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S3 licensed
Quote from ataslfs24 :this link : as an example.
Gordon so6r gti racing day too many cars crash.
so6r gti night

1.50.03 -> Gordon hit the todor (and say sorry gordon) Lap 1
3.55.45 -> Gordon hit the justas ( can not say sorry ) Lap 3
4.39.79 -> Justas hit the (me) cimin ( can not say sorry )
7.29.95 -> Gordon hit the (me) cimin ( BESTTTTTTTTTT can not say sorry ) Lap 5
NOTE: Gordon made an accident in all the races I did not write. (KY1, AS6)

result: gordon too many hit,crash and pass people.
result2:we can not our own rule.(revange crash turn) be warned.

-sorry my bad english, have nice day.

Your claim about our crash so6r is ridiculous.
You didnt see me, i didnt see you. It was just a race accident. I was on the narrowest path in 1th corner and you had a lot space , but you turned into me. See replay from "top" camera /