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S2 licensed
Hi Bob, thanks for a fantastic utility!

Since your tool just need a model of the car, wouldn't it be pretty "easy" to make it work for other simulators?
For example iRacing, which i've started to run. What kind of info would you need to know about the cars? And can you get it directly out of Telemetry data or how would you collect it?
S2 licensed
Quote from EQ Worry :Thanks. Nice idea! I'll have to think a bit about the ouput format, so that it is easily understandable. Naturally the current world record splitting times would be used to get desired time distribution (just like it is used in good/great split/sector times). The result could be compared to your server PB or LFSW PB (or both)... Adding this into my TODO list...

Sorry i've been away a bit, but i saw that you implemented this function! Very nice!
However, what i was looking for was a "realtime" telemetry function!
Let me explain.
It should simultaneously as you are shown your split time (e.g. Sector1 36.50) by LFS , show either a red or green text in the same font, right below it, with the difference from your entered !target.

So when you pass the split, you'll know if you're inside or outside your designated target time.

Connect to Torsdagsrace A and type !target and you'll see what i mean.
S2 licensed
Hey, very nice work EQ!

How about adding a !target splitting function so you can see on which splits you need to cut time.
e.g. !target 1.15:00
Will automatically show for each split how close i am to making 1.15:00.