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S2 licensed
I got it working eventually, i can't remember what it was.
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So strange... Shitty Asus router.. I make no changes to rules, but put the machine on the DMZ, then disable the DMZ and now the rules are taking effect and the server is showing up.

Thanks for the help.
S2 licensed
So strange.

Ok so I made my server the DMZ, disabled the firewall on the machine and tested it works (from cell hotspot)
I now connected again with he windows firewall on with the rules in place and it works...

So what other ports do I need to forward? I have only 63392 being forwarded to my internal server both udp and tcp, but that doesn't seem like it's enough to be listed on the master server list to be found.
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Back form the dead... The community is SOO small with the majority being in Europe. In NA, it's extremely hard to find any games other than drift or cruise because there are no players. Gone are the days that I could come home after work and logon to IHR or Cargame and fight to get a spot on the server because there was a 40 racer grid.
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Teamspeak is old outdated and doesn't give the control of something like Discord. I'd highly recommend checking out discord. Again over mumble, it's a huge improvement, you can create individual channels, and there can be many admins who control everything.

Point being don't be resistant to try something new, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I instantly uninstall TS, and I haven't used mumble once since I switched to discord.
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Anyone at all?
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Can't we just resurrect the old setup grid code and integrate it? Add functionality to it as well so you can upload sets from the game.
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Yes this is all good, I saw that as listed above but how does that help new users Smile still too cumbersome
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Can someone else try to connect it's running on

This is what is in my Deb log

Jun 11 09:08:52 LFS DEDICATED HOST : 0.6P
Jun 11 09:08:52 load font
Jun 11 09:08:52 initialisations
Jun 11 09:08:52 tables
Jun 11 09:08:52 load objects
Jun 11 09:08:52 start intro
Jun 11 09:08:52 Blackwood
Jun 11 09:08:52 end of initialisation
Jun 11 09:08:53 Track loaded (BL1)
Jun 11 09:08:54 Handicaps :

BTW Cargame, I'm trying to replicate a server like you have, which was originally IHR, but back in north america so the pings are acceptable. It's so Sad that LFS has such a small community and really no presence in the USA. I wish we would add this to steam and make a big sale or something to bring a rush of new players.
S2 licensed
Hi All,

Thanks for the updates, changed the spaces out (tried that before), fixed insim. I am using a router, but the router is configured properly and the server is on a static IP.

I have port forwarding on the LFS port and I also have the firewall open.

Again I can connect remotely if I use the external address from my ISP via Telnet so I know I can get to my server. It's just not listing.
S2 licensed
I'm having the same problem some help?

I am able to connect locally, and i'm also able to telnet to port 63392 from a separate cell hotspot on my laptop meaning I can reach the dynamic IP of on that port and i see the LFS connection in the dedicated server yet i'm not listed on the master server list.

// Example host configuration file
// How to use: LFS /cfg=setup.cfg
// Lines starting with // are ignored

// host name
/host= Americas LFS Racers

// optional: password

// optional: admin password

// optional: InSim port

// optional: local specified ip address

// a high number below 65536

// demo/s1/s2/s3

// no/yes/hidden

// BL1/BL1R/BL2, SO1/SO1R/SO2, etc

// optional: weather

// cars allowed - see README.txt

// max guests that can join host

// slots reserved for admins (0 to 8)

// max cars in a race

// max cars (real+ai) per guest pc

// smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second

// qualifying minutes, 0 for no qualifying

// number of laps, 0 for practice

// if laps not specified: hours

// 0=no/1=low/2=high

// no/yes: can guests vote to kick or ban

// no/yes: can guests select track

// no/kick/ban/spec: wrong way drivers

// no restart within X seconds of race start

// no restart within X seconds of race finish

// no/yes: allow join during race

// no/yes: pit stop required

// no/yes: allow car reset

// no/yes: force cockpit view

// no/yes: allow wrong way driving

// fixed/finish/reverse/random: race start order

// optional: use the specified player name

// optional: welcome message up to 200 chars

// optional: text file listing allowed tracks

// optional: message log file

// MPR autosave (0=off / 1=manual / 2=auto)

// MPR folder

// LYT folder
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S2 licensed
This one single update has brought me back to LFS after 4 years of MIA.
New Community Voice chat!
S2 licensed
Hello Everyone,

I've created a new Discord server in hopes that everyone will eventually use it.

Discord is a new app that allows you to use the browser instead of downloading an app like Teamspeak. While there is more functionality in the app, I think at least getting the community into one place would be a good thing.

I've only created a few channels, and will add more if it starts to pick up. Hopefully, this will work out!
Now that SetupGrid is gone...
S2 licensed
I realize there is a sets hosted here but why not integrate some sort of auto browser in game to make things easier for new players. Many players may have no idea how to best setup the car. I know when I lost all my sets after my computer crashed it was very hard to start playing again, let alone cut the same times I used to cut.

I think this is the one single most feature that should be added to a feature list for a new version.

S2 licensed
maybe one day we'll actually have a server with people in it... Oh never mind no we won't because no one has ever heard of LFS, because it never made it to steam... ;/

I don't care where it's sold, as long as it's sold and there are players, steam makes obvious sense.
S2 licensed
is there any idea of any sorts of time frame when we can expect some sort of trial beta or something for us to play on?

any thing at all.. just throw us a bone!!
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break boosting works, it's just the turbo physics of the game are wrong.

even at 6 k it takes for ever for boost to come back online and the way boost builds is wrong the first few PSI should be slow to come on until you hit the turbo threshold at which point you should instantly pop up to the max desired boost.

My biggest problem on the FXO/XRT/RB4 and other turbo cars is the lag on them is unrealistic. No production car gets full boost at like 5k unless you are talking about a 450 HP evo MR. Any production car running small amounts of boost like 7 PSI will make full boost at like 3500 RPM.

Don't get me started with the GT cars which run 26 psi of boost spool slower than a jet turbine and have a redline of 6k

S2 licensed
LFS's beta, is more stable than ANY of EA's releases! lol

Realistically, they should remove the tags since we pay for the software.

I just wonder if there is ANY development going on at all anymore.
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I'll tell you what, anyone who has raced with me I'm sure has an enjoyable race. Everyone needs time to race... I was banned form IHR, trying my best to learn how to race in LFS causing wrecks and generally not driving well because I was.

#1 new to the game
#2 new to the tracks
#3 new to the G27
#4 new to the physics of this game

Are you saying that we shouldn't enlist more users because 2 out of 5 maybe bad or hell even 3 out of 4 are bad wreckers?

If you are playing demo on you will get wrecked, most people are learning don't know how serious the game is because probably never played a serious game like this before (I know I didn't before this game) but if you give them the chance I'd rather 1 new good racer even if it means 3 bad. Why?

There is one full multi class server during the Europe timezone. That's cargame Multiclass... Pretty sad when you say this is a world wide event.

Not only that but I didn't even know about or FIND this game until late 2009... How many great racers are out there that have NO IDEA about this game? There is pretty much ZERO budget for advertising so why not place it somewhere where it will get that....

That is Steam IMO. even if it sells on the blow out sale for 10$ if 2000 people buy it for 10$ I'd be more than happy if only 50 regulars play which would mean a full server during the North American time zone.

It is the elitism that really kills this game. Please don't think you are better than anyone, because I'm sorry to let you know... You aren't.

I just want MORE players so I can enjoy the game.. I really don't even care about S3 I just have no one to play unless I play FBM AA demo otherwise everything else is empty... Unless of cruse you want do cruise, which i'd rather not.

Oh and BTW, it doesn't mean the game has to be exclusive to steam.... Just like when I bought COD cd, i couldn't use the steam version, which meant I couldn't install and I couldn't use the shift enter to chat to others in game, which was annoying. LFS can be standalone and ON steam.
Sell LFS on Steam!
S2 licensed
Since I'm not sure if S3 will take even longer then duke 3d forever to come out, why not sell LFS on steam to gain some critical user base that LFS needs to revitalize the community and also penetrate the US market!? LFS is still THE BEST simulator I've EVER played. It's got the right mix of serious racing and messing around that I like.

I can join any server hop in most races at any point on, and there are live racing events that take place in the community.

I think adding it to steam would only increase and bolster it's sales since I'll bet the sales of the game have sagged dramatically since it's pretty old now.

I don't see any down sides to having this game avail on steam?
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Well, just release s3 already. My only complaint bout LFS is there are not much players in the US timezone. Which sucks since I'm in EST in Canada and find it hard to get games. .

I racing sucked for me... It was fun but dind't enjoy it all that much at all... Paying 14$ just to try the game sucked... I didn't like the Solstice, or that stupid dirt track car.... Overall I just hated the whole system of logging in joining a race at a SPECIFIC time like 1 an hour if you are lower ranked. just garbage
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cool wish I was still in the UK i'd be all over this!
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Just another baseless report.

He is the exact type we don't want on our servers, the leeches that complain at everyone's hard work yet don't lift a finger to make a report ever.
Way to go ! Please go back LFS cruise servers where you belong.
S2 licensed
Quote from FlyingSam :Hmm yes I still being banned, I thought I weren't because I tried to enter again and hadn't any problem... now I tell you, that I can't understand why you did ban me, that demonstrate me that you don't know administer it so well... I didn't crash, I didn't insult anybody, I didn't complain... if I'm not mistaken, I simply said "crasher" waiting an excuse from the racer that kicked me out. Like it didn't happen, I pitted and you banned me.

If I post it here, it's because you have a post started here and I don't feel like registering in your forum and post, so I post here. If you don't like it, you have 2 options: First, be careful with the way that you administer the server, second, don't post it here.

If "Ori" wants to ban me for express my discord here... he knows whatever he does, but it will give a bad fame to your server, I think that when you ban somebody from a server it's because he did something bad inside, and not for doing nothing or for a comment in a forum, in wich I don't insult any of you, but you are free to chose .

I thought it would be a misunderstanding, but if I still being banned... maybe it starts to be something personnel for express my discord. But don't worry, there is not anything personnel for me, if you ban me, you are in your right to do it, I simply don't join in your server again and tell my friends not to join.

I'm S2 licensed from may 2004, I always raced calmly to have fun and I will stay doing it, didn't race much, only when I had free time... so I'll not discuss anymore, you know what you did bad, I know that I didn't do anything, so it's all ok , but it's good for people know what kind of admins administer the server, and last they will decide if they join or not. Unfortunately I haven't a replay because you banned me, hadn't time... at now if you want to tell me something I'll read it, but I'll not say anything more, because I don't need say more, so if you want, you can lie .

So, good luck.


So basically what you are saying is you want to completely ignore that we have a protest section in our site, you want to keep arguing when we specifically asked people not to protest here and you want to ignore the rules we have set out for you to enjoy OUR server?

Not a problem, I hope you have already pulled the tigger here menantoll.
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Is there a full in-depth discussion as to what makes

LFS good
RFactor good
Iracing Good?

I'm new to car sims and toca racer 3 was one of the best I found for the PC before I found LFS.

I'm just looking for other games out there... I won't try I racing because I wasn't about to spend 14$ a month. Rfactor looks pretty good... Suggestions?