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Quote from russraine :We don't really have the people power to watch every replay and deal with every possible incident that isn't reported

Fair enough, its a game in the end, not a 2nd job.

Are we allowed to report serious incidents that do not involve ourselves or our pool?
Just wondering, i enjoy watching replays and i noticed accidents in certain races that were similar to situations in other races that due to "clean racing" and "awareness" of the drivers ended well.
S2 licensed
Quote from apo3d :the ideal result would be having several people that would watch the replays for non-reported incidents also and apply corrections based on the decision resulting out of the majority of their votes.


that is exactly what i had in mind.
People who review the replays, take notes of the incidents (what pool, timestamp, cars involved, description of incident) which are then reviewed by the other referees and actions are then taken.

It would require a handful of people and A LOT of free time.

In the end, how do we look at this league?
Do we want to keep it the way it is and only deal with the reported incidents.
People will hold grudges against others and it could end in destruction derby scenarios.

Or do we want to make this league clean and fair and go down hard on rule breakers and aggressive drivers.

off topic,
my LX4 is doing more off road than fast laps atm ... it's hard to control
S2 licensed
I'm new to this League (signed up just before Qualifying for event 3) but i can honestly say i loved every minute of it so far.

I secured 9th place on the grid in Pool 6 and prior to the race i had decided my main goal was to finish the race and not crash into people.
I watched multiple replays from previous races and from my own experience with online racing games the first few corners are always a mess.

During the LAG-lap i tried to keep my position but i already noticed that due to my lack of experience i had a hard time looking left,
right, behind and in front at the same time to make a turn with 18-19 other cars doing the same.
I decided to take it easy and as you can see in the replay i went from P6 to P17 in 2 corners.
I had minor contact with a car and was happy nobody ended upside down cause of me.
After that i started to drive my normal racing lines and catch up to the cars in front. I knew not everyone was going to be faster, i just wanted to stay clear of trouble.
So the race went on and i started to catch up to other cars, had some great fights with "Andy Urban" and "[FF] GS" that lasted for many laps.

During the race i tried my very best to drive clean and not be a pain in the butt to people that were faster than me.
As you can see of the replay i simply moved over and let faster cars get past (even if they were behind me in the race).
I call it fair and i'm sure they like the fact that i didn't try and keep them behind me for too long which would probably end with me hitting the wall and causing a crash.

I had a great race, i enjoyed every bit of it and i managed to finish 10th.
I think i had a pretty clean race and hope others enjoyed racing with me, i'm convinced i would be as happy if i ended last or closer to the top.
It was a great experience for me and i will try to be there again in the future.

So far my race review, now on to the "hot topic":
bumping, crashing, crazy driving ...

I must say that after watching all replays (yep i watched them all) i saw some incidents that need to be looked at. Many of which nobody filed a complaint about.

Looking at the RaceSIM Rules of Racing ( most (if not all) rules about Overtaking were broken by drivers and a lot of times that was the cause of an incident.

I would like the ask everyone this:
Do you want the admins to either leave the penalty system the way it is and just handle the complaints, or do you want them to analyse the replays and hand out penalties?

Because i'm pretty sure that alot of people do not follow the racing rules because they know the chance of someone complaining is slim and it's all too common for drivers to be agressive.

So either we can leave it the way it is now and have agressive drivers keep doing the same thing for the rest of the season,
or the admin put their foot down and give out penalties to drivers who are caught racing agressively and breaking the rules they agreed to.

I know that watching replays and deciding about penalties is going to take up alot of time and as russraine said earlier, there's not too much staff atm handling the races and such.

I think i'll end my post here for now cause its getting huge ... but trust me i could go on for a while about this ...
I'd love to see more clean and fair driving ... but who am i to ask for this ...