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Demo licensed
Quote from jkat :OMFG how people can be so stupid to show stats from couple of hundreds of laps and all pb's reached with a speed hack Face -> palm

This is mother of stupidity Looney

Quote from PusicDrift :You can't run from them Big grin , they will always be some like this guy.

Quote from Hakseli90 :You deserve nothing... 1. Those are not legit stats. 2. You're speedhacker.

First of all i'm disapointed on how you can be so closed mind maybe you are young so i will let go,
I'm playing this game on demo for a long time and i'm actually 80% of the time only drifting, i'm using tweak not for "speedhack" as you are saying but to build some engine with more fun through Pro-Tweaker and only on Tweak-server, so i'm doing nothing wrong, if i'm actually using those tweaks it's because i love the game but when u keep playing with the same XRG that is really not powerfull you just get bored so you maybe don't understand this but when you can't get the game, you deal with what you got.

I'm only posting my stats because i'm truly honnest and i don't care of what you think, my stats show you that i've been playing for a long time and that what was asking kristofferandersen i never said that those pb was revelant.

If now that you know everything you still think i'm not appropriate for this, no problem i didn't know that pb was important for this giveaway, Too bad for me,it will please someone else, no problem.

nb : please, sorry my english i'm kind of rusty.
Demo licensed

I would like to participate, i'm playing lfs demo for so many years i really enjoy this game and i would be happy to join S2 community. I'm about 8000 km actually.
Here a stats screenshots

eferlan (Keisuke in game)