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LFS Rally Championship
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Welcome to LFS Rally Championship.

First of all, this will be a TARMAC Championship. Gravel stages could be created in future.
All cars will be admited, except formula and kart.
The stages will be similar to real stages, will link section, and drivers must respect link section times, as a real stages !! Fast and slow sections, hairpins... .


KitCar: UFR, XFR

SERVER: LFS Rally Championship
Rules and information:
Entry List: ... Ux0QmhlMkUwWGo4ekRtQmc6MQ

Thanks, and have a nice rally!!
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i know it. Probably, we will use a easier "start line".
In the evening i will post all stages and sets

Lo se. Probablemente usemos un sistema de salida más facil.
Por la tarde publicaré todos los tramos y setups.
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no, mucho más simple, al salir a pista la casilla de boxes está un poco más adelante, si no estas dentro de la casilla en el segundo 20, parado, penalizas. Veré las replays para ver que nadie se salte la salida.

Es un poco complicado, lo se. Si no sale bien se hará normal, con la salida al comenzar el layout.

De todas maneras, hemos probado este sistema en otras ocasiones y no ha salido mal.

No, it´s simple. Near the start of the stage is in a "box", close to the entry. You must stay stopped in second 20 in this box. If not, you will be penalized. we will see replay in order to control the starts jumps.

It´s a bit complicated. If it does not work propertly, it will be normal start, at the beginning of the stage.

Anyway, we tested this system at other times in the past and has not gone wrong.
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yes, curry, like rally. But not need to wait the player finish. The delay start time players will be 30 seconds. One player start, wait 30 second, next player start....

We hope we can use 2 servers, and 2 stages at same time.
So when you finish a stage, you will go to another server, which is the next stage, and so would be quickly, only stopping to regroup and talk something, but it would be a good format.
That will be much more quickly than 1 server only.


Sí, el curry, como un rally. Pero no es necesario esperar la llegada del jugador. Los jugadores comenzarán el tramo cada 30 segundos. Uno de los jugadores empieza, espere 30 segundos empezar, el siguiente dorsal sale....

Esperamos poder utilizar 2 servidores, y dos tramos 2 al mismo tiempo... .
Asi cuando terminas un tramo, te vas a otro servidor, que tiene el siguiente tramo, y así sería casi seguido, con paradas para reagrupar y charlar algo, pero sería un buen formato.
Que será mucho más rápido que con un servidor.
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Another Stage:

And UFR setup for "rant 1 rally". This setups could be good set, or bad set, depends. For example, UFR setup for "rent 1 rally" is too much nervous.
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yes, that´s a good point.

We are pleased to listen that kind of opinions, and we are going to do the championship as the people say. If most of the competitors want more or less the same, we will do it.

Only basic rules are not going to change (rally format, sunday evening... )

thanks, cury.
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Hi, mates:

You might be interested in this championship:

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Start with 20.000 cash.

Class 1 (XFG)
Rent 1 rally. 1.000
Rent complete season. 3.000
Buy new car. 10.000.
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 5%

Class 2 (RB4):
Rent 1 rally. 3.000
Rent complete season. 9.000
Buy new car. 30.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 5%

Class 3. (UFR):
Rent 1 rally. 4.000 euros
Rent complete season. 12.000
Buy new car 60.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 2%

Class 3. (XFR):
Rent 1 rally. 4.000 euros
Rent complete season. 12.000
Buy new car 60.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 5%

Class 4. (FXR with 200kg extraweight):
Rent 1 rally. 10.000 euros
Rent complete season. 35.000
Comprar 200.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 5%

Class 5. (FZR)
Rent 1 rally. 12.000 euros
Rent complete season. 40.000
Comprar 125.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 2%

Class 6. (FXR)
Rent 1 rally. 20.000 euros
Rent complete season. 80.000
Comprar 300.000
Admission recovery for each maintenance operation. 1%


- Scratch for each stage, by Class:
Equivalent rent 1 rally.

- Overall clasification.
50.000 for winner. decrease percentaje to 1/3 of competitors, 500.

- Por Classs.
Winner, equivalent rent complete season, divided by 2.
Second, equivalent rent 1 rally.
Third, equivalent rent 1 rally, divided by 2.


- At the end of each rally, the prices of new cars will be reduced 5%.
- For each car bought, the prices of this car will be increased 10% at the end of next rally.
- The prices for rent cars will not moved in a season. Only when a season is finish will be adjust.
- Rent for 1 rally, the setup will be blocked, you must use the setup provided by organisation.
- At the end of each rally, all competitors lose 1% of the admission in the car.
- Competitor can do "Maintance Operations" in the car. It cost 1/10 of the car´s price. Admision recovery depends of the car. See car description.
- Competitor can do "Complete Maintance Operations" in the car. It cost 1/3 of the car´s price. This operation restart any admision lost.
- Competiros can buy/sell the cars they own. They keep the % of admision they lost. The prices will be fixed by buyer and seller.
- All this operations can be performed in public or private. Should be communicated to the organization at the latest 12 hours before the race.
- All players ruined, can continue in game with 1.000, the prices to rent a class1 car.

Se comienza con 20.000.

Clase 1 (XFG)
alquiler 1 carrera. 1.000
alquilar toda la temporada. 3.000
Comprar el coche. 10.000.
Recuperacion en cada mantenimiento. 5%

Clase 2 (RB4):
alquilar 1 carrera. 3.000
alquilar toda la temporada. 9.000
Comprar el coche. 30.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 5%

Clase 3. (UFR):
alquilar 1 carrera. 4.000 euros
alquilar toda la temporada. 12.000
Comprar el coche 60.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 2%

Clase 3. (XFR):
alquilar 1 carrera. 4.000 euros
alquilar toda la temporada. 12.000
Comprar el coche 60.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 5%

Clase 4. (FXR con 200kg de peso extra):
alquilar 1 carrera. 10.000 euros
alquilar toda la temporada. 35.000
Comprar 200.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 5%

Clase 5. (FZR)
alquilar 1 carrera. 12.000 euros
alquilar toda la temporada. 40.000
Comprar 125.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 2%

Clase 6. (FXR)
alquilar 1 carrera. 20.000 euros
alquilar toda la temporada. 80.000
Comprar 300.000
Recupera en cada mantenimiento. 1%


- Scratch por tramo por clase:
Premio equivalente a alquiler 1 carrera.

- Clasificacion general.
Empezando en 50.000. disminuyendo porcentualmente hasta
1/3 de los inscritos 500 euros.

- Por clases.
Premio equivalente a alquiler 1 temporada dividido entre 2.
Premio equivalente a alquiler 1 carrera al segundo.
Premio equivalente a alquiler 1 carrera entre 2 al tercero


- Cada carrera, los precios de los coches nuevos se reducen un 5%.
- Cada vez que alguien compra un coche, el precio de ese modelo de coche suben un 10% en la siguiente carrera.
- Los alquileres no varian en una misma temporada.
- En los alquileres por 1 carrera, el setup esta bloqueado, será un setup fijo.
- Al finalizar cada carrera, todos los coches pierden 1% de admisión.
- Se puede realizar "Mantenimiento" del coche. El coste sera 1/10 del coste del coche. Servirá para reparar y mantener las puedas, recuperando en cada coche un % de admision perdida.
- Se pueden vender coches de segunda mano, mantienen % de admision perdido. El precio lo fija comprador y vendedor.
- Por 1/3 del precio del coche, se puede dejar "como nuevo", eliminando cualquier restricción de admisión.
- Compras, ventas, reparaciónes pueden realizarse en público o en privado, siendo comunicadas a la organización como muy tarde 12 horas antes de la carrera.
- Cualquier jugador arruinado, puede seguir jugando con 1.000, el precio de alquilar un coche de clase 1.


We are ready to admision, and to order cars or rents.
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Probably, events could be on Sunday evening, at 20:00 GMT, 1 hour.

We expect start in 2 weeks, 18th November.
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Hi, mate.

yes, Sunday evening could be.

i attach an example, SouthCity stage.
i attach the setup too. It could be the setup for "Rent WRC".

I manage to do about 3.28.
Note, the start of the stage is in a "box", close to the entry. I wait for the second 20, and then, start. I do 3.48, -20 seconds i wait in the box, 3.28.

S2 licensed
Some rules:

- The cars will be:

Class 1: XFG (ProductionCar under 2.000cc and 2-wheel drive) (peugeout 206 for example)
Class 2: RB4, FXO ¿?, XRT ¿? (ProductionCar 4-wheel drive, or 2-wheel drive and more than 2.000cc) (Lancer, Subaru, Civic, BMW, Ford Sierra ...)
Class 3: UFR, XFR (GR.A of 2 wheel drive) (KitCar, R3)
Class 4: FXR with 200kg of extra weight (S2000)
Class 5: FZR (Porsche GT3) (
Class 6: FXR (WRC)

- Be able to rent any car for each race or for the entire season. If you rent for each race, the Setup will not be free, it will be delivery with the car.
- Be able to buy cars.
- Be able to sell / buy "second hand cars" by players.
- If you didn´t spend your money on "repair" the car between races, adminision have a penalty for the next race.
- It will make money by scracth each stage, for the general classification at the end of the rally, for the classification of your class... .
- There will SuperRally rules, and you can restore the car, with time penalty in both cases.


Algunas notas sobre el reglamento:
- Los coches serán:
Clase 1: XFG (GR.N de menos de 2.000cc y 2 ruedas motrices, ) (peugeout 206 GR.N)
Clase 2: RB4 ,¿FXO?, ¿XRT? (GR.N de 4 ruedas motrices o 2 ruedas motrices y más de 2.000cc) (Lancer, subaru, Civic, BMW, Ford Sierra...)
Clase 3: UFR, XFR (GR.A de 2 ruedas motrices) (KitCar, R3)
Clase 4: FXR con 200kg de peso extra (S2000)
Clase 5: FZR (Porshe GT3) (
Clase 6: FXR (WRC)
- Se podrá alquilar cualquier coche para cada carrera o para la temporada completa. Si lo alquilas por una carrera, el Setup no será libre.
- Se podrá comprar los coches.
- Se podrá vender/comprar coches de segunda mano.
- Si no gastas tu dinero en "revisar" el coche entre carrera, tendrás una penalizacion en adminision durante la siguiente.
- Se ganará dinero por scracth por tramo, por la clasificacion general al final del rally, por la clasificacion de tu clase.
- Habrá normativa superrally, y se podrá restaurar el coche en carrera, con penalizacion de tiempo en ambos casos.

nobody is interested?

Tarmac Rally Championship - Campeonato de Rallies de Asfalto
S2 licensed
Welcome to Tarmac Rally Championship.

This is a Rally Championship, with varying stages, simulating a real rally. Count of about 5 races. And simulate the purchase, sale and rent of racing cars. Simulated money to be obtained from the scraths obtained in stages, the classification of the rally, selling cars... .

For now is just an idea, but there is a principle of regulation.

The stages are as close to reality, with fast areas, with areas slower, with hairpins ... . All stages will be public, but each rally only will be with some of them randomly. For now, there are 8 possible stages, and each rally would be about 3 stages, 2 passes for each.

How many people would be interested in signing up?

Problably the races wil be a no-weekend day. (Sunday-evening to Thrusday)


Bienvenidos al Campeonato de Rallys de Tarmac.

Se trata de un campeonato de rallys, con tramos variados, simulando un rally real. Contaría de unas 5 carreras. Y se simulará la compra, la venta, y alquiler de los coches de competición. Habrá dinero simulado, que se obtendrá de los scraths que se obtengan en los tramos, de la clasificacion del rally.... .

Por ahora es solo una idea, pero ya hay un principio de reglamento.

Los stages serán lo más parecido a la realidad, con zonas rápidas, con zonas más lentas, con hairpins... . Todos los stages serán publicos siempre, pero cada Rally contará solo con algunos de ellos aleatoriamente. Por ahora hay 8 tramos posibles, y cada rally serían unos 3 tramos, 2 pasadas.

Cuanta gente estaría interesada en apuntarse?

Las carreras serán probablemente entre semana, de domingo-noche a jueves.
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We could host it. A good date i think is a Saturday.
Maybe 12hours its better, from 12.00 to 24.00 for example.
Maybe 2 classes are posible, GTR and GTB, like a real touring race.
And a date... 11 August its a good posibility.