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Celebrating 10 years since I purchased LFS S2... damn, it's been a while. Haven't raced in over 4 years (or more).

Used to play.. a lot! I had the WR on blackwood Wink

Fun times!
Little problem with having just WR sets
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Now this probably isn't the case for all WR setups, certainly a lot of them.

They are often built to be 'on the edge' of what's possible. They are very easy to damage, twitchy, highly unstable, offer a lot of oversteer and only built for 1-2 laps (even though they can easily do 10+).

Therefore, including them as a base setup, for newbies, would be frustrating as they would most likely crash more than anything else. (I crash with my WR setup)

Team setups? Designed for endurance? Yes, all the way. Often these sets are slightly slower but will offer more control, be more forgiving and allow you to do 50+ laps.

My opinion: Gathering 50-100 setups on this forum thread isn't feasible. It would be better to ask a team for their setups, and then they would be the sponsor of the setup pack.
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I think this would improve coordination and allow for some more serious, longer races.
Suggestion for a mod
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This could be a very simple addition for server owners
Simple a 'schedule' mod, that announces when scheduled races are going to happen on a server.

For example, you join a server and it says:
"Next public races:
Tuesday 6:00-8:00pm EST
Wednesday 5:00-7:00pm EST
Saturday 1:00pm EST

Because many servers have a low concentration of people, this mod would allow people to join scheduled public races. Even better, a windows application that allows people to chat and to set up races on the fly directly from the application.

Sort of like a LFSCHAT app, that you can start up, look for people willing to do a good race, and from the application, you can launch everyone's LFS, which automatically joins the server, sets up the map, the cars, the laps, etc.

That way, people who wish to do slightly more serious 30 min/1 hour races would have the possibility to do so.

Getting fancy, you would report the stats of the organized races back to LFSCHAT (or whatever you call the app).

Sort of like a, but better, and for LFS.
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I know you're all joking (with the comments) but its true.
It makes no sense that on a 'SETUP' forum, people don't share setups.

Its almost as if, when you click on the 'setup' link in the forum, there should be a pop-up that says: "MAKE YOUR OWN" and then it redirects you to team inferno's setup site.

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I know how to make sets.
Hence the "I've already made over 100+ sets" comment

However, I'm not the best at making sets, and I'm looking for someone who is. I know there are people who are much better than me when it comes to creating sets, and I figure, if we're going to produce the best possible time, mind as well combine both an excellent set with a good driver, and a lot of dedication.

A team, 2 minds, works better. Its more fun too.

One guy might think of something that the other one has missed.
One guy might be better at making sets than another.
One guy might known suspension better, and the other might be more specialized in tire pressure.

Its a team effort. This is what I'm looking for.
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Alright, so far we have

Kartracer (Sizzle)

I know biggie has the most WRs, but does he make the sets himself, or does he just tweak them a bit?

Flotch, Biohazard, biggie
With these guys above, sometimes I wonder if they are really good at setups, or are they just really good racers.

I dont know Vince nor lefty.

Kartracer, its a shame you don't have time either, I would of liked to work with you.

Gentlefoot, seems awesome, but has only been vouched by teammates
Or has he, Gentlefoot seems to have a huge amount of fans. That must mean something.
[Edit] I found his thread here. That's cool, but it explains the huge support

I should set up a global vote :P
But then again, it would be biased.

You guys are right that no one can really the 'the best' setup artist (seems like an art sometimes), but I'd like to come close!

Is there anyone else that should be on this short list ?
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Who's the best setup guru ?
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I know that not everyone who plays LFS reads the forum, so please feel free to mention names that aren't here.

Who's the best at making setups for LFS ?
A lot of people, like Danowat for example, seem to know a lot about setups, but then they mention that they aren't the best.
Then who is ?

I personally have over 100 setups experience, and had the WR for a while on BL1 with FOX until I stopped playing. In April, I plan on coming back and teaming up with a setup guru to make the fastest setup possible. In the past, I have had great fun working with Sizzle to make setups, I wish to repeat this process with someone else now.

That person must know LFS setups very well, more specifically FOX hotlap setups.
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The trick on that turn is to start turning very slowly off the tarmack (le cote vert a gauche), so that the wheels don't lose traction.

Then you start turning a bit more when you get on the asphalt.

Oh, and you have to start turning BEFORE the turn, so it just takes practice I guess.
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Yeah, like he said ^^
Entre le 3ieme et 4ieme tour tu dois garder l'accelerateur au fond.

Je viens du Quebec et je connais pas les expressions de la France :o

Anyways, I just did 4 laps with Tom's setup and its pretty stable, I did 1:07:66 on the second lap and 1:07:68 on the 4th so it definitely has potential. I'd imagine it could do 50's and possibly 40's.

It won't do 20's though, it lacks oversteer.
But its very stable in T1 and I would recommend it as a good place to start. Its a hell of a lot more stable than my setup.

btw, if anyone cares to know, my setup is pretty unstable
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Hey, I know its hard to figure out if a setup is good or not, especially when you're still learning a track...

its hard to know if its the setup that is bad, or just you!
Personally, I went through over 100 setups for BL1 (seriously), all custom made. Not to mention, I've had the privilege to see many private setups from some of the top racers on BL1, which gave me a few ideas on how to improve my own setup.

After racing with all these setups, I can assure you that it doesn't take a magical setup to do 8's. Actually, pretty much any decent setup running 8/11 wing will be capable of doing 8s.

Its more about the line you take around the track than anything else. To know the 'best line', I'd recommend downloading the WR run and then following the same lines. There are so many people that 'know' the right line but don't take it.

ie: if you want to do 23:1x on T1, you NEED to brake on the left shoulder.
Also, you should be flat-out between T3-T4.

In terms of setup, my main recommendations for BL 1 is to have a good balance of oversteer and understeer. (You will need to have a little oversteer if you plan on doing 7's.)
Also, so far the best 'braking variables' I've found were 69% balance @ 720 force. This prevents you from locking up on T1.

Good luck, catch me on Redline if you ever want tips.
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No, i hadn't done that. However I just tried it and it's still not working.

My smx directory has all the files that you download in the s2 SMX package & all the files included in the AFS package. (i figured putting more wouldn't hurt)

Now i'm going to try installing lfs in the same root (since it's installed in D: and LFS is in C It shouldn't make a difference... but who knows.
Analyse for speed
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I know this is a 3rd party program, however I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

I'm trying to figure out why, after extracting the SMX files to the data/smx directory, Analyse for speed is still telling me that it cannot find the track.

For reference, i'm talking about S2 full & SO 5 (town course).
Can anyone get AFS to work ?