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S2 licensed
yeah i agree if u could somehow get the programme to recognise timing out specifically would be kool

also this has happened to me a few times.... i bump those red + white barriers at like 5 km/h....and it says i went into restricted area....but my car didnt go anywhere but like 3 cm back from the barrier

is it meant to be like that ?
has that happend to anyone else ?

S2 licensed
thanx for that franky

2 more things:

a) where can i find the hack for the no helmet thing (is it safe to use ?)
b) can we have more officers in server #2, i havent seen ANY

Thanx again
S2 licensed
wow huge thread
3 questions:

a) can anyone give me a link to a WORKING police siren to replace horn 5?
b) am i allowed to be a Cadet at anytime ? or only when officers/ admins are around ?
c) can you PLLLLLEASE unban me from server #1

(PS: awesome server, if only there were more cops on :P)

Thank u
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