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S3 licensed
New version updated:
Gutholz skin has been added! tnx mate!!!
Differential settings has been locked to open diff only (as it was in first release).
Suspension bug fixed
few more setup fixes and tweaks.

Base setup is not great, so much room for improvement with setup tweaks.
S3 licensed
Excellent work! i would love to test it, looks outstanding!
S3 licensed
Quote from Gutholz :
Here are two skins I made for this car. You are free to include them with the mod, if you want.
First one is based on the logo of Löve (, I thought it could make for interesting skin.
The "Hot Stuff" skin is a basic gradient with few extras.
I left the protection bars and cage in light colors, so it is still possible to adjust their color in LFS.

The flame graphic is from wikimedia by Mimooh:
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The source .svg files are included, so anyone may make their own variations.
(add your driver name/number, change colors or make something completly new)

Tnx alot, i love the skins! we ll add atleast one for sure in next update with suspension fixes!

Quote from Scawen :About the suspension bug / disappearing wheels issue mentioned here:

Here is my comment from a different mod with the same issue:

Tnx alot Scawen. We did tweaks following your advice´s and the issue did not came up again so far. We ll test bit more to be sure but is working very good atm.
About real car suspension i ll leave some ref pics in here. We tried to make it closer as we could, and now is even closer since the last tweaks.
S3 licensed
Quote from fatalunfair :I am not sure where I should report this, so I'll go with here.

I found a funny bug when fiddling around with suspension setup of the FORM07 vehicle mod. I was trying to make a 'wheelie setup' for the car, and when the front suspension motion range of this particular car is set to above or 0.115m (maximum is 0.120m), the front tyres just completely disappear from existence when you join the track. I can only speculate what is going on, so decided to post it here.

Tnx for spotting this mate, i think we fixed it now. We tested and didnt could make it happen again. We gonna test bit more and upload soon.
S3 licensed
Good to know your pov Scawen. About your last question, i think ingame rating ll help to have more reviews for each mod. Anyway i belive in future Staff ll have to increase the base rating to approve mods. Anyway ll be alot better so i support this new feature. Tnx
S3 licensed
Very cool car! gonna be very fun for epic races
S3 licensed
Great project! looking foward to this one! love it.
S3 licensed
Quote from Gutholz :Personally I would prefer to keep the open differential.
First, because the mod is based on real series so it would be cool to keep it as real as possible.
With other (better) option nobody will use the open differntial and experience the car as it is "meant to be." (If I may say so, afterall it is your mod, I hope it is clear what I try to say.)

Second, the character of a car is also built by its limits and flaws.
If a a car allows every option and everything can be adjusted, then it becomes faster and "better" but it also loses character.
Actually I think LFS in general allows a bit too much freedome here, seeing how detailed the setups can be adjusted even for low-budget cars. On one hand it is interessting to squeeze out every last miliseconde by finetuning the gearbox, suspension etc but on the other hand it is not something a real-life XFG driver would have the money to do. Instead it might be a choice between a handful of final drive ratios and if does not 100.000% fit the track: Well, bad luck. Wink
It is also a nice challenge having to deal with such limitations.

Glad to read that bud! really preciate your point of view. Obviusly we still think is the best way, use open diff only, since this is the way the mod first came out but. But as said above, since many ppl dont use ffb steering wheel we understood that can be bit too difficult to enjoy with other type of controls. Atm we think that being able to use open diff still an option this way, so is bit more suitable to everyone.

Quote from Rodriguiño :I have exactly the same criteria as you about the open diff, based on the fact that the mod is inspired by a real serie.

I think that the problem, not always, but perhaps most of the time, is found by people who are still running lfs with keyboard or mouse and that is something that takes a lot away from the experience and also makes those who mode using those controls not feel certain wrong settings in their mods, like the caster, just to name one.

thanks for this great contribution.

I couldnt be more agree.

Quote from Gutholz :tiny bug: If you look backwards then the small pieces holding the brakelights are invisible. (lights float in air)

tnx mate, forgot to fix that! added to the fix list!

Quote from ian.b :Esta tremendo segui asi que la rompe

Gracias papá! si organizan una carrera avisen que me encantaría participar. Saludos!
S3 licensed
Some progress on the 3D model itself has been made. Wish i could spend more time on it but i can barely spend an hour each day. Anyway we are moving forward

-Windows names
-1 body option (skinned rear windows like real car class often do)
-1 extra skin

-Differential setups allowed
-Body fixes
-Base skin clean up

Leave an screen that show most of them:

Not uploaded yet, im trying to add few more things.
S3 licensed
Very good idea! congrats!
S3 licensed
Quote from farcar :Really fun car to drive. Thanks for the mod!

Tnx alot! glad you like it

Quote from KevinRacer :Great mod but please allow us to use other differentials Frown(

it has been requested before, we did the physics testing with FFB wheel and we loved how it behaves, but after your comments we understood that with other controllers could be very tricky to enjoy that way.

We are going to allow other differentials in next update wich is in work already. Tnx for your feedback guys!

Quote from Snoop.DriftEra :Made few laps today at FernBay. Really fun to drive with it's power/weight ratio and layout!!! About diff, we have to live with that if it's not allowed by this class (is it?), it adds some spice anyway.
I'd like to see you finish the engine model/texture and add some realism to rims (I never liked these LFS S1 style rims). Oh, and the aninmtion..

I'd like to see this class events sometime!!!

Tnx Snoop! irl these cars have open diff only but we can improve the real life experience i guess! Big grin
About the rims we might change it, i have them already modeled in 3D but didnt tried to put them in LFS yet so i dont really know how it works. Once i finish current 3D improvements i ll look at them!

And yes! if someone make an event i would love to be part!!

Quote from RE Amemiya :Awesome mod!

Glad you like it! tnx for your feedback.
S3 licensed
Yes exactly, in the mods web page
S3 licensed
Quote from Flame CZE :Select by smoothing group - Shift + click on a group number
Select by map - Shift + click on a mapping in tris mode
Select surrounding triangles of the same group - Ctrl + Shift + click

Great, tnx mate! very useful shortcuts, were can i see all of them? tnx in advance
S3 licensed
Could it be possible to add "skin template" able to download in mod page?

S3 licensed
Quote from Scawen :We have "allow tweak mods" filter, to filter out all those mods that are simply edited LFS cars with slight modifications. They are fairly unpopular and I agree, they swamp the list of mods with cars that make you want to yawn and go straight to sleep. I mean, how many different power levels of an XRT do we need to see? Big grin Wow, how original, an XR GT TURBO with a different engine! OMG why didn't I think of that! Big grin

But maybe I am misunderstanding you, because I'm surprised if you haven't seen the effect of switching off "allow tweak mods" as it should be OFF by default.

Hi Scawen, good point, but i would take it even further. I been racing LFS since it first came out and i really love it. I also love 3d modeling and i been messing with mods in many different sims. Being able to finally mix modding and LFS its great! i already published one car made from scratch and really enjoy modding it.

Anyway since nothing is perfect, i found something that im concern about LFS modding so far. There is a rush from many moders that already made many unfinished mods base on 3D models made elsewhere. Maybe im becaming old but way back being a moder was about making your own content, and since you had to put effort on making it, we use to work hard in every aspect of our mods before upload.

By all this words made short i mean, such long list of unfinished mods ll end up making LFS servers full of non desirable content and might effect the sim experience in a bad way.

I know you already did the "approved" list of mod, wich is great, but anyway i feel that uploading filters should be more restrictive even in "WIP" stage. And if you think its right even i would like to see "from scratch content" filter or something like that to encourage people to stop using so many existing 3D models and rushing releases. This is not just for the model itself, in most cases this rush in making content have an impact in the "finished" mods that is aviable for download... being able to keep jumping in cars with inverted FFB since have wrong suspension geometry, lack of lods or even skins mapping ll end up making players stop trying to find good quality mods.

Hope it wont be rude for anyone, but i seen other games with millions of mods, wich very few were actually good, and those end up bad.
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S3 licensed
i wish we could have more selection tools:
Select by smoothing group
Select by maps (ie in "map" section add a button that say "select related tris")
Select object: the tris of a certain isolated group of tris would select at once.
Selection "grow", "loop", "edge" as 3D studio have.

This kind of selection tools would make the mapping process less time consuming or even modelling process.

ps: in the mapping video tutorial i seen a quick selection of a planar face, i couldnt find the way to do it so if you can help would be great.
S3 licensed
Loving this car, hope they release it soon! tnx for sharing it!
S3 licensed
Some updates has been made, we might upload them soon.

Things we been working on are:
-New Skins
-Fix windows tint
-Improved materials in some objects
-New Steering wheel made from scratch
-Base setup fixes

Leave a pic of the new steering wheel and attach other improvements screens too.

Hope you like them!
S3 licensed
tnx alot mate! since i have only one seat on my mod, i would not be that important to have such nice texture! anyway tnx for your help! srsly!
S3 licensed
great work! keep it going and dont rush it! there´s no point of releasing it very far from what you expect to be finished. We are going to enjoy it same way if its sooner or later!
S3 licensed
Quote from PeterN :Very minor glitch, can see through the car where it's highlighted.

Tnx for spoting this Peter! Is now fixed!

Quote from Flame CZE :Shame it only has open diff, it has no traction when turning right Frown

As Rodriguiño said, the original car is open diff. Once you get used to it, being fast depends on avoiding the diff slip! can be really fun atleast imho.

Quote from gtamax89 :Wow, excellent mod. Very fun to drive, I need to race online at 20 in SO sprint juju.
Please add road tires for gravel zonal & RX ;-)

Thats a good idea! could be done in future updates.

Another fix that we made is glass tint, is now more close to original LFS cars... missed that in first upload.

Rodriguiño has ben messing with ia. Another thing to keep learning

S3 licensed
I love it! even when LFS dont really take advantage of that layers of modelings is really nice to see. Would love to drive it!
S3 licensed
Quote from Gutholz :I do not have Photoshop and opened the file with Irfanview.
Are the roof and sideview meant to overlap like this? Or maybe it is my software?

Dont worries, they are not overlap. Some of the things you see there are from interior body others for outside, etc.
Anyway wireframe is one of many guidelines ive done for this skin template. They are only useful for the skin editing. You ll turn them off once you have your skin ready, this ll only help you to make good flow lines across the model.

It is only for PSD (photoshop).
S3 licensed
Car mod has been submitted, ll be rdy for download soon i hope. Leave skin template here.

it is a PSD file.

hope you make some cool skins!
S3 licensed
Quote from ACCAkut :Really cool project!

Thanks mate, glad to see you here! (fan_rjs here)