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S3 licensed
Hi! I've noticed several strange things and bugs in training lessons. At least one of them is related directly to this test patch and I found two others due to me trying to test that new Live Replay-feature in this test patch, meaning that they could be related to this test patch as well.

While you can't use most commands in training lessons, for some reason /canrefuel works here even with parameter no when using that command via chat bind. This makes that "Pitstop - Formula BMW" training lesson significantly easier (and yes, I know you can already cheat in that lesson by just simply opening F12-box and making sure that you don't refuel at all, but this makes it even faster). I've attached a screenshot about this.

You can cheat in "Chicane Course - Formula BMW"-lesson by simply shortcutting after second corner. You don't have to do those last two corners, you can simply drive between two cones and straight to the finish line. I've attached a screenshot about this.

Due to that live replay-function introduced in this test patch, I had to test this in single player as well (I know it doesn't work here!). If I'm doing a training lesson and then decide to open another LFS instance to view that temp_spr-replay, something strange happens:

Viewing temp_spr-replay is not allowed at all and LFS will instead inform something about checkpoints/autoslalom tracks or failed header check. I've attached couple screenshots about this. However:

I found one way to view temp_spr-replay from training lesson when playing. It's really strange how I did it, but doing that will not only allow viewing that temp_spr-replay in another LFS instance, but it's actually a bug that causes training lesson to get stuck (I mean by that it's doesn't automatically end). I will tell more about this next:

Four actual bugs:

BUG #1:
So this is the way to view temp_spr-replays from training lessons: If you use command via chat bind that would normally result replay not getting recorded in single player (like command /wind), LFS itself will never end that training lesson. And you cannot end it by yourself either by pressing 1, 2 or Esc-button. The only way to end it (other than closing LFS entirely) is to press Shift+X or alternatively, use command /end via chat bind. What this means you can now watch that temp_spr-replay from that LFS instance or open another LFS instance to watch that.

What this does result as well is that even if you successfully complete training lesson and then use that command which normally would stop recording single player replay, LFS doesn't let you clear that training lesson.

Way to reproduce this:
1) Make a command that would normally end recording a replay in single player (like /wind 1) to a chat bind
2) Start training lesson. Doesn't matter if you finish it or not
3) Before that training lesson ends automatically, press that button where you assigned that command. That training lesson will never end then.

BUG #2:
If you don't have replay saving function enabled at all and you do that chat bind-bug I just mentioned, it still mentions "Replay not recorded" even though it wasn't recording in first place (or it actually was, check bug #3). This doesn't happen in single player. I've attached a screenshot about this.

BUG #3:
Even if saving single player replays is disabled, LFS still saves automatically replays of training lessons. Way to do this is to open another LFS instance and wait until your training lesson ends automatically in that original LFS instance. Now when in that training lesson you're viewing result of your training lesson, you can actually see in that other LFS instance that it saved that replay automatically. You can't rename it and if you exit that result screen in that training lesson, it will be deleted. To save it, you have to watch that replay at the same time in that other LFS instance when exiting that result screen.

Way to reproduce this:
1) Open LFS-instance. It doesn't matter if your SPR-saving is set to no save, manual or autosave
2) Open another LFS-instance after that.
3) Start training lesson and wait until it automatically finishes. Now, don't exit that screen where you view your result of that training lesson.
4) In that another LFS instance, go to Replays-page. That replay can be found here even if you don't have SPR-saving enabled at all. And if you're watching that replay at the same time you exit that "training lesson result"-screen in that another LFS instance, that replay will be saved. After that, you can rename it.

BUG #4:
If you use command /aiset or /aiset_all via chat binds, you can cheat in overtaking lessons. So what you can do, is for example to put command /aiset PRO 1 or /aiset_all 1 in F1 chat bind. If you then press that button during that overtaking lesson, it just changes that AI-driver's skill level to that skill level which makes these lessons easier (or harder) for you. I've attached a screenshot about this.

Also worth noting in overtaking lessons your skill level when completing those is based on how many AI-drivers you overtook. So if for some reason OK-wins and you beat both PRO- and QUICK-drivers, your skill level is QUICK, not PRO, even though that you won that PRO-skilled AI-driver.

Way to reproduce this:
1) Make a command /aiset PRO/QUICK/OK 1-5 or /aiset_all 1-5 to a chat bind
2) Start any training lesson about overtaking.
3) At any point during that training lesson before it finishes, press that button where you assigned that command. This way you can change that skill level for your AI-drivers to make that overtaking lesson easier or harder for you.

Is it on purpose that if I restart overtaking lesson, AI's will have that minimum fuel load at start instead of 50%? Check out that screenshot I attached about wrong skill levels, it also displays AI-drivers only having 2% fuel load at start instead of 50%.
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I've attached an updated Commands.txt-file. Fixed some typos and changed that one line.

I've also updated those translations related to changes you did in those outdated In-Game Help-texts. I did that in that LFS Translations page. I just noticed that there is still one small outdated information in English on max_guests section:

Quote :
You can set the number of guests that will be able to connect to your host.

^7Minimum setting :^8 1 - only one guest will be able to join your host.

^7Maximum setting :^8 15 in DEMO, 47 in S1 and S2

This number is important for determining your upload bandwidth requirement.

While every other in-game help file does now mention S3 in English as well, this one still does not Smile
S3 licensed

I've attached an updated Commands.txt so that translation is relevant to your Commands.txt which you updated 5th February 2021.

However, I noticed two things when updating that and I think I should point them out:

1) I've already updated available number for smoothness of car updates per second from 3-6 to 3-12. if for some reason it's required to change that maximum number or revert it back to that original 3-6, I will update this file again.

2) This information in English Commands.txt-file catched my eye:

Quote :To get info from LFS World - /w and /ws commands:
/w CMD sends command to LFS World for current car/track
e.g. /w pb (Personal Best) or /w laps (Laps)

/ws TRACK CAR CMD sends command for specified car/track
e.g. /ws BL1R XRT pb (get PB in XR GT TURBO at Blackwood GP REV)

More online DB access commands can be found on the
"LFS Keys" page at

To get info from master server - /m command:

/m find USER - find a user online
/m ? - get a list of master commands

Is that part I bolded redundant? I don't find that "LFS Keys"-page anywhere here. I did find a page which displays similar info about those (LFSWorld) DB access commands here though:

I was just wondering should that part I bolded get updated? Smile
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Scawen, is it confirmed that in the official version, it'll be possible to add up to 32 AI's per player on multiplayer and that maximum number of packets sent per second by each car will be 12 instead of 6?

I'm asking this because I want to update in-game help translations related to those updated things before you will release new official patch, but I don't want to display false information in those Smile
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Scawen, not a bug but two questions:

1) Did you ask Victor that can we test this incompatible update on hosts rented on or do we have to use Dedi Host/create own server on LFS Client?

2) I was wondering should we translators already translate those in-game help files for this incompatible update? I noticed that when starting a new host, in-game help files related to Max drivers (real + AI) and smoothness are still mentioned how they were in pre-0.6U13. What I mean is that in-game help files when starting a new host don't mention anything about allowing up to 32 AI's per guest PC or that maximum setting for smoothness is now 12. I noticed this on every language, English included.

What came to my mind however is that this is an incompatible update though. So should we translators wait a little bit before editing those in-game help files to see what changes are final in official patch?

By the way, I also noticed that English language doesn't mention anything about S3-mode in those in-game help files when starting a new host.
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I'm testing this with 32 AI's and I think I found a bug:

Testing with 32 AI's seem to be working fine when I'm alone at least but my bug is that AI's will not change tires even if i have tire change set to "always" in F12-box. I should also mention that I initially did disallow refueling in server settings but allowed it again via Admin-command during qualifying.

Tested this in Single Player as well, same thing happened

Before U17 (I tested this with 0.6U and 0.6U16), I didn't have any issue about this

Attached a Screenshot about this in multiplayer mode

EDIT: This happens also on player itself in both modes. I also tested other F12 settings (damage etc.) and they seem to work properly. It does change your tires if you change tire compounds.
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Quote from Pasci :How is the AI currently performing during the pit stop? Does the AI choose the last free slot for the pit stop and should a real driver make that too? Do we need take the last one too in order not to get conflicts with the AI? If the number of AIs per host is increased, it could lead to (more) accidents in the pit lane if someone does not know the behavior of the AI.

I can answer that: AI driver goes to that pit box according to it's position when it started it's last sector before that AI driver decides to enter a pit lane. So if that AI is in 1st place when that AI starts last sector before it pits, it will go to the last pit box (aka the one closest to the pit exit).

About your thoughts about making conflicts with AI: since 0.6K they have become way too careful in the pit lane due to this:
Quote :Now avoid ramming other cars when in the pit lane or lap of honour

I understand that they don't want to crash to each other, but what this has resulted is that if one AI is doing a pit stop and other AI is trying to enter the pit box directly in front of it (or vice versa, which means that one AI is trying to leave that pit box after finishing it and one AI is directly in front of it), that AI actually gets too scared and gets stuck at the pitlane. It results that AI is unable to properly enter it's assigned pit box before that AI who first made that pit stop actually completes it.

I attached a screenshot about this what I mean.
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Scawen, I decided to test that pit stop bug:

I tested this ON SO1+FZR and UF1. Same thing happened: I also encountered that same thing if you adjust camber settings instead in those cars. It also happens if you adjust back tires.

However this is where it gets interesting: if you change tyre type, or wing in FZR's case, it works properly. But if you adjust camber and/or tyre pressure at the same time, that bug still happens.

And I also noticed one more confusing thing and one more actual bug:

1) If I decide to change my both front and rear tires type, it's still possible to have that F12-option Tyre change as never. I understand that option can be set to "never", if you don't decide to change all tires. It's just confusing that it says "never" even if you decide to change tyre type on all wheels. Of course, it does change your tires if you change tyre type regardless of tyre wear.

So in case you decide to change tyre type to all wheels, should that option then automatically be: Tyre change : "always"?

I attached a screenshot about this.

2) Actual bug, happened at least on FZR. How to reproduce this:

1) Adjust your rear tires tyre pressure to the lowest possible (for example, if you're using FZR, adjust it to 0.70)
2) Do a pit stop.
3) After that pit stop, you can see that on F12-window, tyre pressure is correct, but it still says that change is -0.10 bar at rear tires compared to current setups. I attached a screenshot about this.
S3 licensed
Quote from Racon :
More substantially, I've also found that the key-repeat effect for held-down keys is no longer working.

Quote from Scawen :If so, then in what situations do you want auto-repeat but it doesn't work?

I've also noticed few other situations where it could be useful to have that auto-repeat:

1) When holding (Shift+)TAB to view driver you want. I know I could just click left mouse button on standings to watch that driver, but I'm just used to hold that TAB button until I'm watching that driver I want. Of course, it's not too bad when there are just few drivers, but when there are many drivers racing, I need to press that TAB button several times now because I'm just so used to hold that TAB-button.

2) Probably auto-repeat could be allowed when changing camera views as well (aka when holding V-button).

3) Even though I'm not using wheel, I also noticed that if you want to have less or more force on your wheel, you need to press that ",/."-buttons several times now. I think in this case, auto-repeat could be allowed, so players could get that force amount they want more quickly.
S3 licensed

Quote from Scawen :

Command /showfuel (no/yes) allows remote car fuel load to be seen

Is it done on purpose that if I allow this, that remote car fuel load is only shown on clocks/meters? That fuel load is not shown on F12-menu. This came to mind when I saw that suggestion about allowing only Admins to see fuel load. At the moment, even they can't see that exact amount of fuel load if that fuel load can be seen via that command.

Also: should we translators get ready to translate those new U14 features soon? I already saw some lines in English (like those displayed in CPU usage display) which we can't translate yet.
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Quote from Scawen :Thanks for the report but I'm a bit confused. Are you actually trying to give the replay the name "temp_mpr" ? You should never actually use temp_mpr as the replay name, because LFS tries to delete temp_mpr if it exists, when LFS exits.

That's because temp_mpr (or now, temp_mpr_1 etc.) is the automatic name LFS uses while the replay is being recorded. The user action "save" is really closing that file and renaming it to something else.

Yes I was actually trying to do that and I know I should never use that as a replay name as I already said that it doesn't make sense.

Maybe it's not actually a message bug. Replay is actually named as "temp_mpr" and it works as long as you don't close LFS or start another session. I just thought it looked strange that in that attachment it first said "Could not rename temp_mpr - copied instead" and then said "Saved MP replay - temp_mpr". Sorry for that inconvenience.

However, I noticed something else related to that and it could be a bug: it's actually possible to save replay named temp_mpr in a rather strange way in 0.6U14.

So what I did was this: I started new LFS 0.6U14 host and started a race (I also tried this on 0.6U host, same results happened there).

I tried to save mpr-replay called "temp_mpr" in these four situations.

1) That LFS instance where I hosted that server was only LFS instance opened
2) I opened another LFS instance from same folder (so I could watch temp_mpr) but didn't watch any replays
3) I watched other replays in another LFS instance from same folder
4) I watched temp_mpr (aka now Live Replay) in another LFS instance from same folder

In first three cases, it correctly said that it could not rename or copy temp_mpr (similarly how it says you could not rename SPR in Single Player, if you try to save it as "temp_spr"). I've attached a screenshot about that message.

However, in fourth case, it actually saves that replay as "temp_mpr" in a same way I showed it in that previous attachment.

I tested this on 0.6U.exe as well, there, you can save it as temp_mpr (it actually says that), but it will be immediately removed from replays. The only way it won't be removed immediately if you're watching that specific replay in another LFS instance at the same time when you're saving it as "temp_mpr"

So, I just found it strange and it could be potential bug that 0.6U14 actually disallows to save replay as "temp_mpr" but if you're watching that specific (or now Live) replay on another LFS.exe from same folder, it actually allows and saves that replay in that name.

Like I said, it doesn't make sense to do that, so maybe it should be better to prohibit saving replays as "temp_mpr" or at very least, rename them automatically (probably in a same way how auto-save function names replays)
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Quote from Scawen :U14 is now available.

Support for live multiplayer replays:

Replay identified as live when starting to watch an unfinished MPR
Save replay while temp_mpr is being viewed - copy instead of rename

I think I found a small bug in messages. I tested this on both 0.6U and 0.6U14 hosts. It's possible to reproduce this bug, if you have one LFS instance in multiplayer race and then open another LFS instance to watch that temp_mpr.

Now this doesn't make sense, but if in that LFS instance, where you are in server, you save that replay as "temp_mpr", it says correctly that it could not rename temp_mpr - copied instead. However, immediately after that, it says "Saved MP replay - temp_mpr", even though that replay's name is clearly not temp_mpr.

In this case, should it say "Saved MP replay - [that replay's eventual name]" instead?

I attached one screenshot about this.
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I've watched couple events which have used this as a Livestream partner and I'm really impressed how well you handle these events Smile

However, I have couple questions about this.

1) On your website (, you mention that there will be Live Timing coming soon. Is this going to be something similar to Wollet/Boothy/MoE-tracker (

2) Degats mentioned that this broadcast software will be released to public at some point in the future ( If that's the case, could it be possible to use this software with AI's as well so it would be possible to use this both in Single Player and Multiplayer-modes (similarly how can you use TV Director in both of these modes)?

I assume that it could be possible, since the data which displays driver names (in standings etc.) looks to be taken from in-game racer names, not from usernames (again, in a similar way how TV Director displays that data in standings).

If yes, it's possible for me to be a beta tester especially for that thing, since it's really easy for me to organize AI-events in multiplayer as I have several S3-licensed accounts Smile
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Small question related to that AI-thing: since it requires us to connect to online to test it, could we test this patch on hosts rented on or is the only way to test this is to download a Dedi host for that patch or start a new server from LFS itself?

About the AI-thing itself: I think up to 24 is great as I already have a lot of situations where 3 AI's is not enough for me. Those situations vary for having at least 5 AI's per player to having about 15 AI's per player.

However, if having 24 AI's per player is tough for connections, you could make a case for allowing up to 20 AI's per player. There are two reasons why I think that's a good number:
1) LFS has 20 cars, so players could test every car at the same time
2) At the moment, up to 40 (AI-)drivers can race on track at the same time, so you could have full grid while having only 2 users on server.
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It's not possible at the moment, sorry.

Unless you create another account (and buy another license) and have that user add 3 more AI's. Alternatively, you can just invite/ask another person to add his/her own AI-drivers (or if you have admin privileges, you can use command /uai [username] to add that user's AI-drivers by yourself)
SRT is very likely ceasing organizing races
S3 licensed
Hi guys and girls, Tankslacno here.

You might've been noticing that I've been missing from LFS and SRT for about 2 months. And that is because ultimately I've decided that I want to leave SRT-team and quit organizing these races. I left SRT yesterday.

Obviously this is not an easy decision for me, SRT has been part of my life for over 5 and ½ years, so just saying good bye after all of this ain't easy. There are a lot of reasons why I want to leave SRT, but it eventually just boils down to the reason of not having nearly that same amount of passion and motivation to organize these races I used to have few years ago.

I know that for some of you it may not be easy to understand, but for like a past year this Tournament Directing in SRT has been something I've been needing to do just because I have to do this. Not because I like this. So for past year organizing these races has just been something I don't want do anymore. I have had a feeling that if I would keep doing this, it would eventually affect negatively to my life and I certainly don't want that. I'm sure that quitting this is a big relief and absolutely right decision for me. My health is definitely more important than doing this.

For past year I had a plan that I want to quit organizing these races in SRT when year 2021 ends. Why? Because I calculated that I would've broken both these milestones:
- Organize over 1000 races
- Organize over 100 series

(For those who don't know, SRT started to organize races in April 27, 2014, it just expanded to here in 2017)

But that fire-incident which happened in May 2019 changed my plans. It was pretty much last straw for me, because that destroyed our servers and efficiently put this on hiatus. Server was supposed to open this month but it didn't. Very last nail in the coffin for me was the fact that opening that server from it's provider would've cost a lot more than it did this year/originally would have.

This means that unless someone else wants to continue organizing these races, SRT will cease organizing races from LFS.

But don't get me wrong, I have nothing against SRT and LFS. SRT has great members both as persons and drivers. And I'm not quitting LFS, as I'm still working at least as a translator for this game and testing those new patches. I just want to quit Tournament Directing via SRT.

In future, I may host Nick Arcade/Thrown Controllers-style game show for LFS(-drivers). That would be possible as I'm currently working as a freelance-Game Show Designer/Host. That job is kinda like successor for this. We'll see how that goes.

To everybody in SRT, to all racers and to anyone who even visited our server just for one second, thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart! I love you guys and girls so much!

Take care of yourselves!

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Week 26 Events:

No races on this week either. But good news! Got a message that server should open in early July.
S3 licensed
Week 25 Events:

No races on this week either. Still no idea when server will open again Frown
S3 licensed
Week 24 Events:

No races on this week either. Well at least SRT is having a meeting with it's members this weekend so at least that's something.
S3 licensed
Week 23 Events:

No races on this week either. Still no idea when this server will open again. Sorry Frown
S3 licensed
Week 22 Events:

No races on this week either. Sorry Frown
S3 licensed
Week 21 Events:

No races, that fire incident is worse than we expected. Sorry Frown
S3 licensed
Week 20 Events:

Unfortunately, due to very unfortunate force majeure-situation (fire) happened in same place where SRT's server is located, SRT's server is closed until further notice. So this week does not have races at all. And no idea when we can have races in that server again. Frown

So sorry for this.
May 12: Sunday: Eliminator-Endurance: 3rd race
S3 licensed

Additional information:
Mandatory pit stops: 0
80% limit: (minimum lap amount to get classified): No limit

Wind speed: Between 10km/h and 19km/h

Race type: Race has many special regulations. First of all, only AI-drivers are allowed to participate. Secondly, server will be protected with password for whole event. Also, for all drivers, one AI-driver has to use FXO GTR (FXR), another must use XR GTR (XRR) and third one must use FZ50 GTR (FZR) during event. All this is possible because maximum amount of AI-drivers per guest on server is 3.

Please note that FZ50 GTR has 1% intake restriction as well 15kg added mass.

This race will be streamed on Twitch. Stream begins during Warm-Up and ends after race.

Minimum license: S2

Schedule (all times are in UTC+3):

- 16:10: Server will be password protected

- 16:15: Qualifying begins and lasts 90 minutes. It is divided into 4 parts. First three lasts 25 minutes and final one lasts 15 minutes. For first 25 minutes, only FXO GTR's are allowed to drive, for the next 25 minutes, only XR GTR's may drive. After that, FZ50 GTR's are allowed to drive for the next 25 minutes and for the final 15 minutes, all three cars are allowed to drive.

Because AI-drivers extremely likely will return to the pitlane when they're on lap 4 during qualifying, you can return them back on track by two ways:
If you're Admin: Use command /pitlane [AI-driver's name] or

If you're Admin or Guest: Use command /spec [AI-driver's name] and then command /ai [AI-driver's name]. Just make sure, that when you're typing AI-driver's name when typing /ai-command, you have to make sure, that you type it using exact same colors that it has in his/her name.

AI-driver who gets a pole position earns 4 points. 2nd fastest AI during qualifying gets 2 points while 3rd fastest AI gets 1 point.

- 17:45: Qualifying ends and Warm-up/Briefing begins. During this session, make sure that you have your AI's on track and they're using right setups and have right amount of restrictions. Also at this moment, drivers will be guessing, which AI-skill level earns most points in race itself. At this moment, SRT's stream goes live on

- 18:00: Warm-Up/Briefing ends and Race begins. Race length depends how many drivers are racing, because after every 3rd lap, driver in last place will be eliminated via force spectate. Race ends when just 1 driver is remaining.

Because LFS 0.6U brought new improvements to AI's, drivers can use those as their advantage with no restrictions whatsoever.

If you want your AI-driver to make pitstop on certain lap, do this:
- If you're admin: Assign a Stop 'n' Go-penalty for that AI-driver by command /p_sg [AI-driver's name] before it starts it's last sector of the lap. During last sector, before (s)he goes into pitlane, clear that penalty by command /p_clear [AI-driver's name].

- If you're guest: Ask me to give a penalty for your AI-driver as assigning penalties even for own AI-drivers is only possible for admins. Please inform me, that which AI-driver you want to go into pitlane and on which lap.

There is also possibility to give Drive-Through-penalty for your own AI-driver, if you have a faster AI-driver behind him/her. If you want your AI-driver to go into pitlane, but not for pitstop, you need to do pretty much the same thing that you do, when you want your AI-driver to make a pitstop on certain lap via Stop 'n' Go-penalty. There are two differences though:
1) You don't need to remove/clear that penalty on last sector (clearing that penalty - as long as that AI-driver is on it's last sector of the lap - does not make any harm though)
2) If you're admin: you need to type /p_dt [AI-driver's name] to assign Drive-Through-penalty instead of typing /p_sg [AI-driver's name].

Drivers are allowed to rescue their cars with no restrictions. Car reset is also always allowed.

- When there's just one driver remaining, race ends. Drivers who are in top-3 in terms of fastest laps will get points. Driver who drives fastest lap and gets classified will earn 4 points. 2nd fastest driver gets 2 points while 3rd fastest driver gets 1 point. Also, drivers who are in top-3 in terms of highest speed velocity will get points. Driver who has highest speed velocity gets 4 points, driver who has 2nd highest speed velocity gets 2 points while 3rd fastest driver gets 1 point.

And drivers who guessed right that which skill level gets most points during race earn points. Naturally, the more slower skill leveled AI you guessed, the more points you get if that AI earns most points.
May 11: Saturday: Rally-league: 9th race
S3 licensed

Additional information:
Mandatory pit stops: 2
80% limit: (minimum lap amount to get classified): 19 laps

Race is normal, no special regulations.

RB4-S (RBS) is RB4 GT (RB4) with 4% intake restriction and 60kg added mass.

This race will be streamed on Twitch. Stream begins during Warm-Up and ends after race.

Minimum license: S1

Schedule (all times are in UTC+3):

- 15:45: Qualifying begins
- 19:45: Qualifying ends and Warm-up/Briefing begins. At this moment, SRT's stream goes live on
- 20:00: Warm-Up/Briefing ends and Race begins