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I understood you correct, it`s working OK using your guide
Thanks a lot
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Quote from Ant0niS :...
-Start SimAdapter as usual on you "gaming-pc".

I was going toward this
So basically, no way of having SimAdapter listen to LFS from 2nd PC

I wish development has gone further, and implement InSim

It would be interesting to see at least lap count and times (and maybe a G-force buble moving ).

Anyway, thanks for the help
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I`ve stumbled on this peace of SW and I really like how it looks, but like the most guys I can`t get it working with LFS
Does someone knows the cfg.txt setting or proper "ini" settings that will work over LAN.
I`ve tried all sorts of parameters but no data is shown.
My config is:
LFS PC - (LFS z28)
TacaTec PC with usb monitor - (TacaTec
I start the insim at 29999,
then start TacaTec, but can`t see that anything is connecting to LFS

The "read me" file is in some strange language, can`t translate it with google, and I`ve tried all the things that point to LFS and IP settings but no luck.

I would really like to try it, any help ?
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VLFSD is working OK for me, nice peace of SW.
I`m using 2 PC's, so in my cfg.txt Outgauge section I have

OutGauge Mode 2 (default is 0, 2 is for race & replays)
OutGauge Delay 5 (default)
OutGauge IP (IP of PC running VLFSD)
OutGauge Port 30000 (put what ever you won`t but match it in VLFSD setup section in UDP port field!)
OutGauge ID 0 (default)

In the closed topic for VLFSD I`v found the solution for using Picture Frame as second monitor, and after a big help from fellow racer Jadran, I`ve managed to get it going.
One thing about this solution you need to consider:
So, changes in ledbar, rpm, and speedo are not accurate.
Most of GAUGE SWs that I`ve found are made for normal screen resolution, and PIC Frames are 800x400 at the best, so another thing to consider (I can see only half of VLFSD .
If you can, use real monitor or if money isn`t an issue bye TOUCH SCREEN SCREEN
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Installed all required SW, finished setup, run ...
All is working OK

Great job, can`t wait v 2.0

Will do more testing for bugs, crashes, ...

Keep it going
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Thanks for upload

The apps installed correctly, looking nice, but ...

I have just one question:

I`m using more than one PC, so is there some way to change Outgauge IP in SimAdapter ?
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It's sad to see that such great SW is unavailable

It would be nice if someone upload it and share it, or write why it`s nowhere to be found. I couldn't find the reason why doesn't work.
Maybe the developer decided to earn some cash from it (which is OK) and renamed the product name and forgot to advertise
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As much as I try to understand this bitwise stuff and try to learn about flags in VB, i can`t manage to see shift light. Looking at LFS virtual gauges, I can see "shift up" sign when over revving but red square below gear label won`t appear.
Tried all the combinations for variables, even made a separate labels for each flag, followed all the examples and posts, still no success.
Someone mentioned that shift light will only work for manual shifting but I tried to change (G25 shifter configured) but again only paddles work for gear change.
Maybe I`m asking stupid questions, but I would like if someone will point me into right direction.
Thanks in advance!
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I hate it when people ask for a solution, get some sort of guidance and ideas, solve their problem and walk away
I`m having all sorts of ideas for building me a real simulator and while browsing the internet, I found too many people leaving all others in dark.
I would like to see that someone really share his knowledge and let us see the finished product. If that someone was getting into project to make some money of it, than I don`t expect him to share the knowledge, just a finished product
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no additional comments needed
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Good thinking about fairness,
like all of us don`t know what is fair and clean
The point is that when one gets into the battle, only few LFS racers can remember to pay attention for others.
Nobody can change this fact, so beside hard administration of minus points, there`s absolutely no way to sort these things.
At the end, one thing remain, respect fellow racer and drive fair!
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I agree with admin about the things concerning unfairness and the fact that some guys don`t care about others on track.
On the other hand, why did admins decided to go for 32 cars grid if they can`t manage it?
I`m talking about the big pile up in T1 at the start of both races in round 1.
I saw that cars in front of me are spinning, lifted off the throttle, and got slammed from behind.
When I asked admin why he didn`t do a restart with a warning, the answer was that it wasn`t a "big crash" . (Yeah, I was the only one on the roof )
If 10 cars are involved in incident, and that`s one third of the grid, that is enough for a restart IMO.
I agree that we should be more careful, but admins should look the whole grid and not just fast racers in the front.

Other thing that I would like to say is about famous "LAG" lap.
Why are we wasting time for this, when later in the race some players are lagging the whole server, and make it hard for the others or crash in T1 of LAG lap and spectate and moan about wrong start position on restart.

POOL 1 was a disgrace to LFS (not counting the front of the grid), and I hope that we would be wiser in round 2.

To many unsolved issues and the league has already started
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I`m for 3rd pool also.
I`ll probably miss one race (holiday trip), so I vote for bigger driver list
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lap 43/time 1:03:30/ race
#04 and #24
At the end of lap 43 our car 04 goes into pits for driver change and Car 24 hits us from behind causing us to spin.
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Finaly this season is over!

Big thanx to NDR for organizing everything.
Congratulations to winer and finishers!

This was my last NDR oval race, cause I can`t stand the SC car no more
I know it`s interesting for someone to manage and watch the field going 60 mph, but for me it ruins the racing feeling.
Putting out SC for every single incident and holding it 5-10 laps isn`t OK.
I could understand SC if someone is flipped or standing on racing line, but other than that

Anyway, who am I to judge what`s right or wrong, so once more thanx for everything and cya on track
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If i could get server info (pw) it would be nice !
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I`v finally managed to sort my connection, and wasn`t so bad in Q, but made a mistake at start due to cold tires, and end up to the back.
I`m sorry for couple of contacts, there were no intention from my side, but people were pushing even if there was no room to pass.
SC ruined yet another fine race, because nobody had respect after restart, like we were racing for money. Mixed filed should of been sorted prior to restart, so we could see who is racing against who, and it was too late for SC anyway (guy was getting a sun tan on the beach for a couple of laps till SC came out).
I would like to point out another thing to the admins (if they were present) :
keep track about blue flag rule during race, and for cars constantly exiting the pit w/o looking for others, some drivers clearly doesn`t have a clue about the meaning of certain rules.
I won`t file any protest or watch the replay, just want to have clean,fair and interesting race. IMO, all incidents were "racing" incidents, and this was one of the best events for me (finished one after long time).

Gratz to winer, podium, and all finishers!
Cya on KY1!
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I`m glad that all of you had awesome fun
Sadly for me , my connection was poor again
I`m sorry if I was distracting all racers during start of Qualy, but was eager to join and race.
Gratz to finishers, hope that I`ll be able to join BL.
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Great news, good luck in organizing upcoming events
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Since I lost connection during first part of pool2 race, I`ll ease my pain and sorrow here.

Of course I want to thank all of YOU for this amazing league. This was my first OLFSL. It was so well organized that I can`t wait for next season. It wouln`t be a good idea for me to name all the people that made this possible (i would probably miss someone) , so I thank all and every one involved. Keep up the good work, hopefully for many years to come.

BR, Igor
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Lucky me! :banghead:
My ISP is worst on planet Earth! :arge:
Sadly I don`t have any alternative, so I`m hoping for better connection next time.
Good luck and gratz to finishers
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@ all

Please don`t post no more about incident in lap 39.
If we continue to argue it will never end.
I`ve thanked my teammate Ki-men for his support, and asked him not to post any more about this.
I think the best way is to let admins (judges) decide and I`ve told this to Pik-d also.
Since none of us involved can be objective about this, I can only hope that ones who will decide can be objective enough.

BR, Igor
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Just to add one more thing:

I really feel bad about all of you thinking I intentionally hold back the cars behind me.
I never did such a thing on purpose, ever!
Even when we were doing oval races, after each restart there was always somebody with a gap in front of him, and sure he had advantage of that. Nobody ever sanctioned someone for that!
Please stop accusing me about not being fair and clean racer, it insults me a lot!
I feel so frustrated about all this and hope that it will stop.

Instead of fun racing, we got into harsh argue that will lead into noting good.
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Quote from aroX123 :I had a great start of that restart and i gave as much room as possible but i got hit later on
some idiot thougth 4 wide would be allrigth ;S

Yes, you were collateral damage, sorry for that, but managed to stay on track!
I hope you`re not calling me an idiot. If you are, I`ll have some thing to say into your account.
I had a wonderful restart but all my sweat and risk went to hell, and someone calls that "unsportsmanlike tactic". I wish I had some tactic other than steady pace and careful driving, maybe I would`ve survived two crashes, but .....
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@ pik_d

You`re starting a big fight my friend!
You won`t accept my explanation, or from anyone else.
We could go on about this whole life time, so please let`s stop it now.
When we were in DSR_R2F1 I was a rookie or a noob if you like, but many miles have past since than. I remember you as a fair and fast driver so don`t make a bad impression justifying something so obvious.
Again, please let the admins, judges, marshals or anyone else be the judge of issues that happened.
All the best, Igor