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Is the full version any better than the demo?
S2 licensed
By that i mean is it more of the same or is the demo just a teaser?

I'm into my racing games, always have been, but have only just purchased a wheel as i found toca RD3 to have everything i liked about MP racing without feeling too arcady. I read about LFS on the trickery forums (it was an old post from last year but i read it on the same date this year so thought the game was new lol) and downloaded the demo. Found the realism to be immense and loved the challenge (not least getting my pedels to work properly lol). But alas found myself going back to toca rd3 each night.

Will the full version offer more for me and become money well spent in that my driving time online would increase in LFS? IIRC the content of the full version dosn't offer much more (more cars but only a few tracks?), excuse my ignorance if im wrong.

Oh hello btw 1st post here, my wheel is a Momo Racing, and i dont drive in real life (leave that up to the misses)