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[WCL] - World Class Lions Server Back Online!
S2 licensed
Greetings all!

So a few years has past since I really played LFS, I installed it a couple of days ago and got back into the game!

So for the Festive Period I have put a 16 slot Demo (or S1/2 if the interest is there) back online to rekindle some of the fun we used to have.

For those who don't know ( probably 99% of you!) I was the Owner / Admin of the [WCL] - originally World Crash League servers way back when LFS was at is peak, I took over from V3Racing in 2009 but due to real life commitments I no longer had the time to maintain and run the team so I handed it over to [WCL]Jsrk and [WCL]Jkat who did an excellent job of keeping the team going!

I now find I have more time on my hands and am keen to get some activity going on the [WCL] Server so please come along for some races!

I will be online a fair bit over the next few weeks so there will be an admin around or you can post in our facebook group if you have any server issues.

As for the team, it's always open for new members and guests, we are interested in any event ideas you might have and welcome anyone to come join us, primarily the server is set to BL2 Demo but we can mix that up a little if people are keen.
World Crash League s2 Championship (NON CRASH)
S2 licensed
Hi all we at WCL are hosting an S2 championship dont let the name put you off unlike our DEMO server our S2 server is NON-CRASH and is admined well to prevent such things happaning. Everyone is welcome to join in this event. Please see then look under events on the forum for more info/sign up. We are now mainly a Demo Rallycross team with around 40 members but we are looking to move into the world of s2 so come check us out we are a friendly bunch and im sure you will have alot of fun!

Hope to see some of you there!!

[WCL]Danny - (Server/website/Admim - Team Boss )

**Forgive the lack of posts on LFS forum i read alot here but realy post, This should change soon **
World Crash League
S2 licensed
Hey all 1st up we at WCL have changed server names..Its now [WCL]Rallycross DEMO and
[WCL]Rallycross s2

We have out 1st event of the year coming up with weekly events to follow some crash events, some non crsah and some S2 events so visit and see the fourm for detales of up and coming events.

Next event....Saturday 15th @ 16:00GMT
Its a crash to win event on bl2 lots of fun and all are welcome you need a team of 3 (which we will sort out when we meet on the server) so post on the WCL fourm if you are intrested in racing!
Hope to see you all there! ... ;file=viewtopic&t=266 -SEE FOR SERVER INFO AND PASSWORD.

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S2 licensed
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