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LFS World data wrong
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Looks like the "all time totals" in the "Some online charts" window is in user id order.
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I really want to be able to "like" posts on this forum, if I commented everytime I liked a post I'd be posting in every thread. Especially in this forum.

Amazing work here, I'm loving seeing all the progress people are making, well done everyone!
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Thanks so much for this amazing development!
Talk about a game changer...

About this:

Quote :I've made a note about this, it may be possible to include a knw generator. The existing knw generation system is very slow, takes a few minutes to generate each knw file as it adjusts the curves bit by bit in every direction, keeping the lines ones it predicts will produce better lap times for that particular car. Maybe a quick version could be provided, that does a rough path. No promises but I do have a note on my list to look at it, obviously not very high priority yet.

Is it possible to add a dummy file for the ball? I tried adding an AI as the ball and got the missing file error.

Edit - also, any thoughts about supporting hotlaps for mods?
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Quote from Marino108 :Chess websites have a system of reporting bad players. The moderators can issue a temporary ban from participating in online chess games or even a permanent ban in case the player persistently displays dirty gameplay.

I'm curious, what is considered dirty game play in chess?
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Quote from Flotch :I have uploaded two hotlaps I had on my hard drive from 2003 :
XF GTI on Blackwood Reverse
XR GT on Blackwood Rallycross

Nice memories (for those who were born Tongue )

Cedje Dervo, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
Ludicrously quick, actual alien.

That UI, wow, I forgot.
I like all your videos Thumbs up
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0.6R12 working perfectly here, Win 7 64bit, no vob mods Thumbs up
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Anyone remember Milk in First?
Nice guys, if a bit misguided on the correct way to brew tea...
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Quote from Dennis93 :Please tell me you have been playing since 03 on demo or something.

You've seen nothing of LFS if you joined this family in 07.

Easy fella, 5 years is still a long time, we are a small enough group as it is without making further divisions.
Welcome all
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Schiz! My only ever team mate, and in real life no less

I still check in here, I still race, just not online and not always with LFS.
I can never give up on LFS though, nothing has ever gripped me the same way, Ill be here until the end (LFS or mine)
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Quote from Scawen :Make sure you go in screen options and select the screen resolution that matches your full width mode - go full screen that way the first time.

Otherwise I think SHIFT+F4 will just go back to the previous full screen mode you had selected.

Also note that the second screen is supposed to be blank in the menus and external views. It is only drawn when you are in a driving view.

Perfect! Dual screens in full screen mode with good fps!
1 happy bunny :bunny: many thanks
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Quote from SamH :I have an nVidia card (I'm on XP). I used the desktop profile manager to make one single-span screen across 2 monitors, then launched LFS. Went to Options>Screen, scrolled down to the bottom and chose the large resolution that covered both monitors. Works a treat

Thanks for the tips Sam, helped alot.
Before, I was stretching the window across both monitors, which does work but I was getting very low fps.
With the single span setup fps is much better.
However, when I full screen LFS (shift+F4), the second monitor goes blank.
Is this an unavoidable limitation or can I fix it?
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Quote from zeugnimod :But you are last.

Like I care
Racing against those guys was some of the best times Ive had in LFS,
its nice to be reminded of it.
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Im 32, I wear ear plugs at very loud gigs as well, as I do at very loud motor sport events. I dont want to damage my ears either, Im well aware of the dangers. I will however, defend our right to play loud music where undue stress is not placed on the residents of the surrounding area.

This is not about how loud is too loud, this is about our civil liberties being taken away.

I am aware that many places already have these systems in place, I used to work at one. This law will mandate these systems at *all* entertainment venues. What about the NEC? No one lives with a mile of it.
Do you love live music? Sign this petition (UK only)
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So Gordon Brown has come up with a way of controlling the credit crunch, by making sure that when we go and see our favourite bands or even, comedy, the volume can't exceed a set barrier,

We'll be the first country to implement this law, but it means an end to loud gigs that yes may hurt your ears for two days afterwards but in a good way, and also anybody shouting down a microphone at a stand up event, will have the mic cut off as it will exceed the safe noise level,

there's a petition against this law, and I'm giving you the opportunity to sign it, I personally feel if this government has been trying to shut us up for years, and this is another way, of limiting expression! It's not North Korea, but for god's sake aren't we all sensible enough to know when something's too loud?

make you're own minds up, we do after all live in a democracy,
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Quote from tristancliffe :Exactly Bean0.

But no. Because it was used derogatorily in the past in cannot be used in the present.

What about Fudge Packer. If someones job is packing fudge (probably for Nestlé), how can we describe him without using homophobic terms? Or is it okay if it's actually describing a packer of fudge? In which case why isn't paki allowed to describe someone who is from paki in a non-derogatory way?

Confectionery packer? The dave police (thats me by the way) says that this is another context issue. How is it being said? Does the person in question actually pack fudge for a living? Are the homosexual? Are they thin skinned?

Its very difficult to use the word paki without it sounding or being taken in a derogatory way, just call them Pakistanis and save the hassle. Go on, add those extra sylables, you need the exercise
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Quote from Bean0 :So what needs doing is bringing the word out of the 'ohnoes it a bad word' category and into mainstream usage.

It is just an abbreviation.

Afghans come from Afghanistan.
Kurds come from Kurdistan.
Pakis come from Pakistan.

Well its pretty difficult undoing years of abuse, I dont think we are ready for it. Most of the younger generation probably is, but the older generation most certainly is not. There is also the small percentage that will adopt their parents attitudes and perpetuate the hate.

There is also the issue of context, in certain circumstances it might be fine to use words unacceptable to the general public. Like if your friend who just happens to be black asks you to call him sooty, why wouldnt you?
For me its no problem, I dont see it as censorship to not use those unacceptable words. Why deliberately offend people just for the sake of one word? I prefer to keep the peace.

Have we gone slightly off topic? Does anyone care?
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Quote from tristancliffe :These days people get in a huff if you call someone a paki, even if they come from Pakistan. But they are quite happy to call someone a brit if they come from Britain. Why the double standard? Yet people on both sides of the argument will say to use/not be allowed to use is a violation of human rights and freedom of speech... It's just insane.

As far as I know the word Brit has no history of being used in a derogatory way, whereas the word Paki most certainly does.

It makes me sad coming back here, from a casual observer stand point this forum has just got worse and worse over the years.
Ive stopped being surprised by it, accepting that its just human nature.
The bigger the group, the worse it gets.
It just reminds me what I hate about life and people.

What am I doing here then? Looking for the VW of course!
Also, Im a non-active LFS fanboy, I cant help but look in here to see what has become of my beloved LFS. Whilst the sim is still great, these forums are not a nice place to be. Like most of the internet.
I have *no idea* how the devs put up with the stuff that gets posted in the test patch forum. So_many_idiots.
Mobile phone as steering wheel
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I searched but could not find this already posted.
Some modern phones have motion sensors inside them, iPhone, N95, HTC Diamond.
Some clever dude has worked out how to use this feature on the N95 to control the PC, as a mouse, or even as a wheel
Some people think its a fake, but its definitely possible.
I was just chuffed the guy used LFS for the video.
Its not a replacement for a proper wheel, but its interesting none the less.
The video -
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That clamp was probably 3 or 4 years old, I was using a tool to tighten it up, but still I was mildly surprised it broke, but then I know very little about the lifespan of plastics and that stuff.
Thanks for the duck tape trick art555, good idea, Ill use that
Why you shouldnt over tighten your DFP
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See attachment, luckily I have a spare (but broken) DFP I was able to salvage another clamp from, so all is good.
Lesson learnt, dont take the clamps much past hand tight
Anyone else done this?
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Problem solved!
It was a combination of Driver Cleaner Pro (great tip thanks for that) and believe it or not, Windows Update.
I tried all sorts of drivers, including various omega drivers, none of which worked.
After a full clean of all drivers, I went to windows update and installed whatever driver it gave me, system info says version no., dunno how useful that will be.
Thanks for all your help guys
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That is surprising, as I have been using this setup for over 2 years
Ill let you know if I get it to work.
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Thanks for the advice, no luck yet though, Ill keep trying.
Radeon 9800 Pro driver problem (FIXED) :)
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"if it aint broke, dont fix it"
A piece of advice I should of taken last night.

I tried reinstalling my graphics driver to add the CCC, Ive been running without it until now. Now I cant get any of them to work.
Ive tried every driver on my computer, with and without the CCC.

I keep getting the same problem, which makes me think the card is damaged.
Although the device manager reports no problems, there is no hardware acceleration, no software can find it. So no software that relies on it will start, LFS tells me "Could not detect any screen modes. Probably error in graphics driver", Armadillo run tells me "No hardware acceleration found. Please ensure you have installed the drivers for your graphics card".

So does anyone know what drivers will work with this card?
Or can anyone confirm the chances that my card is damaged?
Or any other ideas?

system -
Athlon XP 3200
Abit AV8 motherboard
1Gb 3200 DDR RAM
Radeon 9800 Pro

Yes I am aware this is well due an upgrade, which is planned.
But I need to fix this in the meantime, this jerky scrolling in Firefox is doing my head in.
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