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Demo licensed
any more license giving away
Demo licensed
how about you give me the s1 license as a late easter gift
Demo licensed
can i get a license please if it is even s1.ive been playing demo for a while.
can i get a license please if it is even s1.ive been playing demo for a while.
Demo licensed
Quote from kristofferandersen :I've seen one of these posts a few times before, and I like them.
Getting more demo users into the licensed community.

I'm giving away an S2 voucher code.
I will exclude users with hidden statistics.
Choosing the winner based on their stats (to make sure they will actually play the game).

Good luck, have fun!

Licenses marked with '*' are sponsored by:
Drammen Racing Senter, Norway

[#1] 19th of January - MicroSpecV
[#2] 19th of January - Svajux123
[#3] 19th of January - Hakseli90
[#4] 23rd of January - neonmateo
[#5] 27th of January - nego campello
[#6] 3rd of February - HunterHei
[#7] 17th of February - PusicDrift
[#8] 20th of February - Itras23*
[#9] 20th of February - amen3*
[#10] 20th of February - zevvvs*
[#11] 23th of February - Mikus1212*
[#12] 3th of March - felipe_batera*
[#13] 8th of March - Comomillo
[#14] 15th of March - Viterbo Lfs*

My giveaways will always draw 5:00 PM on fridays.

Demo licensed
i started playing online since january 5 on my brothers pc i played it on my brothers pc online until i got a laptop to play without bothering my brother for his own
Demo licensed
I would like to play s1 or s2 i have been playing for atleast a year now and ive been trying to get a license but i have no credit card so i have to wait on a person who is giving away one to ask them......May i have it plz