:

1) Does LFS run now?
2) If so, what happens if you enable post-processing again?
Quote from nacim :Thanks for the update Scawen, but for the first time ever, my LFS install crashes. And I can't find why. I tried removing ReShade and LFS Lazy, no changes.

Thanks, but please can you give some information about this?

1) Any information about when the crash happens. At startup / in game?

2) Does the crash happen every time?

3) A crash address (and exception code) may be very helpful or a call stack if possible.
Quote from PeterN :Don't know if this is new or a coincidence, but the LX4 (at least) has some gaps in its shadow.

Good bug find, this is because the LOD mesh has some holes in it.

I can think of two ways to fix it.
I've been working mainly on the tyre physics.

Eric has been working on tracks.

Sorry but there's not much more to say at this point.

Anyway, here is a new compatible test patch with some small improvements. Most notably the car shadows are no longer cast towards the light. See the attached screenshot in the Test Patch 0.6Q3 thread.
Thanks for the report.

This is fixed in Test Patch 0.6Q3:
Thanks for the report.

This is fixed in Test Patch 0.6Q3:
Test Patch 0.6Q3 (now Q9)



Hello Racers,

Here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6Q9

This is only a minor update as I have mainly been working on the tyre physics.
There is an improvement in the car shadow system, which until now could cast shadows in the wrong direction.
Skid marks now remain remain when the race restarts and are visible on layout objects.
There is a new map view for open configurations and the track selection screen.
Please read the list of changes below for more information.

0.6Q9 is fully compatible with 0.6Q

- You can connect online with 0.6Q
- You can play replays from 0.6Q

You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6Q so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6Q7 to 0.6Q9 :

Small map opacity can now be set for light and dark map colours
Westhill paths adjusted and regenerated to avoid graphical holes
Autocross paths regenerated and physical hole fixed at skid pad

Changes from 0.6Q6 to 0.6Q7 :

Small map rotation enabled on new open configuration maps
Small map is now available on car park and autocross areas
Improvements on track selection screen using the area maps
Improved and cleaned up the Westhill, Rockingham, Kyoto maps

Changes from 0.6Q3 to 0.6Q6 :

New map view for open configurations and track selection screen
Skid marks now remain when race restarts (excluding replays)
Skid marks are now visible on unmovable layout objects

FIX : Missing part of shadows at rear of LX4 and LX6
FIX : Shadows seen from a distance were not affected by haze effect

Changes from 0.6Q to 0.6Q3 :

Shadows are no longer cast upwards or towards the light
Ambient (non-direct) shadow darkness now depends on distance
New text command /lang X to load language (data\language\X.txt)
Increased LOD distances of humans / drivers / marshalls

FIX : LFS could crash using /axload with a long layout name
FIX : Traffic lights did not work after texture resolution change


A FULL version of LFS 0.6Q must already be installed

To install the PATCH using the SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE :

1) Move or save the patch into your main LFS folder
2) Double click the patch to extract it to that folder
3) When you see "Confirm File Replace" select "Yes to All"
4) Now you can start LFS in the normal way

NOTE : You can see if the patch is correctly installed when you run
the program (LFS.exe). At the bottom of the entry screen : 0.6Q9


PATCH 0.6Q TO 0.6Q9 (SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE) (if you already have 0.6Q) : (13 MB)
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It's that one:

Quote :/ a high number below 65536

It's supposed to be a comment, so the start of the line should be //

You only have a single slash so LFS is trying to read it as a command.

Add another / and it will be ok.

Like this :

// a high number below 65536
It means the 4th parameter in your list of parameters (maybe in setup.cfg) is wrong.

For example there are parameters like /host and /track and /pass. Have a look in the default setup.cfg for the valid parameters (or in your docs\commands.txt).

LFS doesn't recognise the 4th parameter in your list.
That is pretty crazy! You can see here some of the reasons why this storage and shipping of physical goods can be quite problematic for a small business. I'll email Victor to make sure he has seen your post.
Quote from Ball Bearing Turbo :Those are interesting comments Scawen.

I've always wondered why the Home software has to run since it can be written to directly.

The Home software doesn't start automatically on my PC; and I find the headset doesn't generate any heat unless I have Home open. I tend to open it in advance anyway, so that condensation doesn't appear on the lenses - basically to preheat the unit (maybe I just have a head that gives off more than average moisture? ew..) anyway, from your comments, does LFS not run for very long without having issues? I'll admit I've been glued to another sim lately but if I can help you in any way with LFS troubleshooting I'd be happy to.

The visible home software (shop) doesn't open usually until you put the Rift on, but you should find a process "OVRServer_x64.exe" is running all the time. It is connected to facebook servers and exchanges packets with it every few minutes, even if you don't put your Rift on. Normally this is simply checking for updates but the agreement allows them to send any information about your use of the PC.

The black screens are not an LFS bug. They happen with any software including Oculus software, e.g. Dreamdeck. I like the Dreamdeck demo as it's a good quick selection to show people when they try VR the first time. Frustrating that during the 2nd or 3rd person, the screen will go black. I suppose I should just restart the OVRServer each time a new person gets on.

If you don't want OVRServer to run all the time, connected to facebook, here's how to stop it.

1) I suggest creating an "Oculus" folder for these 3 shortcuts.

2) Create a shortcut called something like "OVRServiceLauncher uninstall"
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServiceLauncher.exe" -uninstall
Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime"

That doesn't really uninstall anything, but stops the Oculus services starting when your computer starts up. You may only need to use this once.

3) Create a shortcut like "OVRServiceLauncher install"
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServiceLauncher.exe" -install -start
Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime"

That simply reverses the effect of the "uninstall" shortcut. You might never use this one.

4) Create a shortcut named "OVRServer"
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe"
Start in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime"

This is the one you use to start OVRServer any time you want to use the Rift. Interestingly, it is visibly displayed when you run it this way and you can see a live log on the console window of all the checks for updates, error messages and so on.

I've attached the shortcuts to this post, in case that may help.

How to use:

1) Run the shortcut "OVRServiceLauncher uninstall. Now your computer no longer starts the OVRServer when your computer starts

2) When you want to use the Rift, run the shortcut "OVRServer"
I say bug ridden because of what you can see with a quick glance at the Oculus Support Forum. In my case, the Rift starts getting one-second black screen events after a few minutes, until eventually the screen goes black and does not recover. The only cure then is to restart the Oculus runtime. So that sadly makes the Rift unusable for anything but a quick demo. Also it allows me to test things I've worked on, so that's great but actual racing is not possible.

I say bloatware because you have to download over 1GB to use the Rift at all. Then if you want to run anything in VR, it always starts the Oculus home shop program in the background and that cannot be closed or the Rift doesn't work.

Other things I don't like about it are that there is no option to avoid Oculus software starting when your computer starts, and constantly accessing the internet every few minutes even if you are not using your Rift. I've found a way to disable this so I can start it when I want to but it is bad that they don't provide a simple option for that.

Another bug is that if the Oculus software is running (which is is, if you turn on your computer) then the Rift gets hot even if you are not using it. So something is wrong there. If you shut down the Oculus software (after quite a bit of research and investigation and writing an appropriate shortcut with command line options) then the Rift doesn't get hot.

So... there are good reasons for some DK2 owners to stick with the old runtime!
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I think you get several skin upload slots for £1 - not just 1! Smile

Info here:
Pleased you like the shirts. Thank you for clearing the stock and walking around with an LFS shirt on like I usually do! Smile

Victor said this was the last week of the sale, so please order now if you want any. Last chance!

Quote from Mark13 :I ordered 10 shirts on September 12. Still havent arrived. Should i be worried now?Shrug

Hi, I guess you have heard from Victor with the tracking info now.

He sent me the link. I see the last event is "Shipment available at collection location". Maybe they tried to deliver at some point but could not?