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S2 licensed
i bought LFS YONKS AGO. I belive it has the best simulation and engine in any platform. however.
running on DX9 is utter joke. and Im very upset that scawen and victor etc have not put my money to good use.
I have not played LFS in at tleast a year and a half. and I dont intend to anymore
DX11 and new GFX engine

New cars and new tracks.

and telling me you improved the GFX by making it easier on the GPU shows that you have zero idea and even care about what people are saying.
Give me a refund you lazy F
S2 licensed
If this is true. then some things concern me. if you want ppl to subscribe on a month to month basis, you have to be showing and rolling out improvements ! Which has been a huge problem for LFS.

Its the reason I no longer play the game. It has already the best simulator engine by far, but the game is far too old, and lack of development and laziness has made me grow tired of it.

going on a subscription basis is fine as I said, updates need to start rolling out.
And it can NOT go the Iracing route, where its a monthly sub and then you have to buy every car and track separate. the cars and tracks should be free, as long as you pay the monthly fee. I racing is just taking the Piss with its u pay a month fee then you have to buy everything else. I really hate that model, and I hate DLC even more!
S2 licensed
just bought a new wheel after a few years off. considered re isntalling LFS. and STILL NO BIG UPDATES. . looks like its Rfactor 2 or I racing for me

These guys are the laziest developers ever. either too control freaky to ask for help. or just idiots
S2 licensed
Macfox, is right, I have been also screaming about this since 2008

Its not the fact we expect free updates, however we want progress

I would happily pay 15 pounds for 3 or 4 new cars, and 3 or 4 tracks with current physics.

Australia has died so bad, only 1 or 2 servers have ppl in them, and now Europe has as well, I warned you all about this years ago as well, again I was a "troll" because I didn't love the game. Well I loved it so much I was willing to be negative to get some change. I hope the devs finally listen, as the last few pages really reflect the feeling of the community.

They don't have long B4 we all give up, and just stop playing and visiting.
S2 licensed
Quote from Breizh :GT5 is 350 bucks, compared to 40 for LFS.
The wife beater analogy is so badly chosen it ain't funny.

350 buks? its 79 buks from JB hifi in Australia
1000 cars, 70 odd tracks, guaranteed updates,
infact an update of 150mb was released on the day it was sold. (today)

if you havent played GT5 prologue, I suggest you do , the diff simulation/ tyre grip is amazing, it is not an arcade game, it has fully working clutch model, the whole lot, its an amazing game / full damage model/ including changes to handling with the damage, toe camber it all changes when damaged.
GT5 is out in 1 day I think this is the final nail to clear out the 1200 ppl left
S2 licensed
This will be the final straw for the remaining 1200 or so ppl left hanging by the very long thread LFS has created . the lack of updates, and poor poor the poorest Public relations, I am praying is enough to bring LFS to its knees.
So either the Dev threesome will finally get their heads out of their proverbial backsides, and get a move on, by asking others for help, or the game will spontaneously combust. either way come install time for GT5 over that 50 minutes it takes to install all those beautiful cars and tracks, I will use that time to uninstall LFS, then use a drive cleaner just to make sure no trace is left of the game that has taken an eternity to do.. well nothing.
so long for good LFS, and just know that I would of stayed and been more positive in my stay here if you just made a small effort.
Clearly that was asking way too much, and I was dreaming

to all the guys I had great races with, they Were great. to OzbeeR race team that was so awesome and competitve, was a great time. hopefully will see you all in GT5 races

to all the wreckers not worth my breath.

and to all the ones on this forum flaming guys like me for even caring enough to want more out of LFS, good luck sitting there patiently like a wife that gets beat up time and time again, but because she loves him. will never leave him, and just get screwed over.
Wanted to buy G25 pedals ONLY australia (queensland)
S2 licensed
Hi again, I am looking to see if anyone has any G25 pedal set just on their own, I know there are guys that just use the wheel and buy better pedals, or perhaps your wheel has broke and you have pedals that you don't use.
Either way if you do, drop me a PM, lets make a deal.
prefer them to be in queensland. But anywhere in Australia would be fine as long as you are okay with registered post Cash on delivery through australia post

Appreciate it
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G25 pedal plug broken need a wiring diagram please
S2 licensed
Hi everyone, My G25 pedal plug is severed, its the plug from the pedals that plugs under the steering wheel. Surely someone has had to repair it once before, does anyone have a wiring diagram, from the pin assignments, and the colors of the wires what they represent??

would be amazing to not have to buy a new wheel because of 5 little wires.

Cheers in advance
S2 licensed
Quote from bunder9999 :it's been said before...

they won't add new developers because they don't want to, regardless of their abilities.

yes im aback because of the understanding people in this thread I feel its necessary to continue the convo.

This is my problem, that revolution pack is proof that we have amazing people on here that could take this game to a whole new level yet they will not even look at it. I don't know if they are afraid of loosing part of the game and have to pay rights money etc, but why not make the new guys sign a contract saying they don't own any part of the game, and all of LFS belongs to the original 3, and give the people that helped life membership and free updates for the life of LFS.

as I said I have been really patient for another year and a half, and still nothing so I have to say something, even tho I bought this game knowing it was a work in progress. I still want the game to evolve, even a little bit, now I know the sirocco is having issues. Fine then dump it, I never cared for a real car anyway in LFS the F1 car is a flop it is nowhere near R factor's BMW or GT5's Ferrari. so why bother, LFS is good for its simulation, so stay with that, I don't really care what the name of the car is providing we get all forms of cars MR FR FF 4wd 3 wheeler, reliant robin

I want LFS to just go back to its grass roots, great SIMULATION have these talented members of community do the skinning as you can see they can do so sooo well.
Get them to sign contracts that they don't own any part of it, and give them full licenses and unlimited updates in turn.

That's why I have such a big issue with the speed, it's that it can be done so much faster, yet they say F U to the fans and take their time.
every 6 months would be awesome for a mild update to the game, and every 18 months a big update.

and yes R factor has amazing Modding community because R factor realized that, and ran with it, as we all mentioned it was hopeless at first, but now OMFG some of the cars and tracks are mind blowing.
SIM RACING on you tube just reviewed a mod that has the Lexus ISF it is Forza 3 quality its amazing.
another group just did old school F1 cars again amazing 10/10, and another did old school Ford Gt500 and torana's MIND BLOWING

I'm sorry I sounded douche bag like, and a troll, but I don't come on here anymore because it is depressing to see such a great game go down the gurgler, and the devs have only to blame themselves.

PS I used to race in MNR until that got all arseholish, they started a race 4 minutes early once that decided the championship, and my other driver was setting up his wheel while starting, and they said tough luck deal with it, and the whole stewards thing is retarded, I got screwed over so many times in races, and it was all deemed a racing incident, then once in 2 races I hit a guy pretty hard, and then had problems that whole race I got a 2 race ban. it was just retarded really.


Dev's = complete idiots for stupid development of stupid VW

Devs = complete idiots for not embracing a willing and very talented community

Devs = complete idiots for not even providing a monthly diary on whats really going on

devs= complete idiots for not updating the game ever 6 months (even a few additions) and also a major update every 15 months or so.

and whoever disputes that, are not being objective enough.
for instance search for the AE86 for LFS, that is a replacement car and skin for the XRT it looks amazing and is way better then the std XRT that is proof of the talent they are denying the game


Best of luck LFS
S2 licensed
to the developers, and only them I dont care what you normal ppl have to say.

2 years ago I was giving you guys a hard time for not really delivering anything, and I was told by the community to settle down and to be patient, that LFS will be a much better game. then came the major 2009 patch in October I think it was. that was ok there were some fixes etc, and I was made a little happier. now its August 2010 guys and there are no one in the servers in Australia, at best I think 10 ppl was the most in the last 9 months. in pro racing room, there are a lot of demo drift servers, and stupid "cruise" servers (shakes head)
but since the last patch absolutely nothing, now for the last year I was being nice and patient as im sure its not easy.
But this is completely RETARDED the development cycle is completely retarded. Almost a year and nothing, not even updates in pictures I mean WTF guys. I have said this before you guys are absolutely mad to not get anymore help from the talent on these forums. and I must say the amount of people in the servers is proof of that. this is a complete failure, not because of the game, the game has potential its the very silly developers that is slowing this down, R factor 2 is almost here, I racing, its all out there and blows LFS out of the water. GT5 prologue blows LFS, some of the best Tyre physics i have ever driven, that took only a few years, you have taken longer then that. guys if I could plead with you to start producing something but I wont bother. to me LFS is dead, I am asking my account to be deleted, I wont even give my license away as its not even worth the ones and Zeros on my hard rive, its not even worth me sending it in an email to someone, that would be to much of a waste of my time, for such a out dated game.

SO all the best LFS Devs, I hope one day maybe in 5 or 10 years the next patch will be out, and I will just laugh at probably the worst game development ever in the history of games besides Duke Nukem, your no2. and really its pathetic, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for even still asking for money to buy S2

So adios, and im sure all the ppl on here will go good riddance blah blah, yea what ever, you can sit here playing a game that is now got gray hairs and saggy scrotum and sucks

good riddance I say
S2 licensed
even if it is similar or even a rip off of LFS
LFS team has given up on the public a long time ago, this is proof the 2 slowest developers in the history (even more then GT5) COULD hire Competent PEOPLE TO GET LFS OUT AND BE A FULL GAME some time in the next 5 years
S2 licensed
can someone help me with setting up the XR to sound and go like a rotary? seen it online but no settings were posted
would appreciate some help
S2 licensed
anyone know some settings to make it like a rotary?
S2 licensed
Quote from zeugnimod :Did GT5P become boring?

nope, I have a few WR's last time i checked on a few tracks
I still have a paid S2 license and im still entitled to race, and to check up , im just stating the fact , that everything in LFS takes years, instead of months like what a decent company does that hires people. that utilizes talent and embraces the community to help speed things up, instead we got 3 devs twiddling their thumbs, and knocking up their wives :P with more kids and wasting time on a stupid FWD cars that there is already enough of them. when a new track or better yet better diff simulation, or better graphics.

(the kid thing was a serious joke there as well! nothing bad meant about that, I wish all the kids happy and healthy lives! (didnt scawen just have a girl not long ago???? thats probably why the development has been little slow this year huh???

1 thing that now sux in gt5 is the gear shifting, if u have a G25 u cant flat shift now using the clutch, u just get neutrals, and you cant shift fast to 2nd gear also goes to N, its been put in there because it was alot faster then for the ppl without clutches
S2 licensed
Quote from Scawen :Just in case anyone was wondering, it will be much, much longer away than that.

As said, the release is undecided - that means I cannot say (even roughly) when it will be - but I can say you might as well forget about driving it until a long time from now.

Sorry but that's how it is right now. Something for the future.

story of LFS
I racing is looking promising
S2 licensed
well I have just had a look a the Iracing website, it goes public in 10 days, it looks amazing.
it uses laser technology to accuratly re create tracks, this is the way Mclaren, williams and ferrari maek the tracks for their simulators.
so it is almost within 98% accuracy so the williams F1 team say. If thats the case then OMFG I cant wait to drive some real tracks.

they also have the mazda open wheeler the one with the 240hp renisis rotary in it, the radical SR8 , and a nascar , heaps of cars, and more are coming

so check it out

, see what you think, there is no demo yet, I am assuming one will be out when it goes live in 11 days, so I cant wait, a few of the LFS racing teams in australia were in private beta testing and they say its pretty damn good. but then again beta testers always over hype stuff, so people think they are cool for being involved with the test. but some of them I know from MnR racing so I tend to believe them.

If this is anygood then this I would say from the look of it is a genuine competitor to LFS, I wonder how that makes the devs feel, that another strong sim is entering the market, this already blows Rfactors arse out of the water, so its gana give LFS a run for its money.

they are offering yearly subscriptions, and you only buy the cars you wana race so it saves u some cash if you dont want to race the piddly front wheel drive dungers.
so thats a good thing. they are promising monthly updates all the time, which if its true I would be happy to be part of a game that IS GOING SOMEWHERE and the fact that we will see that its going somewhere will be a great motivator, and also a good market standpoint for it. people will see where the game is going, unlike certain other sims
(i wont name them here ) tend to just go quiet, and say you get what your given, and your given it when we feel like it which is a long long time between drinks. But im not here to slander and Sims, all I wanted was to make you guys aware of a new sim, that is complete and will be complete when its sold,
its not a half arsed attempt and you still get charged full price. Listen to me im going off again, I promised I wouldn't slander any other sims, so I will stick to that. But the game is full version and rady to go out of the box, It will offer online and offline racing, and many tracks, alot of licened ones as well, which is another good thing going for it that OTHER sims don't.

But I have said enough, check it out for yourselves guys

hope to see you on Iracing when its public
S2 licensed
I want the furai concept, or something with a rotary engine in it, also a boxer engine unless the fzr uses a flat engine/????

also a atom
radical SR8
and the teslar electric car I emailed them asking if they are keen to have their car put in LFS, since lfs creators arnt getting any interest, then ill get the interest then they can seal the deal. which again leads me to say the LFS community is very talented, utilize them Scawen
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finally people are starting to get upset at the direction/ procedure of the updates to LFS, finally, I have been saying this for a year and a half almost.

Victor what do you want? we will give you more money, we will stroke your ego more, we will tell you that you are the best, but please for the love of God, make a new frigging track, and a new car, update the F106 to the F107 and make engine mapping, and engine brakeing, electronic diff, all adjustable while driving. So tell us what you want and we will give it to you,
S2 licensed
this just really shows how bored the users of LFS really are, instead of playing a outdated game, they are making a magazine. sure we got an update, but there is nothing new, for the time we waited, we got nothing but a few tweaks,
LFS WE NEED NEW CONTENT, not just ohh we lowered the xrt CoG by 2mm making it a totally new car. pfft. you could of just put a new body on it, add 20 hp, and give it a sequential box and call it a BSFG turbo, and we would of been just as oblivious to how stupidly lazy the creators have now gotten.

I think its great you made a magazine, but you need contnet, updates to the game, and so hype created, then the magazine would be cool. but its great that you are getting it going in anticipation that you may have something to write about in a few years time when we get 1 new car (we hope)
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LFS needs more ppl helping the 3 devs, nothing is getting done in my opinion, just little fixes here and there, but the gfx desperatly needs to become at least DX9 with lighting and shadows (battlefield 2 type scenery(example of the gfx), and so do the sounds, it feels to old now
and plus with GT5 seriously giving all sims a run for their money (i really mean that) they need to keep their fanbase b4 they defeact to other sims
S2 licensed
after playing it for a week now almost, I gotta say im loving it more and more, the variety is the best part, and im loving the physics more and more each day, they are just beautifull. certainly not a waste of 50 buks.
ohh and some funny info in the week its been out we have recieved patches of about 150mb, thats the same amount of patches LFS released in 2 years, and in those 2 patches 37 cars, 1 track, and some improvments to net, and physics were improved/added now that is looking after your customers
9/10 for GT5, the shifting for the padle shift cars needs to be fixed, atm the shifting is still the same as using a manual, meaning u get the clutch and throttle still being used.

6/10 for LFS for its lack of variety/updates, and poor Graphics, poor Public Realations
S2 licensed
Quote from jibber :So where is the tire deformation in your beloved GT5 Prologue?

i dont know what the even is could you explain it to me in quick an easy terms please M8, i just posted my thoughts on tires just now
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Quote from The Very End :Even tho it compares LFS and GT5 with eachothers, why is this not in off topic sector?

Anyway, I don`t agree with what he said, but I think there are too many fanboys of LFS here, that thinks they are like god`s themself since they can drive a lap around BL without crashing.

IMO lfs has better physics than GT5, but GT5 has a lot of good things LFS should have, and one of them is variety. LFS lacks that atm, and slowly it will lose players and fade away if they don`t show us some new work soon. It`s been way too long with the currents tracks, and makeing an extra track layout every 3th year isn`t great eighter. I wonder what they actually have done about the track section the last years.

Anyway, that post whent off topic, got carried away, but I`ll rest my case. LFS isn`t superior, and neither are you. Too many of you thinks that any other racing game is crap, because you belive LFS is the closest to the real thing a racing game comes to atm. I don`t blame you, I`ll agree with you, but I`m tired off all this flaming everytime someone actually have a constructive veiw on a other game and maybe points out negative things with LFS.

That was my 2 cents.

you know what would be great that I could say yes this is crap thats crap posting it. and a few things would happen in a good way.
1. it wouldnt get locked
2. I would have fellow members in a decent tone, saying sorry Idont agree with you, and rebuttle my comments (its called intelectual conversations) instead you get cavemen going RARRRRRRRRRRRRR beat you with a club, and throw you out to the wolves (hypothetically speaking) cynical comments like well piss off then ect, just constuctive posting.

anyway I hereby announce today 27th March 2008 and Beyond to be called Gran Turismo day its offical launch is today WOO HOO
S2 licensed
Quote from Alric :I got GT5 from japan a few months back and while it's good visualy and has real cars and tracks the handling is just pathetic. I've spent a lot of time on the track and on the road and the cars handle nothing like real life. LFS is so much closer than any other game at copying how a real car handles.

I don't understand how people can't see that GT5 handling is really very very poor. (Feels like the cars are floating.)

Plus how can you complain that LFS has limited content when GT5 prologue is basically a demo you have to pay for.

No matter how many threads like this appear it won't make scawen & co change their development strategies.

were u using a wheel? if you were you forgot to put the mode into simulation, turn of power assistance. and you would of had a smile ear to ear. probably because its in jap u couldn't read it. to bad I hope u try again, with english copy.
for 60 cars, and 12 tracks ill pay 49 buks no worries, I payed 40 for a non finished game, with minimal content, needing improvments, and terrible GFX (live for speed) so why not for a tried and tested game?
take a step back from your LFS bubble world, you payed the exact same thing for a much less game, wake up!
S2 licensed
Quote from Kanzai :I love his horrible comparison. Real tyre physics? You know LFS has one of the most advanced tyre physics of all games? lol.

This guy gets a big....huge.....even bigger then huge.


In big red letters.

the normal cars in LFS , like the stock ones, like the XR, XF, RAC, all the ones that use the radial tyres, I 100% agree that they are pretty much bang on, mo issues there.

when it comes to the GTRs and the open wheelers, its totally wrong, you cant run 4 degrees negative camber (live) on R3 tyres without them over heating after 5 -6 laps, and thats just wrong, alot of racing cars, run up to 6 degreees neg camber,run 60 lap race with 1 or 2 tyre changes and get thru a race just fine,
V* supercars here in australia run controlled dunlop slicks they usually after 10-15 laps they are good to go for another 10 if they get a good cool down cycle, in lfs the suspension, and tyres are totally wrong, the BF1 for example, if we say the R1 is the supersoft (used in monte carlo) they last 10ish laps in real life, we cant use them for bf1. 2nd R2's are the soft 20 odd laps is easy they did in melbourne, in the game u cant get 7 laps with decent camber and decent downforce. with R3's 4-5 neg camber +6 castor, med/high downforce) ect its totally wrong, the tyres need to be unique for each car because each series has a specific tyre developed for those cars, atm they are to generic, GT5 has always had decent tyre physics, ok the squeel is terribuble I know, im gana write a letter about it lolz. so no tyres are crap in lfs besides the road cars
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