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Why no? Count me, please
Demo licensed
First, English is not my native language. Maybe I wouldn't have expressed what I wanted to say as well as I'd like to.

Quote from Ped7g :... and? I mean I don't have any wheel at home, no HW. (I'm not talking about driver issues ... Once you don't have HW, you don't have driver issues, it's magical, everybody should try that some time...)

It's just an informative comment, I didn't mean you had to have a wheel.

Quote from Ped7g :I don't see any practical reason to prioritize yet another render API change over these two major points, so I guess your request will be considered not sooner that at summer 2020 (after cars-patch, which I guess will be released somewhere in 2020..2022)...

I'm not saying Scawen has to make the switch to another API NOW. I just wanted to clarify that the most reasonable step to support as many platforms as possible is to use Vulkan. Obviously the aspects you are commenting on are more interesting and prioritary.

Quote from Ped7g :Patience... (it still makes me a bit curious, why impatient people didn't meanwhile fix TORCS to be better simulation, all it needs it's just forking it and fixing everything you wish...)
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Quote from Ped7g : I don't have any wheel, so I'm talking about rendering/network/keyboard/mouse.

EDIT: of course I would love to see LFS going open source somewhere in future, that would also allow for native port over time...

Logitech Wheels support are included in the Linux kernel since a lot of time, and they works perfect with Wine and LFS.

About OpenSourcing LFS, it's obviously a decision their developers have to make. Opening the code would obviously give them a lot of help for their project, but they would have to change their business model.

Personally I would be thinking about updating the graphical API to a more modern and multiplatform.... Vulkan is the only way....
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Quote from Eclipsed :Isn't it working just with WINE? Seems like the OP wants a native Linux support without need to use emulator.

I'm saying exactly that. Thank you very much for clarifying it. Thumbs up

I knoow that LFS works with Wine. In the other post I see that Scawen talks a lot of times about XP and Linux users, and this is the reason of they use DX9. They must know that Wine is DX11 compatible thanks to DXVK, a Wine plugin that uses Vulkan to convert DX11. Of course is always better to not use wrappers to play this game. I think that they must to move to Vulkan to easily build for Linux also. You should also know that even if you don't port to a native application, if you use Vulkan, wine will work much better.
To Devs: Linux Support
Demo licensed
I've been a fan of racing games, especially simulators, for many years. I am also a GNU/Linux user, which makes it quite difficult for me to fully enjoy many games that are not supported by our operating system. For some years we can enjoy some good games like "F1 2017" or "DIRT Rally" on Linux, but in the linux community we miss a real simulator to enjoy.

For years I co-manage a community of Linux gamers (, where racing games are very popular, and where we also organize online races often.I know that at least in my community a sim-racing game would have very good reception.
As for the support of steering wheels and controllers, you should know that at least Logitech steering wheels work fully with Force Feedback (Linux users always buy this brand), and the vast majority of controllers works in Linux without problems.
I know this post probably won't even be answered, but at least I should try
I don't know any commercial simulator that has support, so if you decided to finally develop a build for Linux you would be the first ones.
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