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For what is worth it's nice seeing new updates as small as they are! Hope more are coming soon ! .On a more serious tone ,just wish there was some work done outside tire physics .Like a new dx 9/10/11 engine with shaders and weather effects.I do love lfs but its slowly becoming obsolete.When rfactor 2 is starting to get some very high quality content as more excellent tracks and cars are converted from rfactor 1 to higher rfactor 2 standards and project cars shapes really really well ,lfs is very stale.
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Well there was a time that lfs was way ahead of anything else out there.I am talking during 2005 when the s2 was released.After that it steadily kept declining.There were some nice updates for 3 years up to 2008-early 2009 with the increased grids and smoother multiplayer games but after that what ? Nothing...for the last 4 years there was only a minor patch and that was that...I am sick hearing for the bullshit phrase when s3 comes....So what if it comes with the infamous scirocco and 1-2 more cars ? So what if a run of the mill flat track like rockingham gets released ?

People are completely devoid of what other games have accomplished the last 7 years since s2 was released...Rfactor has some amazing tracks to race with almost all classic sports cars most people hold dire in the hearts.And with realfeel it feels quite nice to drive.Rfactor 2 has some kick ass graphical updates along dynamic weather effects .When some of the best mods of rfactor start to be converted /remade for rfactor 2 almost everything else will be obsolete...And what about gt5 and forza 4 ? True not in the same level of realism compared to lfs but everything else makes playing them a hell of a lot of fun....

Lfs needs a whole deal more than a tire physics patch and a few tracks and cars.

It needs a graphically overhauled engine with at least a dx9c renderer supporting shaders,real time lighting and hdr effects.

It needs the current tracks remade along a good number of new tracks.

It needs the current cars remade along a few new cars.

It needs better sounds and hopefully weather effects too...

Unless they were working in secret for the last 7 years on a new engine don't expect anything.This or the other way lfs is dead....
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Well but i insist it does have some great features if everything ends working properly.

The cockpits are nice,the render engine is good with nice lighting,the models are good,the car selection is great but it needs work on physics,sounds and ai.
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But it gets better....were lfs is so frustratingly stale....Give me a new lfs version and i'll forget everything...but will there ever be a s3 ? (A true s3 mind you not a crappy 2-3 track and car addon)
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But it deserves to be moved to off topic ? AAhhhh
New xmotoracing version out there!!
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I know some may burn me for this but as we still wait for a new lfs version its always nice to know there are other sims out there that keep improving themselves over time.Still not a direct match to lfs...but eventually ?

Head over to check it out and if you have any spare time post your impressions over ... forums/x-motor-racing.67/

The devs(dev actually) listens all suggestions.
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Quote from JazzOn :justafan again xD

FTR Eric is modelling and some say he has done some, but he does not want to release them, just to piss you off :P

But seriously, there is always hope... just do something else in the meantime. It wont happen any faster if you keep 'askin' about it.

RF2 is just out. Why arn't you playing that now?

Hi JazzOn.I don't care when they release the new version as long as there is a new worthwhile version for release....

I regularly check about project cars and it seems its getting better every passing day...Still i am a bit worried about how realistic the physics would be in the end and the lighting feels a bit too intense...Rf 2 is still on early beta and i still play from time to time rf1..Actually by the way a little while ago the infamous Targa Florio got released for rfactor...
Is there hope left for lfs or all is lost ?
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Were before saying anything, to clear things straight up -I love LFS.But at the same time since 2005 were s2 was released there was basically nothing of large scale been released.Sure Scawen released many patches that smoothed online play,increased the race grid,improved physics and as of lately increased the maximum amount of objects on tracks and made it possible to have open tracks.Sure all the above were great and got lfs very polished.But.....What else ? I remember for years since 2008 a promised new car....the infamous scirocco...Come on now...for God's shake....One car ? There are at least 50 triple-A quality cars for Rfactor (100 if you count the open wheelers,le mans and gt cars too).Grand tourismo 5 ? At least 200 ultra modeled cars and along the normal ones make it 1000+ ....Forza 4 ? The new Ferrari game ? And as i have said here 1000 times....just go over LFSMODS and take a look yourself ,you will find more than a dozen very high quality cars.(through all look slightly off while ingame because of tires looking slightly off because of some locked parameters)

They could easily make a contest and have the best cars chosen to be included in a new version or something..But to model one car in 3d studio ,even if you are not super talented it is more than feasible in less then a 2 weeks ....Not....4 years....

About tracks ? Ohh yes the infamous Rockingham story..Yes they have finished it and wait to have it for s3 BUT SO WHAT ? It is not Spa or Rouen or Norchliefe or brand hatch or circuit de la sarthe or monako or valencia or macau or pau or monza or isle of man.....It is a run of the mill track ,short,without any elevation variances,flat and without any interesting scenery....You know for how long people will play it ? Probably for a week or two....max.....

And ok i know LFS was never about graphics.If it was about that i would have stopped caring for it ages ago...But.....come on now,still a dx8 render ?
Other games use dx11 like the upcoming project cars,probably the ferrari game,gtr3,asseto corsa and even dx9 if used properly has good shaders and hdr lighting effects.

I never asked about a new dx11 graphics engine-BUT HOW hard could it be to upgrade the render to dx9 at least and support real time lighting/reflections,shaders and hdr ? Those effects along some high resolution textures could give a new life to lfs and for some time bring people sick of racing the same tracks to race for some time more as those tracks would look different ...

So...what my point is ? Well we all know scawen is still working on the game.Now if it is full time or whenever he finds some time thats another matter.Many people have bought and supported lfs along all these years ,not counting sponsors.So even if they don't have the time or enthousiasm they had in the early days ,could they not at least hire for a couple of months a few professionals to help them with modeling and remodeling and texturing/retexturing the existing tracks/cars along a dozen new ones ?
At the same time they could try to upgrade their engine and in the process give new life to lfs...
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Well at this stage i don't even know if it even worth's caring about lfs development...Yes i would say the usual we all would not be here if we did not care about lfs in the first place...but what the hell happened ? Up to 2005 with s2 we had seen incredible progress in a few years and since then with the exception of a couple of patches the game is in limbo mode.Even if the devs did not had the resources,money or simply will to continue their project full steam ahead they could easily improve what there is already there by using the incredible talent of many lfs users out there.If you check the lfsmods website there are some incredible models for many cars.If as i said many many times before,If a sort of contest was made with the best models chosen to be incorporated to the main game a lot of people would try making a high quality model.To a larger extend contest for track making or converting could also be made with the best track(s) been incorporated to the main game or as extra downloads in the main page.But they refused the idea countless of times and most people simply moved on.Netcar Pro is still in life support mode only and only because some fantastic tracks were converted from rfactor to netkar.Rfactor as inferior as it is on realism it has a massive range of triple-A tracks and cars,granted you spend a couple of hours to seperate the diamond content from potato level content...
Maybe with a insanely massive update that will update the engine to full dx9 level with pixel shaders and hdr lighting,weather effects and a full remake of existing content and the addition of a dozen new tracks and cars Lfs can be reborn...but i found this nothing more than wishful thinking ,regarding the status of development we had from Scawen ,were he said he is finishing the new tire model but...that's all there is at the time...
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I would suggest use a program to monitor cpu temperatures like everest or aida32.It's the last thing that everybody thinks of(including me) but often the cpu or gpu gets overheated and slows down to avoid burning.
If the cpu or gpu run at over 80 degrees c then you have a heat problem and you need either to buy a bigger case and a better cpu fan and place the case on a better place to cool(outside from the desk for example)

If you have a laptop there are some decent laptop coolers on ebay...

Last but not least a better video card or processor is the best solution as some of the newer proccessors and video cards run better because of smaller die-cast.

Ps-And the last solution i found the best after some messing around is water cooling...
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Thanks Scawen for continuing updating lfs.I wanted to ask if you are working on more future updates besides the new tire physics and new content.I know i have talked about it many times before but are you thinking of trying to update the render engine to a more recent directX like dx9c ,so texture shaders /real time lighting and hdr/bloom effects are included ?

Also is there any chance we will see weather effects at some time ? I mean Stefan (KUNOS ) did it with the netkar pro engine and managed to have races with rain that felt (and looked) very nice and not a simple "reflection texture replacement over tarmac,rain particles and complete absence of traction everywhere".
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That is basically tilt angle and YES it would be awesome if it was integrated in lfs.
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Well again sega rally evo proved that it is possible (sadly evo is the worst game of the 3 sega rally's.The first and second are timeless classics as they have some memorable tracks with the old charm of sega.In the evo they talked so much about deformable terrain to the point were they did not make any special tracks...They all look and feel very run of the mill....And the worst offender is that the other cars are incredibly hard and fast as they move without being affected by anything,yet you are slow as hell as the physics are messed up.If you brake you get very much behind,if you slide then again often you get behind....If a car touches you you slow down but not him etc...It's really messed up.In the first and second games there were a huge number of opponents slower than you with your real opponent the clock as goes with rally's....)
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Well i don't know if there is point to continue but i will try one more time...

A lot of people bash me for speaking a lot (and very loudly ) about graphics updating and about enlisting the community's help....

And now i realized that there is another major issue having to do with not really the quality level of upcoming tracks,but with their excitement and interest value.And through some people realized this too, many go to protect "mode" assuring themselves and everybody else that for them,the x or y or z upcoming run of the mill track will be perfect for them....

I am here because i care about this game and after 20+ years of gaming and many of them playing with sims i believe i know a thing or two about games...Sadly i don't have the talent to help programming or modeling

I see in the community some incredibly talented people( a lot of them i bet came from Racer and many migrated eventually to Rfactor) that know a thing or two about coding and modeling and want to perfect what is there.

(I remember people from the racer forums-back in the racesimcentral days like some1 ,tops etc..that could make things that gave a run for their money to commercial products.They eventually could not stand more raul negativeness to having more people help him with coding so they left for lfs and later to rfactor)

For those that drift from time to time( i don't but as my bro does) there are some incredible models for drift cars and some nifty programs to set setups and tires exactly as real life .And cars feel very very close like the real thing...It's a pity discarding all that incredible talent....Kunos has locked format for netkar cars but the tracks are open and through in the begining the addon tracks were of very low quality now there are a few triple a tracks made .Speaking about rfactor is pointless...Norchliefe and many more tracks on rfactor made by users are better than commercial tracks made by pro' that must speak for something....

And as i said many times before i never asked for dx11 graphics....But i asked for having at least the default graphics quality for the last 6-7 years and that is the dx9c.....render.

And last but not least memorable tracks make a game be remembered for years .For example the open road tracks in the original need for speed.The ridge city tracks in the ridge racer series...The autumm ring and grand valley in grand turismo...Everybody knows and loves fern bay,or south city and blackwood...If instead of them we had vara raceway,porto and estoril would anyone still play the game ?
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Quote from tristancliffe :Yes, we know you like other sims' content. So go and play them.

One day, when you've grown up and are a big boy, you might be allowed to drive on a track in real life in some form or another. You clearly haven't yet.

Actually i drive on weekend time attack track days.I have a s14a Aero NA....its not very powerfull but still is a lot of fun thrashing around.
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Well the reason i made this thread is for people to express their desires for new and exciting tracks be it real life or fictional ones...

Yet almost half of the people posting here try to defend...rockingham a run of the mill boring track...

As other people said before i don't mind if some or even all of the new tracks were fictional as long as they were kick ass tracks.I mean even netkar pro that was very very limited is getting now norchliefe and spa and some fictional hill climbs along the one official the new version has.

Rfactor has a ton of amazing content ,and we are still fighting about rockingham and probably a couple more of its likes....
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Quote from DrBen :I will certainly take this into consideration! I just don't overly like the stronger smell of some cheap rubber...

BTW, I kind of had my go at the "sneak preview" with rTractor's Rockingham add-on: I liked it. But then again: It isn't really the kind of track that I'm longing for. There are others out there (fictional or not) that really lighten up my day much more.

I just say "touge" and I think most of you will know where I'm hinting at... ...Thinking Akina downhill, Akagi and such
The rfactor-supplied "Festival of Speed" track is of the kind that really meets my thoughts spot-on. Highly technical, some REAL elevetion changes, real long and heavy bumps, rally-cross hill-climb is just awesome with the street-93'-'95_Supra etc...

You see where this is going?

That's exactly what i was trying to say with this thread....We need exciting tracks.It doesn't matter if they are real or fictional as long as they are exciting.Akina ,Akagi is a tremendous example of some incredible alpine possible tracks.
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Quote from SparkyDave :Maybe you believe nobody would race on tracks similar to Rockingham after a few weeks, I believe different, as you seem to be a NFS fan then I think that says allot about your sim experience and what you expect from a track.
Some of us will spend hours, days or weeks training on the same config to shave off maybe 2 10ths per sector or to practice for a league event.
Remember its not about your perception of the quality of any particular track but more about the actual racing.
I have in the past spent months driving the same tracks like AS2 night after night in the FXO, RB4 and UFR, XFR "what a boring, simple track" you might say, but when you add in a field of 10 or 20 drivers all at very similar levels of competence then it becomes so much more.
Don’t worry about how "more better" things you want are, and buy S2 to try what we have already, but I better warn you its not NeedForSpeed... its way "more better"


For god's shake i am not a nfs fan...."tap wood...heeheheh" -i was talking about the original road and track presents need for speed one of the first real simulation games ever....

I have played lfs for years in my brothers sim rig.I wanted to speak openly (and maybe a bit too loudly) about a couple of things that's why i have this account.I have played them all,the gtr games,netkar,rfactor,grand prix legends etc... even iracing.
By the way what kept me for years in grand prix legends was its amazing tracks...If you remember it was the first sim for many many years that had norchliefe,spa,rouen,le mans,isle of man and the mind bogling 70 mile targa florio.......I really didn't care if i finish last as much as to actually finish as for me that was an accomplishment in its own right.

The gtr games have some really nice tracks,like norchliefe,macau and many of the best known world tracks.But rfactor is the game i still play even on my computer as it has some very very interesting tracks,no matter if they are real or fictional.
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Look the thing is that Rockingham in real life is an average track and in a game it become even more average and run of the mill.Those types of track after a couple of races become boring.Even if we had 4-5 new tracks of that level in a few weeks nobody would bother playing them.Were some of the legendary real life tracks and some of the best fictional ones are a blast to race for months.

The original need for speed had three fictional road segments ,one coastal,one alpine and one through a city.I played through them thousands of times and i still find them amazing.The same with some of the best fictional ones like ridge city in the ridge racer series or some of the fictional gt courses like grand valley,autumm ring etc..Even the lfs tracks like fern bay and south city are a hell of a lot of fun because they are very interesting.

I don't mind if lfs has only fictional new tracks as long as they are interesting and of very high quality.
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Quote from Zay :I'm not disagreeing with you that in the future LFS needs to have better tracks.
However, just give scavier a break. They are already working hard to get S3 out, so obviously this will not happen anytime in the future.

Also, do you realize how hard it is to just put in all these tracks you suggest? Well, first they need to travel there, laser-scan the whole track, which takes a very long time, then make it LFS-ready. AND it's not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination.

Long story short:
None of the tracks you suggest are coming anytime soon, so just give the devs a break, and enjoy LFS the way it is right now.

I am really happy that lfs development is not dead as many people were afraid including me as shown in the recent updates.But i want to be honest about some things because lying or padding someone in the back does not always help them in the end if you get what i mean.I really hope Scawen,Eric and Victor read this thread because it is as important as a graphical update or weather effects are...or maybe even more....

For god's shake nobody asks ALL those tracks to be implemented in lfs..Those tracks took a lot of time to perfect in the rfactor community,and many months/years to finish in gt5 which almost has them all...

But it is not impossible to add a couple of them,because even if licensing is expensive you can bypass it by changing the names..You can have each real track by its country it is located,for example have monza as italian precision,norchlife as german challenge etc.. And through i would love those tracks to be laser scanned the truth is that there is SO much wealth of information on those tracks that they can be faithfully reproduced without laser scanning(As there are photos of every single bump/hole).Just play f1 2010 and believe it or not no track is laser scanned(ofcourse f1 is not lfs or rfactor or iracing but still it still has the most amazing tracks ever).

And i would be more than happy having a few fictional tracks as long as they are quality ones.I mean fern bay black/long is my favorite track.Making something fictional like a coastal road segment or a hill climb or a longer and bigger city track would bring some refreshing and rejuvinating air to lfs.
Sorry for the long post but i truly feel that something special is needed to keep people interested in the game.
Please have more better tracks than rockingham
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Hi there ! Well if Scawen,Eric and Victor read this please,pretty please have a couple new tracks that are interesting.I just saw real footage of the Rockingham track and through it looks very well modeled it is nothing more than an oval speedway with various internal configurations.

Basically its a simplier version of daytona and indianapolis as it misses the crazy banking those ovals have....

I know i am very negative on many things and i often speak about the same thing....make contests for car models as there are amazing talented users in lfsmods...but after actually seeing the infamous new track i realised that after a couple of weeks when novelty wears off nobody will play this track.Its nice having it for god's shake but it's not something special.For example having norchliefe,rouen,spa,isle of man,valencia,pau,macau,circue de la sarthe(le mans),monaco,monde carlo,singapure,monza etc...those are legendary tracks....If you cannot get a license you could change their names -still everybody knows them like the back of their hand....

Lfs in my book still is the best feeling sim out there but...eventually it will be surpassed as grand prix legends eventually did no matter how good the handling was.Lfs needs a graphical improvement and more high quality interesting content...Even 3-4 (run of the mill )tracks in the long term would do nothing to increase lfs life..The game needs either some of the best real tracks or some astonishing fictional tracks.I mean who does not remember the fantastic road segments in the original nfs,or ridge city in ridge racer or grand valley in gt....
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You forget about burnout paradise crashes....
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Quote from TehPaws3D :I'm not flaming you, Don't get me wrong, But you all really have to move on. I had to bend over (yeah yeah..) For a 1500+ computer, But you all will soon, If you're rocking old hardware you will be left behind, I even had to take the "Jesus xp was so much faster" Now i use windows 7 as my main gaming computer

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit home premium build 7600. No problems, I don't know if I was completely blessed by a flawless gaming computer, or i just picked the right hardware, Sooner or later Xp is going to die out like 2000 and we can't stop it. It's 12 years old I believe, Would you keep the same tires on your car for 12 years? No. They'd be completely warn out.

Don't get me wrong Madcat, This isn't directly flaming you, But how do you expect almost 15 year old hardware to work on brand new hardware? It's not really possible. Backwards compatibility can only go back SO far. Just my 2 cents.


I can't even be bothered to hear justasim's fan jive anymore, it won't happen (3040 A.D.) And for now, Just enjoy the god damned barrier update, And if that doesn't work, Download ENB series, If that doesn't work, Stick some jumper cables on your nipples and juice your ass, See some HDR then. - rage.

Hehehheh finally you bought a decent computer ? I told you you can buy a monster gaming for $1500 and less.

As for HDR i know of Enb.An absolutely amazing pluggin .A russian guy made it and for the games and programs they made configs its bloody amazing.
There was a version for nulldc1.6 an emulator of dreamcast...I played Shenmue again with full hdr !!!
Also many other classics like mafia/deus ex 1(add also the texture and hd models addon and its like playing a remake!! ) and many other have new life.
The problem is that most configs made by other users and not the original creator are for some reason flawed.For example there is a pluggin for gtr evo/race on and rfactor but its not solid.Under most conditions it looks amazing but then at some moments it messes up....
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Quote from S14 DRIFT :Computers are technology. And technology evolves.

If you can't take having to upgrade every 3 or 4 years (and lets face it you can get a decent mobo bundle (cpu, mobo and ram) and a mid range graphics card for like £450...which for someone on average income is about 1/4 of their monthly say they set aside £15 a month (smoke/drink/party less or buy a game less or whatever) and you'll see it's not entirely unreasonable) then you shouldn't be a "computer geek".

I used to have an Nvidia 6200 many years ago and it, on a P4 3.06Mhz CPU with 1GB of ram would run on medium graphics with HDR enabled and that wasn't very good even by the stats of 2006. So if in 2011 you're still running an onboard graphics chip then why should the world hold back because of a minority of people?

Go tell them my friend!! I remember i was talking the same things a while back and it was like hitting a wall !!! You can built yourself for under $1500 dollars a pc that can play Crysis 1/1.5/2 with the full detail patches at full hd smoothly as silk and for around $1000 you can built a system that would play lfs at full hd with full 32 cars grid at least with 60 frames and a g25/g27 wheel and a 24" lcd....So even if you are poor you still can save a for a few months and buy something decent.
Will the graphics render engine get updated ?
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Hi there.I wanted to ask in hope Scawen would read this question and give us some information if the render engine for the graphics would get updated.

I am the last that would talk fairy tales of dx10 and dx11 render engines as this would need the whole lfs engine to be written through scratch.

But i strongly believe as i have seen other engines get updated from the dx8 lfs now uses to dx9c render engine.Dx9c allows the infamous Hdr alongside some better bloom lighting and pixel shader support.Actually Dx9c supports up to pixel shader level 3.Is there hope to get the above render engine update ?
This along some better models(preferably of the real cars),all the textures updated to hd ones and a good weather effects subsystem could give lfs a new life graphically speaking.