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S2 licensed
Quote from Matrixi :There's a DCS sale also going on, up to -60% off, items redeem on Steam via DCS world.

Picked up DCS A10 and P51 myself.

-60% off? Do I have to give them my bank information so they can deposit the money to me when I buy the game?

By the way, guys, have you seen that some games on Steam go up to 190% off? The search page shows the developers are paying you to download their game, but the game pages (where you could buy it) automatically delete the purchase button (from the code, not just disable) whenever the discount is more than 100%
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Quote from [RCG]Boosted :u must have a wierd wishlist
dont see any interesting game with that much off


It might be true... my taste for games is very deviant from the norm. I get most of my games at least 75% off

I also don't mind how long it will take until I can get a blockbuster game (if one gets in my wishlist) for $10, it's not like I'd have any time to play them if I got them right now anyway...

Far Cry 3 for example is still pretty much brand new in my book because it's just starting to drop to a good price... I have a different view about release date for 99% of games: it is only really "released!" by the time it goes to a price I'm willing to pay.

The only exceptions so far have been to indie games. I barely even think once before purchasing when I find one that looks awesome and I think the devs deserve it (even if it costs the same as triple-A titles).
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Quote from BlueFlame :Get a wheel or get out. That's my motto.

Well, if I had gotten out when I started playing LFS, rather than keep playing and having fun as I did, I think it would have been far less likely for me to have purchased my G27. Or even keep this hobby at all. It's been almost five years since I started playing LFS!

The only thing dragging me to LFS (and simulators in general) was that I could play them. There's no point in watching a virtual simulator on a screen with someone else playing; you want to be part of the action, and if not possible, I'd rather go to a racetrack and watch real cars. Mouse made it possible to participate with competitive times with people on wheels, and still be very fun.

Interest gets high enough to justify spending money on a wheel.


Actually, in my case that's all bulls* and it was just a random incident. But it's still possible, though.

I actually wanted to purchase an iPad, but they've just announced an iPad Air coming so I'm not purchasing the current generation a month or two before the latest gets released.

I had never driven a G27 or Gran Turismo 5 before, at all. The only driving wheel I had driven (not taking real cars into account) was an old PS1 wheel that barely turned 45º to either side, didn't have FFB at all (it would vibrate when you crashed the car, though) and had a huge dead center.

That, until I played with the G27 on Gran Turismo 5 at a co-workers home. He's a passionate racing fan, goes to almost every race (mostly Formula 1) in my country and plays GT5 a lot. I won the race every time I played against him, with any cars we tried (also won against the other 4 co-workers, too).

Playing with them was so fun I purchased a G27 too.
That, and the fact the iPad Air is still some time before release in my country, so I'll have the money for iPad by the time gets released...
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Nothing special? Well, 70% of the games on my wish list are 50% off.
I'm still waiting to see if any of them go on daily deal before purchasing, though...
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Is this game worth its asking price? How's force feedback, and how does it compare to iRacing or LFS?

To be honest, I used to praise LFS for its force feedback, but after playing iRacing, LFS's FFB doesn't feel that good anymore...
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I already preordered with the extra car. It's going to be awesome!

I have been waiting for this for such a long time!
Interesting, though, that I only came to know of this game 1 hour before they cancelled their kickstarter.

Edit: WOW.

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Quote from kamkorPL :Last video from me before mp update or major car upgrades.

Shows how actual steering wheel works outside of the game.

I haven't driven on Assetto Corsa yet, but having tried drifting in iRacing and failing miserably with a G27, I must say this after watching your video: you are insane!

I'll possibly never be able to drift like this.
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Quote from Bose321 :Eww, a fake Nokia?

Yeah. It wasn't my fault, thought. I weren't even in the company when they purchased it
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Quote from Matrixi :Just follow this.

You should have posted that earlier. Would've saved me 50% of what I paid
But then, I guess after 6 years of STEAM I should've known better.
(yay, I still remember the emoticons names!)
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Quote from bmwe30m3 :My babies posing.

We have the one on the right at the company but it's a NCKIA
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Quote from Gabkicks :i bought dirt 3 for 5.60 from gmg few days ago. I am hoping gta IV expansions go on sale since i havent played those yet.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is 50% off (STEAM is showing in local currency BRL 14.99, I don't know how much that would be in dollars).

Read your PMs
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I'm not sure about the kernel, but it's Series 40, not Symbian Anna.

Nokia used to classify their OS to "the public" as the UI names. There was UIQ (which also is Symbian), Series 40, Series 60 and some others. The N95, as an example, used Symbian S60v3. 5800 and up had Symbian S60v5 and from the N8 up they are using Symbian^3.

Series 40 is not Symbian, though.

I know it's messy, they have changed nomenclature plenty of times, but to sum it up on the Symbian line:
Symbian^1: S60
- S60v3
- S60v5
Symbian^2: some mostly unknown japanese/chinese phones
Symbian^3: N8 and beyond
- Anna (E6 and beyond)
- Belle (808 and beyond)
-- Belle Refresh (old hardware only)
-- Belle FP1 (new hardware only)
-- Belle FP2 (new hardware only)

You can read the "background" info if you want (it's mostly quick and incomplete, though, for more information you're better off going to wikipedia) ... _Belle_Feature_Pack_2.php
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Well, just to clear things up..

The N9 runs MeeGo, a highly optimized OS based on Linux and is just like a computer. Whatever you do on a computer, you can easily do with it. So you can, for instance, install Android 4.1 on it (multiple systems boot) if you want to and take advantage of all apps and games for Android with all your 1GB of RAM...

In fact, you could install Android 4.1 on the N9 so much earlier than the update for any other Android phone that it seemed silly.
(You can also remove the warranty notice, by the way)

I've purchased an N9 myself (and am anxiously waiting for its arrival this week!), but I love MeeGo so I'll be using it for daily activities and if I want a game that isn't available for it I just reboot the phone on Android and enjoy the game.

Symbian isn't dead either. The phones with old hardware (680Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM, +32MB dedicated GPU, the N8, X7, E6, C7, Nokia 500) will still get bug fixes and few updates until 2016. They have already received a LOT of updates since the first version, specially 2010's N8 which was last updated (Belle Refresh) not long ago (1 month? I don't remember) and have changed so much in the mean time you could say it's a totally different phone.

But the phones with the latest hardware (1.3Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, +256MB dedicated GPU) will get feature updates and software updates until 2016 (Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 701, Nokia 700, I may be missing some others).

I wanted an 808 but I didn't purchase it because the N9 is that much more special and useful (it's too much money to spend on Symbian, even though the phone is great, I'm way too used with Symbian to get yet another Symbian phone).

Nokia Asha doesn't run Symbian, it runs Series 40 OS (recently renamed "Nokia OS") and it has not gotten an end-of-line warning at all: Nokia is still pushing it as far as it can.
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Quote from Ni-san :Some shots I've taken with my cellphone. Even though I made a mistake buying a phone with Windows, the camera is alright.

The Lumia 800 is absolutely gorgeous (well, the N9 is gorgeous and the Lumia 800 share the same design, so... I still think this design works better without the WP buttons, though).

You should have considered getting an N9, though (same hardware, camera, but so much more versatile OS).
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Quote from Tomson(FIN) :Wow, "the funny part" disappeared from this thread long time ago.. This page is a good example why..

The "uhauhauha" jokes need some context, else you won't find them funny anyway.

As a Brazilian I find them funny because it is so ridiculous and recently, they are being featured internationally. If you imagine someone laughing like that, you'd certainly think they are absolutely mad, crazy. The images make a perfect representation of somebody laughing like this.

For context: in English, people usually say something like "lol" when they're "laughing". Most Brazilians on the internet think it's somewhat stupid and doesn't represent intensity, at all, specially being so overused. "haha" or "hahaha" don't quite get it either, and there are stupid people who write "rarara" or don't quite get the "haha" (in Portuguese, H doesn't have any sound at all in this syntax, only if preceded by another consonant such as S as in "Shy". "Hello" would be pronounced "ello").

So, most people usually laugh on chat with something like "huauhauha" or "uheauheuh" (it's random and every person has their own way of typing it).

It may involve randomly hitting, though in a somewhat equally distributed way, keys h, a, u and e (may also include i and o) during the period of the laughter. There are people (who most Brazilians also consider retarded) who laugh like "aopkapokapo" or "rairairiaria".

One thing that has become most common is just "kkkk".

You may be wondering, "how do you represent intensity?". That's simple: more k's, more intense laughter, as in "I'm still typing the laughter as I laugh, so funny and exciting it was!". Put them in upper case and you're almost crying.

Variations, from most simple to most complex:

There's even some sense into them:
k - not funny, sorry
kk - shy smile
kkk - yeah, funny
kkkk - yeah, that was funny!
kkkkkkkkk - "HAHAHAHA"

But the length of the string depends on the person, and you figure out how much the other person is laughing by context. For some people, "kkkk" is laughing a LOT. For others, "kkkkkkkk" is normal, "heh, funny!' laughter. The most overused it gets, the less the person is laughing. Quite simple, actually.

Not all people are retarded, though. In Brazil, when you want to look respectable or to impose respect, you laugh the minimum like "haha", "kkk" or don't laugh at all. It should be implicit from context whether it was funny. And you must be consistent. If it really is incredibly funny, put ONE exclamation mark.

To sum it up:

Retarded Brazilian
("OUAEHOAEUHEAOUH MUITO ENGRAÇADO!!" also fits, which is the very purpose of these jokes)
Normal Brazilian
uhahuauha isso foi engraçado == lol, that was funny
Respected Brazilian (notice first-letter of sentence in upper case)
Haha, boa. == Haha, good one.
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Quote from Racer X NZ :Here's one for all the Euro Truck fans......

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Quote from RevengeR :

This phone is beautiful. Even more so with the updated software.
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Quote from DeadWolfBones :Attention: Nokia bros... ... hind-the-scenes-of-meego/

Yeah, thanks. I love insights about companies like that.
I had seen it on My Nokia Blog. It really is a shame they had such terrible management. I think the MeeGo effort would have been even greater if they had continued with it, and the Apple model of one phone per year is actually a good thing. Consumers don't have to spend money too often, the company can spend more time innovating and developing the phone, higher quality products arise.

All we can do now is place our bets on Jolla, who intends to keep MeeGo going and I'm somewhat excited about their first releases. Not to mention they should have software running for tablets, TVs and PCs too.
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I'm quite proud of my latest home screen:

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Quote from undertaker00 :To much bugs by me ..idk
Some apps crashed few times ( galerie,camera lol)...

Gonna try it one more week than im going to stock for now.

Well, I don't know any versions of Android which are not bugged (sometimes very weirdly, making glaring mistakes and errors during usage). However, Android 4 (whatever revision) has the least amount of them and is the most consistent and "optimized" so far.

Anything below 4.0 is crap in my books.
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Quote from E.Reiljans :Try eBay :Р

I did: too expensive, almost 100% import taxes. If it costs $420, I'm actually paying a good $800 or so to get it.
(To put it in context for Brazil, the minimum wage here is $281.20. That makes the import taxes alone worth almost 2 months of work. ).

I don't really care much about the hardware not beeing "2015-proof" though, because MeeGo is a highly optimized OS and I've seen this very hardware, with an optimized Android Jelly Bean port, running all the latest Android games without trouble.
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Oh, you! You've got an N9!

I'm totally dying for one, I just can't find anywhere to get one in my country!