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S3 licensed
Quote from Scawen :I don't know why, but some people find that option really hard to find.

Options... View... Full width external views

Been using my Ultrawide for over 9 months... Only just found out LFS has the ability to remove the black bars Rofl

It's hard to find because you have to be in the external view, then go into the options > view to find it. A whole new hidden options place I personally never knew even existed!

I sat there for a good few seconds on the main menu options > views looking for the option above. Rofl
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S3 licensed
Feels more natural now, as if I were using the old layout editor with new features. Great job!
S3 licensed
Quote from Scawen :
But I do understand that there one thing missing - the object you are about to place with the O key isn't visible (unless you press CTRL+C first). So it's harder to place it with the precision you might want.

Hit the nail on the head here. I love the copy, cut and paste changes, but removing the ability to see an object before placing it ruins the editor for me. Add's way too many unneeded steps to place an object with precision.

Also, is there any way of allowing us to select more objects at once or even an unlimited amount?