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To prove F1Fanatic is giving out prizes as promised

Good luck with predictions. I am not sure who is going to pull a pole out of their pocket... :bigeyes2:
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I won 3rd place for Malaysia! Pirelli tires wristband ... ons-championship-results/
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Quote from Turbo Dad :Ah ,that'll be why is called F1 prediction not manager then ! Doh!

Was never good at the bets in race manager , and if that is all there is to this game , then I will leave you gentlemen to it .

Njoi your season chaps

I doubt anybody will be 'good' at predictions this year. Reputation isn't necessarily at stake as there are no leaderboards per league on this site, but at least it may give you some hope and support for drivers in the race itself! It's still fun, and takes at most 5mins post-P3 to come up with some guesses....
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Quote from Hyperactive :Verdammt!

That F1 fanatic prediction thingy looks interesting. Maybe go with that instead. Tweaker I hope you are ok if I steal your idea? I'll make a new thread about it later today.

I'm really sorry for the maximum fail, hope there is still interest for last minute change...

Go for it. F1 Fanatic is a great site. The owner, Keith, is 100% devoted to F1. The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship has no leagues, but hey, it's something. The Castrol game has mini-leagues, and is quite a nice interface. Check them both out
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Never too late to join the prediction games [above] :P. I scored so poorly for Australia that there's still hope! heheh
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I think I am just going to stick to prediction games this season. I don't think I'll be playing this manager game. Sorry.

As I said in an earlier post, I will be playing F1 Fanatic's Prediction Championship and I also just got wind of this one: Castrol EDGE Grand Prix Predictor -- It is professionally run by Autosport... and it has private leagues! Screenshot below of the prediction system. If you join, there is a league called #F1 on Twitter which has a good count so far. Here is the join link.

Reason I want to go this route is because these sites seem more devoted. They supply stats and interesting reads that support the game throughout the season. The sites also work well, and are not poorly made... Something I care a lot about. Took me 30 secs to sign up, and did not require my phone number or address
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Only 13 entries for the Sub League this year? Let's get some more! At least 20.

I hope the site has a complete update to support the 2013 season. I am still seeing remnants of the 2012 season all over the site. Only a few days left before we begin!

Also, I am entering F1 Fanatic's Predictions Championship, which is rather simple, with excellent prizes! You can even win a prize for a near perfect prediction, for just one race! I missed out on it last year because I started very late. But it's quite fun! All you need to do is predict the: Pole Time, Pole Sitter, & Positions 1-5. The closest predictions get the best points. Even if you get a slightly wrong order for finishing positions, your Pole Time and Pole prediction can help. Here is an example result. I'll be entering under the name 'tweak'.
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After reading all the rules and guides to this game, it just seems far to crazy with the constant Transfer system. Am I reading it wrong or something or does this game have really strict rules on when you can change/update your team?

I did like our old manager game where it was just one simple team and their components, and locked just before qualifying. And as you said mythdat, working your way up was the part I liked too. This game seems to allow changing your team before Qualifying (Friday), and then changing your team before the race? Seems to me like constant upkeep and there will be a huge divide of people who devote day-in-and-day-out for this game and those who are casual. I mean, our previous game had people dropping after the first few races... I can only imagine that this one will require much more attentiveness to play competitively.
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Signed up.

Note to some of you who are registering a new account: Beware, Gmail marked the activation email as Spam for me. I nearly missed it.

This game seems a bit confusing when signing up all my drivers and such to my team. Are there no money values I can see here?
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Quote from Hyperactive :I looked at the espn manager game but they haven't explained the points system anywhere?

It's on the Rules page if you scroll down to look at Qualifying and Race. There they explain the points:

It's an interesting take on a point system for fantasy F1. I've never seen one like it.
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Quote from HVS5b :Bummer

Have heard http:// and talked about quite positively, but never tried either myself.

That F1 Fantasy one looks somewhat promising as I quickly glanced over some information on it.... Not bad. I like the Qualifying points system. Does each player have a 4-driver team? I am still a bit confused. I'll sign up tonight and poke around. looks just as simple as our original site, but maybe a bit too simple.

So long as the site we choose is backed by active Admins, I'll be happy
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So it looks like the site is dead for the 2013 season.... Any plans for something new this year?

Quote :We've been organising this completely free Formula 1 management game since 2007. We had lots of pleasure doing so. But... it's time for a break.
We just cannot find the time right now, so we're taking a year off.

We hope to see you all next year! - Crew

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The format of this site is good for a close game, while other sites seem to allow purchasing high valued teams early on and you have to wait ~10 rounds till you can start changing anything. I don't like that either.

My point was, we need to find something that is a similar format to F1RaceManager. I have not tried too many other sites lately, besides the one at GPUpdate which is terrible and costs a small $. If we can find one where we need to start with smaller teams that would be awesome. The way the game starts is most important. Ease of use, and how quickly you can place bets, etc. That is of course important, agreed. By lack of depth I meant that F1RaceManager has so little and so much to improve upon. We have a basic Driver 1, Driver 2, Engine, Chassis, and Fuel selection. They could grow on this without making the experience cumbersome/time-consuming.

While they have improved small issues over the years I really see the lack of:

-A smarter scoring system
-Qualifying time predictions (idea from F1 Fanatic)
-Fantasy R&D (idea)
-Better webhosting
-Better support from the people who actually run it (in this case, it's just one guy with a busy job)
-Quicker automatic database updates (he does them manually)
-Better statistics
-Better bets,
-Bigger prize incentive (but not important)
-A better website in general

All of the above make the viewing more enjoyable and the game itself less frustrating.

I wish I had a chance to test some other sites before the season was over (or before it started).

I've heard getting a lot of praise? Has anyone ever tried it? I know some people that have, maybe I'll ask them. EDIT: Looks like a virtual BatRacer. I don't think this relates to the actual F1 season....
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As much as I enjoy this game, and this season especially, this site continues to lack any support and still... terrible bonus questions (better than last year), lack of depth, etc. I like how simple it is, sure, but why are we still using this site? There always seems to be a lucky small set of players that breakaway and we cannot adjust our team setup to get the best possible points and catch up. It's so limiting, and does not take into account any worthwhile bets & team comps until much much later in the season.

I placed 5th (Zytek), and was doing pretty well throughout the season. But scoring is so flawed, especially with Total fuel (Even if I used Mobile 1 and McLaren get a 1-2, Total still comes out on top, meh).

I'd rather use a site not being run by a single someone who really does not invest to much time anymore. Easily seen. Sometimes I never even got bonus question emails. Thankfully I am subscribed to this thread.

There are so many other options out there for fantasy F1 games, why this one still? If we can find a free one that requires little time invested to place bets, buy drivers, etc... I think we'd be happier elsewhere. Plus, it might be worth organizing a much larger subleague so that we can be top in the charts. Just a thought. If not, I have no problem continuing to use F1 Race Manager.
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Aaaaaand queue removal of Schumacher in 5, 4, 3, 2....... ... r-i-just-ran-out-of-road/

noob :doh:

I'm done with him...
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Cant wait to get rid of Williams.
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Yep. It's all fair now. If you got it wrong, you should soon have the extra money:

Quote from F1 Race Manager :Due to a wrong source the answer John Love is not correct. We regret that and therefor we will give everyone the 5 million.
Our excuses for any inconvenience.

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Here is John Love standing next to Sam Tingle who was his teammate for Team Gunston. Sam Tingle is shorter than John Love (right) in these photos.

http://virtualmotorpix.photosh ... nAJAZ9DU/I0000Vgb.EC2XiF4

And Another: ... 8SamTingle/sam_tingle.jpg

Looks pretty tall doesn't he?

So if Sam Tingle is shorter, then how tall are all these people around him?
http://www.classiccarsinrhodes ... %20and%20Lady%20Gibbs.jpg
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Quote from Hyperactive :But isn't Takuma Sato about inch shorter than Massa? Which would make Taku shorter than Pedro too...

About your pic. High heels (no idea what's the word in english when you have shoes that have some kind of hidden elevation )

Personally I liked this bonus question. It was not super easy like they usually are even if they tend to get it wrong then most of the time .

You're not saying those other men in the photos are wearing high heels too I hope? hahah

Look again: ... 1/sizes/o/in/photostream/

For the answers given, Pedro was the shortest. Of all the pictures I could find of John Love standing beside people, he was certainly no short man. Think about it... if he was 4ft 9in, or even anything less than 5'5"... that is REALLY small. In comparison, photos of Pedro Rodriguez showed he could barely even look over the cockpit of some cars. Let alone his body was never sticking way out and upright of a grand prix car like John Love's was.

I thought the bonus question was fun too, for it's detective work needed. But honestly, this is not fair, and I know that the "John Love" is wrong. If the webmaster is using Wiki Answers as his source, he ought to fix this before this GP.

Waste of time, But eh... at least the service is free
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John Love cannot be correct, I am 100% certain. ... 009739&postcount=9009
This is not accurate information.

If you go to the link below you can see the size of John Love compared to all the other people around him. ... 1/sizes/o/in/photostream/

According to this photo, if he was 4'9" that would mean that those people around him would be around 4'5" - 4'7" or so.... Do you have any idea how small that is? That is the average height of around 136cm... Or the average 10 year-old boy.

Whoever posted this answer on Wiki Answers is wrong, very, very wrong. And/Or tried to sabotage this question IMO. I mean come on:

Quote :John Love from Rhodesia was like 4 feet 9 inches.

Yep, sounds like a very credible source to me. If you have found anything else showing his height, please post here.

Pedro Rodriguez was the shortest from what I have found. At his younger years, Pedro started at 5' 4" but he was known to be 5' 5", which is shorter than Massa by a hair (Massa is 5' 5.5"). Pedro and his brother were known as "The Little Mexicans" and are undoubtedly the shortest grand prix drivers in history.

Sorry to those that chose John Love, but others that actually did their research just got cheated and I hope those of you that did can file a complaint via their email:

Bullshit bonus questions yet again this season.

EDIT: I should also mention that the webmaster of this site is Dutch, and typically any bonus question that has an answer with a reference to a Dutch driver (in this case a South African driver, which still applies), then that is likely the one he will choose. His sources are Google, he does not have any solid facts for these questions. Remember the "Gerrie Knetemann" question? That was also wrong (and poorly written).
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Quote from sil3ntwar :The questions is pretty clear to me.

"Fernando Alonso is the last European driver to win at the Nürburgring and in the same year he became World Champion."

Fernando Alonso is the last European driver to win at the Nürburgring --- True
and in the same year he became World Champion -- False

It mentions the last european driver to win at nurburgring. That was 2007 not 2006 or 2005.

The question isn't that hard people are just reading it completely wrong somehow.

I don't think people are reading it wrong, it's the person that runs this site has VERY poor writing skills.

The fact that there is an "AND" in that Alonso answer means that he should have been the last winner AND won the WDC the same year -- that narrows it down to a very small choice. It's clear as a bell. Especially that there is no detail in the sentence when using "the same year", it's completely past tense.

Secondly, I've asked the admin who the Dutch sportsman was. If it was the one I had to explain and research above, then the owner of the site is wrong.
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People are being confused because of Hockenheim.

Winners at the Nurburgring and the World Drivers Champions in the same year:

2009 - Winner: Webber / WDC = Button
2007 - Winner: Alonso / WDC = Kimi
2006 - Winner: Schum / WDC = Alonso
2005 - Winner: Alonso / WDC = Alonso
2004 - Winner: Schum / WDC = Schum

Schumacher wasn't last, Alonso was. So this is indeed a possible answer.


The other possible answer about the possible Dutch sportsman, that was my second choice, but he or his team didn't become World Champions after winning AT the Nordschleife as the answer suggests. If you look at the results for each race in the series Hyperactive posted:

FIA World Challenge for Endurance Drivers
A total of 7 rounds these GTX class results for Hezemans:

1) 1st (with Brumos Porsche team)
2) DNS
3) DNS

4) 1st - Nordschleife (with Weisberg-Gelo team)
5) DNF - LeMans (with Weisberg-Gelo team)
6) DNS
7) DNS

It doesn't add up to a World Championship team, does it? How could his team possibly have won the championship after the 4th round. He jumped around to other teams. However it looks like they didn't make the drivers champions, but the series was focused on the makes (aka World Championship for Makes), and Porsche were champions for that year in this series -- But the answer suggests "A Dutch sportsman became world champion". So I dug around some more. Here are all of his 1978 results: ... e-Hezemans-NL.html?page=3

There is the DRM championship with a total of 11 rounds. They visited the Nurburgring in Round 2 (@Nordschleife), Round 3 (@Norschleife), and Round 11 (@Zielschleife / Nuburgring). You obviously cannot win the championship by the 2nd or 3rd round, so I looked at Round 11, where they got 2nd place.

The DRM Champions in 1978 weren't them according to this page - It went to Harald Ertl (Austria) / Schnitzer Motorsport / BMW 320i Turbo. Again, however, this was for Division 2 which he ran the entire season. UGHHHH. So I had to search more about Division 1.

According to this article, their team won, but I am not sure at which race they clinched it. It sounds like 1978 was a crap season with low attendance in Division 1.
Quote from From the article :The end results were Ertl, Hezemans (winner Div.1)

And here is the full points table of the 1978 Season, with Ertl in Division 2 taking overall, but Hezemans winning for Division 1: ... s/drm/tabledrm.html#1978-

And if you look at Wollek's results just below his, you will see that Hezemans indeed was champion for that division at the very last round at the Nurburgring. It was down the wire at the last race, and Hezemans needed to score points in order to become champion and hold off Wollek. Here are points accumulations in order:

1) 20
2) 35
3) 55
4) 75
5) 83
6) 98
7) 113
8) 125
9) 0
10) 0
11) 140


1) 15
2) 35
3) 45
4) 53
5) 73
6) 0 ?
7) 95
8) 101
9) 0
10) 113
11) 131

The only question is.... who is actually the world champion of DRM? Is it the Division 2 guy (Ertl) that won overall with 162 points? Or would they consider the Division 1 guy (Hezemans) champion also? Outright standings listed at the bottom of this page say it was Ertl:

EDIT: The Alonso answer has to be the only one. The Champions in DRM were based on whoever had the most points, so Ertl in Div.2 won. According to this article
Quote :The DRM had a curious system whereby the Division II cars didn't directly compete on the track against the faster and more powerful Porsche 935s, but a champion would be crowned based on which Div I or II team amassed the most points. So, in this case, Schnitzer had the most points at the end of the 1978 season.

All this being said. Are both answers correct?
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GamesCom 2010
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Anyone going to this?

I will be there on a business trip for almost the entire week. I might as well meet some known fellow LFS'ers if I can.

*walks back into the shadows*
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Quote from Crommi :What I meant was, new driver cannot enter other than Rookie series until he meets the SR requirements for Adv. Rookie or class D series.

It took me about 3 or 4 races until I was past rookie, it was really easy.
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Nothing about this exhaust sounds "scream" about it at all. Sounds like there is a hole or some severe issues with the car.

This is a screamer: