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I added screen shots of whole route.
Critical turns marked with red.
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Exactly, thanks Lucaf.
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I could add some screen shots when I have time.

To me it's exciting as it is, thanks to Eric, its beautiful environment he created.

Btw, there are no concrete objects, just signs to show you the route you should follow to set lap time.
Westhill (WE3X) - Hi-speed side roads (over 6 Km)
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Those who want to speed on the side roads of Westhill track.
Beware to the tricky right angle turns Smile

Ps. 5 lap version & sample laps added.
Westhill (WE3X) - Over 30 kilometers (18 mile), more than 100 curves.
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Those who want to cruise around with their favorite car.
Long straights, tight turns, focus demanding, absolute dynamic, highly technical and adventurous.
Sample lap added. edit:added one more

Ps. No restrictions, you can freely cruise around.
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Well done Flame!
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How it seems:
1. Buying S2, enjoying new tracks, exciting cars and time goes by for a while..
2. Enjoying new events with fellow racers or teams thinking what a awesome sim it is and of course time goes by...
3. Thinking about new developments devs talking about and imagining how its gonna be awesome with new tire physics and new stuff. So time is goes by as usual..
4. With the gained ability in time, driving few car adequately and thinking all the rest is crab, so where is the promised developments? Thinking about the progress is so slow.. time is goes by..
5. Decided to nothing left to discover in this sim, unfortunately there is not a single decent sim to play (feeling close to LFS) around and with frustration and disappointment rises.. still time is passing as usual.

So what to do? Of course people know better for themselves, but do they think it will accelerate the LFS project development speed when they say something or do here?
I doubt it.

Current content of the LFS is still waiting out there, for many, "untouched" I believe. The combinations are huge within this sim. It is not just two-three cars and two three tracks, it contains more than enough material for those willing to discover.

I am also waiting for new stuff, in silence and with patience.
So, don't worry fellow racers, this is not a solely commercial project as you aware, it is a passion for devs as I'm understood. So nothing can prevent evolution of this sim except the devs. Unless they change their mind, this thing will roll.

Those are my humble opinions, thanks for reading and also sorry for my English which is not so good.
Good day & good races to all, as usual
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I had exactly same problem like SparkyDave has for a while.
It seems solved after what I did;
The port 63392 was already defined on my firewall exception or "my ports" list. I add the port "29339" and it seems working now.

For ppl struggle with same issue, I hope this would help.
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Tampa airport designation has been changed from 18R/36L to 19R/1L recently.
The reason is shifting magnetic pole. ... fects--Tampa-airport.html ... le-forces-runway-changes/
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So, if you like debunking those kind of videos lets do it together, that's why I posted this issue here.
I just want to know what is behind this.

ACCAkut trying to give an explanation. But as I mentioned earlier, there are some videos recorded in the woods, sea shores etc..

Here you can find links from youtube, hand picked for you

Strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta Jan. 12/2012

Strange noises in the sky around the world.. ... SF-lY&feature=related

Strange Noises Heard Everywhere!!!! ... UeOr4&feature=related

STRANGE SOUNDS HEARD WORLDWIDE 2011/2012 ... Sd4Kg&feature=related

NEW Crazy Loud Noise in Sky 2012! What's Happening!? ... 7o3uE&feature=related

Strange Sounds - IRAN - Amol City. ... GWAxM&feature=related

Strange Sounds in Tokyo - 2012 ... x_wSU&feature=related

Strange Noise in the Sky ( Netherlands, Montfort ), 12 April 2012 ... MdZuQ&feature=related

"Seems like everyone on here always has the "perfect" explanation...without ever having heard it for themselves. I live in US and have heard this exact same thing...There are no airbases, airports or runways nearby. Who knows, maybe the empty field next to my house is secretly housing jetfighters and airbases under the earth and they only come out to create the noise and scare my dog."

Strange Sound heard in Puna Hawaii, Boom Shakes Town ... v_N9Y&feature=related

Strange sound in Finland ... LRcSk&feature=related

STRANGE SOUNDS in France (Auvergne) - 19/01/2012 ... teLhjM&feature=fvwrel

(В центре событий - СТРАННЫЕ ЗВУКИ)In the center of events - STRANGE SOUNDS (news) ... Pq24g&feature=related

What the HELL are these Sounds? ... F8LHw&feature=related

Strange Sounds in Venice, Florida 1/16/12 ... R44PY&feature=related

Creepy Sounds in Sky - Pickering, Ont CA ... hBGDw&feature=related

Whiskey, are you suggesting that all these people from many place around the world are adding weird sound effects to their videos to create the effect?
The possibility of adding sound effects to the videos seems quick explanation that come in one's mind when you watch first time this kind of videos. But there are dogs, cats, surrounding people responses have to be take in the account. And needles to say that this phenomena seems not a local occurrence, many places are involved.
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Some of you seem solved this mystery in a moment.

For those thinking it is not good idea to open such a thread here; This is "off topic area" isn't it?
For those trying to mocking with me; If you don't like it, not interested so what are you doing here? I tell you what, you are here because you are curious about it. You want to learn more but in the same time you are afraid.

For the "video" I posted it's link, it is obviously not my video, I never claimed that it is mine.

And while we are talking about "sounds" heard by people and recorded, please bother to check similar videos before reach any conclusion. Mono, stereo etc.. these are subjective comments (and all welcome for me). There are a lot of video out there. There are several type of "sounds" recorded AFAIK. You can find easily by yourselves to see what I'm talking about.

As I understood that you never experienced this phenomena before. I take it as a feedback from your posts by reading between the lines. It's ok. Me neither, that's what I asked the question in the very beginning.

If any of you has nothing to say to explain this subject due to the lack of information and asks questions they are all welcome.

I wish peace, love & happiness for you all.
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Pls people, if you don't interested don't visit this thread.
If you don't have anything legitimate to say regarding to the subject, just leave.
I don't need your "ideas" which is always in similar attitudes.

Thanks for your understanding.
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strange sounds
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There are many videos on tube channels about the strange sound around the World.
I wonder if anyone among you experienced this or similar phenomenon lately...

Such as; ... N8K40&feature=related
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I got Tissot PRS 516.
Wear it since 2005 and still works fine.

That watch called "on air" also has an interesting concept.
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Quote from tristancliffe :23 + 68 = ~90, so Halo just measured the 'wrong' angle.

"I found little more than 68 degree on June 21"

That means "sum of shift & 23.5 degree" Tristan.
And when I compared my findings and actual one (mentioned on the web site, see the link) there is ~20 degree error. My measurement was only visual and vastly approximated.

Quoted from
"Based on the current position of the sun at the point where it rises and sets behind the horizon, the current angle indicates the original 23.5 degree axis tilt has increased to a 49.5 degree tilt angle (aprox)."
Earth axis
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I would like to draw your attention to the Earth axis change.
You can observe this situation by checking the Sun rise while Sun on the horizon and calculate the angle. I found little more than 68 degree on June 21 (location: Ankara/Türkiye).

I search a little on the web and found below links verifying my point.
The change occurred on the axis will affected many things such as weather anomalies. You can further search on this subject if you wish.

Have a good day.
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Cocteau Twins - Evangeline
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Did you try to adjust it from profiler?

link for the profiler in case if you need; ... ware/latest_soft_main.htm
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Hi people, welcome!
Have fun with LFS which is a little gem for me.

Little advice from me; race by the book allways.. even other races look like doesn't care the rules.
Some times it could be difficult to keep up good behavior against the ones behave like a totall idiot but it is worth it.
A clean name is important to join & enjoy decent servers. You will see..


PS. At the LFS forum you may find many answers to your potential questions.
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Just the same with this thread.

You can watch the replay and read what ppl say about it, it may be help you also.
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Hi rpmmatt,

My opinion is also similar with the other ppl.
I think you can cut your time down easily more than one second if you improve minor flaws you have.
As far as I can see your PB should be around 1.34.50.
Focus on corners, they have direct impact on time as you know.
There are two things with the corners;
1. The line.
2. Slowing down.

The line; You need to improve on this by taking wider line (attachment).
Take in consideration the slip angle of the front tires.
Slip angle is difference between the direction of the tire and the car actually follows when you turn the wheel at corners.
All that means, you can turn the wheel little bit more than you think to get the car on a proper line during cornering.
Test it, you will see what I mean.

Slowing down; Use the all track, if you experience difficulties with braking on kerbs, get used to it by practicing more.
Trail braking also the thing you need to master on. On the T2 (Turn 2, after the long straight) you could easily shaved considerable time with this technique.
Be very smooth when you approaching the apex.

On your replay, I also noticed that you need to pay attention to weight shift during the cornering. Avoid sharp direction change and use gas pedal smoothly.
For example; releasing the brake pedal instantly on the T2 results is understeer on corner entry. This is why you need to practice on trail braking.

Have a nice day.
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After upgrading from XP to Win 7, FPS dropped dramatically to 20s.
I check many things but was not worked.
I was playing windowed mode previously, now I changed it to full screen mode and FPS issue solved.
Now it is around 80 -100 most of the time.
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There are many valuable explanations above. I might just add that you need to pass last turn as good as possible in order to clock good time on split 1.

I am assuming that you are using my setup.
I don't remember what degree I was using when I was create that set but since you have Momo you could play "Wheel Turn Ratio" adjustment primarily.
This adjustment works like this if don't know yet;

First, adjust the "Wheel Turn" to 270 (for momo).
1 is linear, means, the wheel you see in the car is moving in a same degree with your wheel attached to desk at the middle areas.
0 is non-linear; car wheel is moving more than you turn in all areas.
You may choose 1 or 0 or in between (better). Test it to find sweet point.

If you want to continue in technical side, keep reading.
If no, above suggestions are enough to improving to some degree IMO.

Technical aspects:
You need to consider weight transfer issue and try to work on this.
After you figure out what happening during braking which is one of the most important thing IMO, you will understand how the weight transfers to the front than sides and
how this movement affects braking performance/suspension setup and overal performance during entering the curve.

Evaluate your performance with 3 sections (plus preparation stage) while cornering;

1. Preparation
2. Entering
3. Middle (apex)
4. Exit

And ask those questions while you cornering the most critical curve on the track -it will be the corner after the long straight on BL1 (lets call it T2) in this case;
1. Preparation: During the slow down (prior the entering stage) are brakes locking and you are missing the line and so apex?
if yes> Try to lover brake pressure and/or consider little early braking.

2. Entering. Let say you managed slow down perfectly and enter the curve, is car understeering/oversteering? (I assume that you are using whole track, means far left to apex)
if yes & if its understeering maybe your wheel input is too fast. Try softer input. Decrease the speed and work on this without reaching your maximums.
Oversteering (OS)> Normally it should oversteer in a degree. All the fast sets are little oversteers, you can try it. The thing is can you manage this OS? Or is it a problem for you?
If you want more grip at the back there are few things you can do. First, LFS Manual is full of info on this, quick check list included.

Few tips: For correcting oversteer;
-Soften rear dampers or harden front dampers.
-Decrease rear tire press. or increase front tire press.
These are for "entering".
If you are experiencing OS at the middle of the curve you also have to consider the anti roll bars (ARB).

Note: Since OS and US (understeering) are the opposite concepts, correcting one of them will likely increasing other.

3. Middle. Anti-roll Bars effects the car performance in the middle section.
BL1/XFG combo ARB: I have seen many setups and I made many, all I can say that rear is between zero and 30-35 and front is max. 60-70 N/mm.

Note-2: Consider the performance on other curves while altering the adjustments.
You have to adapt yourself to different curves with their characteristics with small flaws. I mean, if you adjust the set for T2 perfectly, what about other curves?
That's why adjusting the car for a specific track is little tricky and sometimes frustrating.
First you need to understand what is going on than you can take corrective action whether it is adjusting or just practicing & improving the driving style.

4. Exit. Evaluate yourself while exiting; is there OS or US?
XFG tends to US generally on exits, so this is normal in a point. If its too much for you than you can try;
-Harden the rear dampers (or lover front)
-increase rear tires pressure (or decrease front)
-Sometimes decreasing the front ARB little could help.

Note-3: If you decide to modify setup;
1. Make a copy
2. Try one adjustmet at a time
3. Perform the new test as close as previous test (important).


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Hi Genesis, regarding your questions there are many answers.
Setting up the car is little annoying at the beginning, than its becomes easy in time. All you need to do is read the manuals, practice & observe and make "one" change per session.

If your set is "tail happy"; for me, its means either your front dampers are too soft (or backside is hard), or your brake balance bias towards rear too much and tire pressures/cambers are needs re-adjustment.

All you need to do is; "read" what your car do while taking the most important curve on the track for you;
* entering the curve
* mid curve
* exiting the curve

i.e. ; if you experience oversteer when you enter the track, means the weight is transferred towards the forward end so quickly that rear tires starting loose their grips. You need to harden front dampers.

This is just an example, you can find many example in the manuals.

To use your tires without heating them too much is a little tricky. Generally, softer suspension is better for bumpy surfaces and tire heating problem also. Adjusting Anti-roll bars to much is also heat up your tires quickly especially on slow curves.

By saying "Slow-in" you mean "slip angle"? If you experiencing oversteer and difficulties turn-in in the same time, it could be the toe adjustment. To see that, make front toe -1 or -2 and test it (rear can be zero or +1). My sets are adjusted as front -1 and rear +1 mostly.
You can start camber settings -2.5 degree for fronts and -3.5 to 4.5 for rears and you can test it to find "sweet spot".

You can find related links below.

Good luck.