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seems that you are new to the party but no, this jerking has not been addressed yet. Its in the works though and I guess it's top priority because VR is going to be eehh.. Never mind, not going to start that discussion again Smile
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Hey an opinion topic about LFS development, thats new. Interesting.
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Quote from :While the race was intended to get locals interested in Live For Speed, no locals showed up.

However a few racers around the world did, these are the results.

Well, it was probably done with the best intentions but I also would not be interested in something which contains, corona, virus, covid or anything related to the current situation. It should not be exploited for marketing. For me personally this whole situation is already dramatic, no need to be confronted again in some sort of game / event with it. I mean, there is also no cancer 500, HIV 500 etc. .. Is it?

Something positive would be far better. Media sells negativity, entrepreneurs have to be positive
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Quote from mbutcher :I wish there was a like/upvote system here for posts like that. Good stuff.

That would be a really bad idea. It promotes non communication.
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Quote from Sobis :I was about to say "hey, LFS web page is translated to many languages. I'm sure they should have the web page in their native language" but then I tried to actually change my language. The web page is translated but as you said, the shop itself is not translated at all. Strange, never noticed.

basically only the menu options are translated, I didnt even knew there are translations. Looks like Victor started with it but never was able to finish the most important bits. Doesn't matter, my reply was not to put the blame on anyone.. But.. If your main marketing tool is a website and this website is only in English.. Then don't be surprised that the rest of the world sets up "alternatives".

There is also no language switch if you do not have an account but probably thats due to the fact that translations for the most important pages where never finished.

It's all marginal at this point, closing down and/or fighting illegal environments doesn't bring any substantial legal activity back. Updating the core does. Which happens to be in "the works". When this finally reaches some point of completion (testpatches are being released) I recommend to focus on the translation issue. It's quite important.

Quote from Racer Y : [..] What could they do about it?

you are chasing darkness with all these suggestions. It's really not enjoyable on any point in time so wouldn't recommend all this.
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Quote from mbutcher :I think the thing that shocked me the most from that video is the number of downloads recorded on the mod files... If they're accurate, 200k downloads on the launcher, damn.

well.. there are 3 times the amount of Brazilians comparing to the UK population. ****ed around pretty well, tripling the population since 1960. Add to the fact that english is a top ranked international language but still ignored as a language by about 75% of the world population and the LFS main website/shop is only in English.. Then I am not surprised at all. Most people simply don't know better because they aren't provided with correct information in their own language.

What surprises me is that people are surprised in 2020 while there was a lengthy discussion about it in 2016 and even much earlier where I addressed this Youtube problem already multiple times (this is just one referral; funny enough its about exactly the same crack group).

There seems to be no interest to do something about it, even a kid could do what I did with Youtube and it's not much effort at all. But eehh ye..

I guess its part of the whole LFS experience, yearly or semi yearly recurring discussions about exactly the same issues with extremely limited progress (not talking about LFS development in particular but rather the whole scene in general).
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Quote from Silverracer :You still would have to pay 12 Pounds!

But less USD. It's magic wóohoo it's magic.
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I wait for the movie I guess
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It doesn't work at all anymore for the last 8 years or so.

Write/program a new version yourself if you really want such an InSim. Learn, it's fun!
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Ye, this illegal shit you mean? .. I know where you are coming from. It's a disgrace to ask for new stuff while having instructions how to crack/steal at the same time.
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Quote from harun940 : we can put it where we want

Quote from harun940 : I love cruise and we

who is we?
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on topic, we don't need nonsense which doesn't improve the racing experience. It's not "toy simulator".
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empty words
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Well.. There is maybe nothing serious going on and you are simply on the no reply list (26) .. Basically you cannot contact/ping yourself, so you see the list like this but others do not. Thats why you are actually on LFSWorld I guess.

You should connect internally if you want to deal with your own server and not across the internet.
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Some routers are actually capable of blocking internal (local) traffic between devices especially Wifi to Wifi but I guess this is not the situation here. Then there is Windows itself which can block communication. Make sure you have this @ cmd/run => firewall.cpl (see image). And have no other programs / virusscanners blocking or controlling the network.

Port scanning the local network IP can also help; its an old tool which I still use a lot. Sadly needs to be whitelisted @ "Windows Security" nowadays otherwise its being seen as a virus/trojan. Sigh.
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Quote from BestRex : You call this development? I call it a joke.

Wait a minute. Are you the same guy with the 80286 and wanting to stick with it forever? And then dare to talk about development? It seems like you didnt even discovered how to wipe your own ass in these 15 years.

Stop trolling.
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Quote from BestRex :Upgrading computer to keep playing very old videogame that I've been playing for ~15 years now? That sounds ridiculous! Old games should work with old hardware - that's the thing.

Guess what, it works!

Oh you want the -new- version to work on museum candidate equipment. Nah.

Quote from BestRex :Just don't cut out things - how hard can it be???

It simply doesnt work like that, the roads are also not designed anymore for mail coaches.

Anyway, nice trolling, you had your attention Wink
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Quote from Flotch :OT : seeing the current price of crude oil ... I will not guess on less polluting way to get the economy back on when (if) the pandemy will be a bit over !

as renewable energy keeps growing and growing in Europe I do not think that in the upcoming decade fossil fuels are being used that much. The airplanes are a problem though, I do not see them replaced by high speed trains or this other idea which is not going to work (Hyperloop).

Going to take some time before the world has changed and/or recovered to begin with. Might be a decade or more because I think a system failure is coming up very soon now. Doesn't have to be bad, such a failure.. But.. Its definitely a period which will shock/change the world.

Either way, do not think that life will return "normal" in a few months. Because it will not, impossible.
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Quote from Dygear : I only game on Linux now.

with VR? Because its still the main goal behind this. I question the level of support for this specialized hardware on Linux and if so, what the performance will be. Too much hassle to figure out, costs way too much time. Linux needs to adapt, not the other way around.
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you summarized it well enough, good job
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tell me about your achievements and capabilities mastermind
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Quote from Scawen :I'm not sure if these 1ms variations every few frames would be noticeable.

Well.. Testing is key I guess, with some basic simulation like
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wrong forum section, should be in improvement suggestions. Besides, mentioned seven years ago;

current scheme seems to be ANSI and yes its dated. But its difficult, adding bits throughout the system takes some dedication. It also can break old InSim systems, would be something at a massive update maybe.
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converting .bat to .exe is.. to say it rudely.. nonsense.

If a LFS server is empty then PRISM also shuts down you say? Guess it crashes due some bad code somewhere. Should check PHP logs to see what goes wrong.
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Quote from Bose321 : you can buy a super cheap second hand GPU that supports DX11.

MXM cards are not supercheap, let alone the people who do not have the capability to upgrade their laptop like that. Nevertheless throughout the last ten years I managed to upgrade multiple times (M3000 -> 675MX -> 965M -> M3000M) and the initial card was already DX11 ready (22.02.2011 = 3326 days old).

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able and do an upgrade. I noticed in Russia for example that for second hand equipment the gold price is being asked. Also in European countries itself it's difficult, the times I needed to import stuff out of Germany to Croatia I cannot count anymore. If you want complete laptops then there is the problem of the keyboard layout as well.

Dedicated gaming machine? For the last twenty years no thanks, there is more in life to be stuck in one place