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Quote from Klouczech :I did a hotlapping race on rallyecross track with my old BMW and had a great time and results.
I was worried about my car but only rear dampers are dead.

Nicely driven and looks like an interesting track!

Here's one of me on a similar sprint event at a slightly less exciting track, don't need an expensive car to have fun...

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Quote from Fordman :I got Rfactor free with my G27 wheel purchase and I have finally installed it, just to see what it is about.

I have downloaded the RealFeal plugin as recommended but I was wondering from anybody with experience, what is the mod's to have?

I did a little goggling, and I have got the V8 Aussie Mod ( very impressive ) and the FRR Clio Cup ( yet to test )

Mostly interested in closed wheel mods.



If you have GTL then get the Historic GT mod, both GTL cars and quite a lot of new stuff with much improved physics, you need GTL for the disc check.

Anything else that Niels did the physics for is worth trying, Corvette, Supra, F1 Turbo car and although I haven't tried it I'm sure the NSX is great as well.
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It was a horrible accident but I don't think the impact was that unusual compared to other crashes where drivers have escaped with much less serious injuries. I expect the actual speed differential will be lower than whatever the speculation is on the internet, which seems to be suggesting around 100mph. The Ferrari wasn't stationary at the point of impact and is another car that is slightly heavier than the DP, not an immovable object.

I'd rather be in an open top LMP car (or 20 year old open top IMSA car) with some form of front impact attenuator. The Ferrari probably wouldn't come anywhere near the driver's cell if there had been some kind of decent crash structure a in front of the driver's legs...

Quote from PMD9409 : ... and-am-visit/966d2753.jpg

This is just ridiculous for a car class that only started 10 years ago, the front end protection looks like it came straight out the 70s. Crash structures can be simple metal tubes, of which sufficient test data and empirical models are available to even avoid the need for crash testing. You will find a far better example of a front end crash structure on a modern road car.

Quote from Yuusei :I believe it did the job

It has completely failed, just look at where he has ended up, his head is above the original roofline. Looking at the picture of the Fabcar DP it would seem they have less structure to stop the chassis buckling than is commonly fitted in the form of door bars to production car rollcages.
Best current FPS games?
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What are peoples recommendations on the modern crop of FPS games?

I've recently upgraded my PC to a modernish spec with GTX 660 so now I should be able to play the modern games.

I've got TF2 and L4D2, like both of them but after something a bit less cartoony, only interested in multiplayer and not too keen on massive vehicle dominated maps, want something that is easy to pick up and play as I don't have much time for playing games.

My all time favourite FPS was MOHAA, brilliant online and nice simple gameplay mechanic. I also enjoyed BF2 and COD:WAW, but they were never as much fun as MOHAA.

I'm not really sure if BF4 is easy to pick up or has non-vehicle dominated maps/servers and I'm put off the current COD games having tried, and not really enjoyed, the first Black Ops on PS3.
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Quote from Intrepid :No irony. Race pace vs f1 they are comparable

Only 7 seconds a lap slower...

Fastest race lap, Suzuka (both dry) 2013:
Super Formula: 1.41.665
F1: 1:34.587
7.1 secs a lap slower

Pole position Suzuka:
Super Formula: 1:37.774
F1: 1:30.915
6.9 secs a lap slower
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Visiting the parents this weekend, spent the evening digging out bits of computers and game controllers.

Found my DFP with Frex conversion but for some reason it wouldn't power up. So found a USB gamepad to use instead.

Tried to get an old PC running, went out and got a CPU fan (all the pegs had broken through age and the fan was in the bottom of the case!), then for some reason it wasn't recognising USB game controllers.

In the end got it running on my laptop with the game controller, but looks like everyone has finished, probably for the best, LX6 round SO classic is a bit of a handful with it!

Definitely up for joining if people want to do it again.
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I'm up for joining this. Have to admit I was only a demo racer in the S1 days, bought S2 at launch though!
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Quote from kars19 :I can't find AC topic on iRacing forums There was big topic with multiple pages...
I wasted 12$ :ouch:

111 page topic in 'Other gaming' sub forum
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Err think I might rethink what I'd rather watch :doh: ... amp;utm_medium=socialflow

Seriously this thing is pants compared to the Formula Student electric cars, both in terms of spectacle and out right performance!
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Quote from keiran :Seeing all the videos and the glowing comments I've decided to see if I can get my computer up to spec so I can at least give it a bash! Can't really justify spending a fortune on it just now so hoping upgrading is a possibility to get me going with a playable frame rate.

Intel Dual E2180 @ 2ghz
2GB ram

Obviously I need to update the graphics card. Is that enough?

I believe you need a CPU upgrade more than graphics card.

I recently upgraded from an E6750 (better than the E2180) and 3GB ram to a i5 4570 and 8 GB ram.

I kept my graphics card (460 GTX) and noticed a huge improvement in stability playing AC, despite the framerate not actually improving much. It seems my old CPU caused a lot of jerkyness that wasn't truely reflected by looking at the framerates which were always decent.

iRacing now runs happily with everything maxed out with a 100fps cap, I used to get big drops in fps with full grids in view, but haven't noticed it drop from the cap at all since upgrading. Getting stable framerates makes everything so much better for sim racing.

I'm not sure you will need to upgrade graphics card, my system started with a 8800GT and upgrading to the 460GTX I didn't see much improvement, the CPU was always the bottleneck.

EDIT: here's a link to the thread showing the bits I got, been very happy with it. Note if you're running a system of a similar vintage to mine you'll probably need a new PSU (for 8 pin CPU plug) and maybe even DVD drive (IDE is obsolete/SATA only now). ... d=128951&d=1388145430
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My times on Joux Plane forward:

Formula Abarth 5:10.492
BMW Z4 GT3 5:47.576
Ferrari 599XX 5:54.596
Lotus 49 6:06.572

All replays here: ... lZSC1ONEU&usp=sharing
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Did 5.25 in the Formula Abarth on the Joux Plane forward, lots more speed to come out of it, sure it can do a sub 5 minute run.
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Quote from sil3ntwar :That RBR stage + Formula Abarth is mental.

My eyes popped out driving this, was just about to go to bed, then ended up driving this for 3 hours!
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In the end I ordered a 4570 from ebuyer and it arrived as advertised on Christmas Eve, see the pic for everything I got including a CX PSU!

The difference is remarkable, iRacing now stays on a 100fps cap with everything on maximum throughout race starts and in AC the increase in frame rate has been minimal (I knew it was GPU limited), however, it now runs a lot smoother, the red & blue traces in the render stats app (don't know what they mean) just stay as straight lines now, they used to jump all over the place.

Also very impressed with how quiet it is now, going from an 80 to 120mm PSU fan and maybe the new Intel CPU fan have made such a difference.
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Quote from AC Support :Now the forum requests Steam Integration to read threads. This is a little countermeasure against users with pirated software.
When it asks for a password, you need to insert the password of the FORUM USER profile, not Facebook neither Steam.

Quote from DeKo :The default in the driver is 3 (which is what 0 in AC uses), so yeah you're basically right, setting to 1 helps a ton.

Ah interesting, will give that a go then!
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Quote from Boris Lozac :Asked Kunos what's the deal with that Max frame latency and why's it default at 0.

" I think the guys at nvidia,amd and intel developing the driver know better That is why it defaults to whatever they choose."

Not exactly sure what he meant, that it wasn't his choice or what..

Surely rendering frames ahead will introduce a form of input lag, so it would be a bad idea on a system that can handle rendering in real time. Presumably on an old system that can't cope with rendering in real time it is better to get a steady stream of frames even though they are slightly out of date.

Or have I misunderstood how pre-rendering frames works?
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Quote from Boris Lozac :This is the guy from AC forums, he was explaining his experience with the game and the real thing on Silverstone

What i think is, that we're still far of of this kind of experience in our sims.. The car wants to rip his arms off the wheel, you don't have that in a sim, he always have to do corrections and he's always wrestling with the car. In a sim, best laps are always so clinical, you can make your lap look silky smooth..
Don't know, i'm kinda in a state of accepting that it will never feel similiar to that and it's a bit depressing..

It's already possible, at a price...
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I didn't see/can't comment on the post that started this thread.

However, glad to see something is being done about the standards on the forum, too many lines have been crossed in my opinion of late on this forum, the two that stand out a mile is racism and insulting dead people.

I am pretty surprised that this forum is effectively condoning a certain individual's pro-apartheid remarks, I'm sure I can't be the only one to have reported the posts...

This is a public forum and it isn't always possible to tell the difference between a bit of innocent humour and the type of right wing psychopath who really thinks civil rights was a bad thing.
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Quote from J.B. :
One thing I'm really enjoying with the DTM M3 at Imola is the way the rear of the car dances around controllably under heavy braking, something I haven't felt in a sim before.

Also the way the balance changes between on and off throttle is great.

These really sum up what makes AC such a great driving experience, for the first time in a sim I've been able to feel and understand the car sliding well within the actual limit. I think AC is the only sim experience I've had where it is natural and easy to drive at a quick but controlled pace. I tried some laps in iRacing the other night and was struggling to drive in a straight line in the Lotus 49.
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I thought £350 would be more than enough to cover what I need. What do you think to the list attached from Aria (they are still advertising guaranteed delivery)?

As for motherboards/CPU generation, the i5 4670 and H87 seems to be well within budget. I can't see why I need anything more than a basic H87?

More silly questions:
1. I've got IDE DVD drives and can't see it listed on the motherboard specs, is it no longer standard fit/do I need to buy a new DVD drive?

2. What is the 4/8 pin CPU connector called on motherboard spec? I read somewhere that a 4 pin power connector can be used in an 8 pin socket without adaptor is this true?

3. What happens to my Windows install (got legit Win 7 Home Premium retail) if I change motherboard, do I have to do a full reinstall or just some verification thing?
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What force feedback settings are people running?

I was running the defaults (1 gain, 100/80/20 kerb/road/slip effects), but I read elsewhere that 0.7 gain, 0/0/0 effects gave less clipping and got rid of canned effects. Only tried a few laps on the new settings and not too sure which I prefer yet.

On a side note AC has spurred me to upgrade my PC, any suggestions would be appreciated in this thread
Need a CPU upgrade...
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Time has come for an upgrade to my CPU/motherboard, but I'm a bit lost at what I should be getting. If you could pick some parts for me to get that would be appreciated!

Most taxing work it needs to do is iRacing (currently big time CPU limited) and AC (GPU limited at the moment, but worry that story might change come full grids). I would like to make my computer a bit quieter as well.

On the shopping list:
CPU - not bothered about overclocking
Quiet CPU fan - only bothered about noise so if retail is quiet will stick with that

Carry over:
Nvidia 460 GTX
Windows 7 Home Premium
Hard drives and DVD drives

Not sure if carry over (only considering changing for noise really):
Antec Basiq 500W (only has 4 pin CPU connector)
Aztec case

For the bin:
Intel E6750

Budget: as little as needed for the next gen sim racing/max £350

Would like to order from somewhere that still does delivery before Christmas in the UK. Aria, eBuyer and Amazon spring to mind, if you could pick some bits from one of these that would be great!
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Quote from Keling :Is there turbo modeling or not?

Yes there is, the orange ring on the gear display app is a boost gauge and the F40 has one on the dash as well.
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The Grp A BMW is just brilliant, going to be fantastic fun to actually race I think.

The F40 is a complete beast, massive turbo lag, can chuck it sideways everywhere. Probably a lot like the real thing.

Quote from tristancliffe :
But then my monitor toppled over and smashed into my G25 shifter. The screen is utterly ruined. Basically punched the front of the screen through the back of the case. Bugger.

Ouch, I've been a bit worried at how much my new TV bounces about sat on the same desk as my wheel, might have to look into shoring it up!

Quote from Boris Lozac :Yep, alt-tabed, had some steam chat going on. Everything is fine now, maybe it was due to Fraps too.

Are you video recording (or accidentally pressed the hotkey to start it)? That will bring your machine to a crawl.
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I don't believe virtual will ever be a substitute for the real thing.

A good comparison is the films Rush and Senna, Rush used the real cars and a big budget and the driving scenes were still the worst part of the film. In contrast some grainy old footage that we've all seen many times before is just captivating, mainly because of the level of concentration due to fear in the driver.

Virtual racing will never convey driver's body language and the lack of restraint due to the lack of fear means nothing stands out when a driver pushes beyond the normal limits.